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Our Detailed Review of Bathmate Hydrovibe for 2022

If you own and use a penis enlargement pump, then you’re probably familiar with the beneficial effects it has on your member and your sex life.  However, if you own and use any of the Bathmate pumps, then you’re familiar with the beneficial effects it provides.

And let’s face it, penis pumps are great for many reasons. Besides the obvious medical reasons, like combating ED, a person might use a penis pump to “tip the milkman a little extra.” And by that we mean enlarge their penis.

What great about Bathmate penis pumps is that they use the power of water to create suction. As you put it on, while taking a bath or a shower, the water inside the pump surrounds your penis. And by the power of your hand, and little pumping action, the Bathmate will use the water and create vacuum suction.

However, though significantly beneficial, the experience might become less attractive and stale over time. That’s why the company behind Bathmate penis pumps created an accessory that spices the things up and adds a layer of satisfaction to the game.

Well, what is it?

Enter Bathmate HydroVibe – a vibrating silicone ring that adds the massage effect and enhances the beneficial effects of the pump. As it goes over the pump, you can think of it as a cock ring for your cock pump. The main idea behind the product is adding a layer of satisfaction by transferring the vibrations through the water.

A closeup product image of Bathmate HydroVibeThese vibrations help you to maintain an erection inside the pump while creating a massaging effect for better results. The additional vibrations are scientifically proven to help increase hormone release and lymphatic circulation.

Bathmate HydroVibe, out of the box, includes a stylized, thick silicone band that fits over a wide selection of Bathmate pumps, accompanied by two vibrators. Of course, there are also two charging cables and a pouch for product storage.

The vibrations are provided by the two oversized bullet vibrators we mentioned above, which you attach to the silicone ring, by placing them into designated slots. They’re quite durable, made from high-quality plastic, which can withstand a few accidental drops that may happen in the shower. Of course, the devices are waterproof, with an IPX7 rating which allows full immersion at depths lower than 3 feet.

On top of each of the vibrator’s cap is a multi-purpose button. Unscrewing the cap reveals USB charging ports. The product ships out with pre-charged batteries, so it can be used right out of the box. The batteries do take two hours to charge fully, but they do provide one hour of vibrating fun.

The multi-purpose button functions as a power on/off button, but also serves as a vibration pattern selection. By pushing and holding a button for 2-3 seconds, you power the device on or off, while short single pushes change the vibrating patterns. There’s a total of 10 patterns you can choose from, and if you like to mix it up, you can use a different pattern on each device. This increases the number of vibrations if you don’t mind the lack of synchronization.

How to use HydroVibe?

After releasing this mighty, pleasure bringing machinery from its box, it might be a good idea to charge the batteries first. We did mention before that the product ships pre-charged, and it does, but additional charging doesn’t hurt.

It also allows you to unscrew the top caps of the vibrators and remove the white plastic spacers found between the caps and the thread. The purpose of these spacers is to prevent HydroVibe from powering on accidentally during shipping and transport.

Bathmate HydroVibe over a Penis PumpLeaving the plastic spacers on the device might result in improper sealing of the bullet vibrator, allowing water to penetrate inside. It also makes power on/off function and mode selection almost impossible.

Once the batteries are charged, run yourself a hot bath, or get in the shower. Put the body-friendly silicone band your Bathmate pump and insert the previously capped bullet vibrators. When ready, press and hold the top button for a few seconds until the device powers on and starts vibrating.

By clicking the top button, you can change vibrating patterns for the respective device. This means you’ll have to spend a few moments syncing the patterns on both vibrators. You can use different vibrations if you want to, creating a unique vibrating experience you’re comfortable with.

To power the vibrators off, just press and hold the top button until the vibrations stop.

Even though Bathmate HydroVibe is an incredibly straightforward product to use, please consult the user manual provided with the product. Accompanying documentation will, among other things, explain the proper cleaning and maintenance of the device.

We won’t explain how to use a penis pump, but we’ll confirm that HydroVibe is compatible with all Bathmate pumps, except the HydroXtreme 11.

The good, the bad, the price

Bathmate HydroVibe is a fantastic product that has a lot of pleasurable benefits to offer. However, the user experience might vary depending on the factors.

The product feels entirely different when used in the tub, compared to shower-use. Sure, the function remains the same, but we think that the product is more pleasurable in the bath. The bullets than pulse through the entire body of water, not just the pump, attributing to overall relaxation a hot bath provides.

Packaging contents for Bathmate HydroVibeKeeping adequate liquid levels inside the pump is essential and might be more comfortable in the bathtub rather than a shower. In case you’re able to generate enough suction to devoid the pump of water, the vibrations become significantly less pleasurable.

Water acts as a medium, transferring the pulses created by the vibrators to your penis. Without water, the pulses are carried by plastic and air, which significantly reduces their strength. The chances of pumping all the water out are incredibly dim but possible and doing so can cause slight discomfort when the bullets are vibrating.

There’s also a matter of synching the device. Both bullet vibrators are controlled independently from each other. Without a universal controller, getting them to work in perfect unison might be tricky, and distracting. We would like to see this issue resolved in the future editions of this product, as it could greatly benefit from such a feature.

Purchasing HydroVibe might feel like burning a hole in your budget, since the product features a hefty price tag, for a pump accessory. However, the product is incredibly versatile, justifying its price range. You can use the bullet vibrators to further satisfy your partner in the bedroom or turn an oversized dildo into a vibrator. Remember, you’re only limited by the limits of your imagination.


Bathmate HydroVibe is one of the most exciting accessories for your Bathmate penis pump. The entire product is well designed and thought out. It’s quite durable and capable of withstanding any abuse that might occur during use.

And while Bathmate pumps provide amazing results, HydroVibe pleasurably enhances their performance by adding vibrotherapy to their numerous benefits. So, if you’re looking to improve your experience of pumping iron down south, HydroVibe is a fantastic way to spice things up.

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