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Welcome to our website! If you are looking for unbiased information on sex toys, or if you struggle with sex-related issues, you are in the right place. I started this company with a single objective – to enhance people’s sexual relationships and experiences.

With this website, I will:

  • Provide you with honest and complete sex toys reviews
  • Create a trustworthy and unbiased source of information, so you can find a toy that is right for you
  • Break down the stigmas surrounding sex toys


Who Are We?


My name is Jasmine Perry the voice behind https://www.sextoyinsider.com/ and I am a qualified clinical social worker. I am not a medical doctor, but in addition to clinical sociology, I studied and worked as a sex therapist. As a result, I have extensive academical knowledge and experience in sexology.


In my career, I found that people tend to approach human sexuality and the role of sex toys with apprehension and guilt. Because of stigmas, many people think sex toys are unnatural or inappropriate. My objective with this website is to break down these stigmas and help people realize that sex toys can be immensely valuable in the bedroom, regardless of who you are.


I recommend sex toys to both women and men, especially couples who are in long-distance relationships. As you keep reading, you will notice that my knowledge on this topic is not only supported by my professional career, but also my personal experiences.


As a high school student, I realized that I have an inherent aptitude for helping friends and acquaintances deal with emotional problems and mental health issues. All my friends knew that I was the go-to person if they have problems with their love lives or other relationships. When the time came to make a career choice, I knew that my calling was to help people.


When addressing mental health- and emotional issues, an analytic approach is not always sufficient. If you have a mental illness, you need someone empathetic, supportive, and caring. You need a healthcare provider who takes human nature and the intricacies of these problems into account to formulate a practical solution.


Because I have an innate ability to empathize with others and deal with the real emotions behind mental health issues, I decided to become a clinical social worker instead of a doctor or psychotherapist. The hands-on nature of a clinical social worker’s day-to-day activities agrees with my personality and inherent capabilities.


I started my career by helping people recover from past emotional traumas and guiding them to find their purpose in life. I mostly worked with young adults in their late teens and early twenties who struggled with issues relating to family problems, lack of employment opportunities, body image, and negative stereotyping.


I noticed early on that one of the most common issues that people had was sexual. A person’s sexual health can have a profound impact on their confidence, self-worth, and relationships. As a result, sexual issues can ultimately result in problems that affect your professional and social life.


Fortunately, talking about sex became more acceptable in recent years. People have increasingly realized that solving their sexual issues lays the foundation for sound overall mental and physical health. More homosexual and transsexual people have also started realizing that they can live high-quality lives without hiding their sexuality.


Because of these social changes, the demand for specialized sexual guidance has increased. However, clinical social workers typically don’t have the skillset to provide this type of counseling. Consequently, I decided to undergo additional training in topics like sexual orientation, gender identity, and sexual relationships. I also studied sexuality as it pertains to human physiology and anatomy.


One of the reasons I decided to combine sex therapy with clinical sociology is that there are not enough non-judgmental sexual educators with the proper skillset and knowledge to address common issues. Another attraction to this field is the fact that solving sexual issues can resolve problems in other areas of a person’s life.


My husband, Marcus, runs this website https://www.sextoyinsider.com/ with me. He is a salesman and creator of all content related to men. Marcus shares my passion for sexual education as he knows from experience that it can open the door to emotional and mental wellbeing. Like me, Marcus has extensive experience with different toys, and we have a generous collection of many different products.


We have an in-depth understanding of sex toys, and we know how they work. We also know how to incorporate them into a relationship and use them in a way to eliminate common issues associated with sexual relationships.


We aim to educate single men and women, as well as couples, on sexual health topics and the use of sex toys. Ultimately, we want to improve people’s experiences and relationships, boosting their confidence and self-image.


Because my husband is a traveling salesman, we spend a lot of time away from each other. From an early stage in our relationship, we found that adult toys provide us with a way to remain fulfilled, even when we are not together.


Another great thing about this hobby is that it takes away intimacy-related pressures. As a result, it is easier to focus on other elements of a loving relationship, such as communication, quality time, and accommodating each other’s quirks.


As is the case with every couple that has been married for a long time, Marcus and I have to work hard to keep things fresh and exciting in the bedroom. Exploring the use of adult toys is not only an exciting addition to our amorous activities, but it keeps our relationship strong and healthy.


Adult Toys Reviews


Even in the information age, there is a lack of information when it comes to adult toys. One of the things we noticed is that many people review products that they don’t use themselves. Additionally, many of the reviews we found online are watered-down. The goal of these reviews is usually to get traffic and promote links – not provide high-quality information.


If you are new to the world of adult toys, you will have a hard time distinguishing between low-quality products that don’t work and items that high-end brands carefully designed and developed.


We use all the products we review before reviewing them, and we research all features, benefits, and drawbacks, including health risks and quality issues. The result is complete and unbiased reviews that you can trust.


Note that we don’t like to write negative reviews. When we stumble upon products that don’t meet our standards, we prefer not to publish reviews on them at all. Consequently, most of the reviews on our site are more positive than negative.


Ask Jasmine


While adult toys are an integral part of what this website has to offer, it is not all our site has to offer. As a sex therapist, my primary objective is to help individuals and couples resolve sex-related issues. Offering my services online is the most effective way to reach more people and develop my skills.


If I find that a person has a specific problem that falls outside my area of expertise, I will carry out thorough research to provide a solution or recommend another therapist that can help.


The most common sex-related problems I encounter include:


  • A lack of intimacy between partners
  • A lack of sexual attraction between partners
  • Physiological problems like erectile dysfunction or pain during sex
  • Addiction to pornography or other content that affects sexual relationships
  • Recovering from past traumas such as sexual abuse
  • Issues relating to sexual identity
  • Issues as a result of sexual problems such as communication problems or low confidence


As a sex therapist, I work with people from all walks of life, and I have counseled people from all sexual orientations, genders, and gender identities. When I provide a counseling service, my objectives are to restore relationships between people and instill the inherent confidence associated with a healthy sex life.


I also aim to reintroduce the elements of a healthy relationship, including communication, mutual trust, camaraderie, and friendship.


Contact Me Today


Do you experience sexual difficulties that affect your relationship? Confronting this type of issue can be difficult, especially if you don’t like talking about your private matters.


I am here to help. Send me an email with details about your problem, and I will respond with a comprehensive solution. If you are dealing with a problem that many other people have, I may post my response on the website, but I will keep all information confidential.