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Our Reviews of Highest Rated Butt Plugs – Buyer’s Guide for 2022

Now, it’s true that these toys have only really shot to popularity over the last few years. Because, really—what woman can resist a fluffy, pretty foxtail plug? If you’re into fantasy play, you’re going to love these. And don’t worry if pink isn’t your color – you can rock these in every color that you can think of.

If you’re new to the idea of using a rectal toy, you might wonder what the point is. Here are some of the main reasons that people choose to play with these:

  • Helps prepare for anal sex: Are you a little nervous about trying anal sex? Butt plugs can help you learn to relax your sphincter. As you get used to wearing them, you can increase the size to accommodate a larger model. Consider it an easy intro to anal.
  • It’s a new sensation sexually: Man or woman, there are a lot of nerve endings in the butt. These toys can be exciting when you’re on your own, but load one up and show off your rear to your partner, and they’ll be revved up instantly.
  • Stimulate the prostate: The prostate is a gland that’s situated near a man’s anal canal, in between the bladder and penis. Hit the right spot in your anal canal, and you can stimulate the prostate gland to help spark an intense orgasm. It’s like the G-spot in women.
  • Getting a taste of double penetration: The idea of being penetrated both in the anus and vagina is a common fantasy for women, but in reality, it’s not that simple to arrange. Get an idea of how you might like it by using a butt plug during sex.

Our Top Picks for You to Try

Considering the vast array of models on the market, choosing the right one can be tough. That’s why I’ve assembled this list of the top 10 models on the market today. I want you to have the best possible experience, so I’ve chosen the most interesting models.

b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2

The b-Vibe is my top pick—and it’s a trip, believe me. It’s made of medical-grade silicone that feels smooth and silky—apply a little lube, and this plug will slide right in there. It’s flexible, which makes the experience a lot easier, and makes it safe to wear all day long.

What I like best about this model is that it’s more than a simple plug; it also vibrates and rotates. This is an excellent way to improve the sensations you experience. If you’re nervous initially, start on a simpler version—but put this one on your butt plug bucket list, because it creates an amazing sensation.

You have a choice of seven rotation settings and six vibration settings, which makes it perfect for finding the best level of stimulation for yourself.

Now, you might be wondering how in the heck you’re going to change the settings once you’ve inserted it. This is simple enough – it comes with a remote that will work up to a distance of 30 feet away. If you want to get your partner off, why not let them take the wheel for a bit?

You might also be wondering about how the b-Vibe is powered. This is simple enough – the battery can be recharged. On a full charge, the plug will run for an hour and a half, and you’ll see a warning light on the remote when the battery is running low.

Charging is quick and easy. Cleaning is simple. On a side note: As a rule, I wouldn’t want to share a butt plug with anyone. Besides, with this model, who would want to give it up?

Doc Johnson Mood – Naughty 1

If you’re looking for an option that’s a little easier on the wallet, this is it. The Naughty 1 was initially designed for men because the shape makes it perfect for stimulating the P-spot. Women can also have fun with it, though.

The soft and smooth Naughty 1 is made from hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone and has no phthalates in it. The tapered base makes it really easy to slide right on in there, and you can quite easily wear it all day at the office. Don’t blame me if you can’t concentrate on your work, though.

Stainless Steel Plug with Swarovski Crystal

Pretty in pink takes on a new meaning with this model. It’s got a Swarovski crystal in it, so the color of the stone changes, depending on how the light falls on it. And sure, the crystal looks pretty, but the real benefit of this model is that it’s made from stainless steel.

Now, to be fair, this is probably not a plug that you’ll want to keep in there all day. But it is one that opens up some exciting possibilities in the bedroom. The stainless steel makes it easy to experiment with different temperatures.

Store it in the refrigerator overnight to get it nice and chilled. Inserting this model cold is bound to be an experience you’ll remember. And you’ll also want to keep a bowl of warm water nearby to experiment with warmer temperatures too.

This is a model that will last a lifetime. The steel is simple to clean and sterilize and is naturally hypoallergenic. This is a piece that costs a little more, but the clear and clean design is more than worth the extra few dollars.

It’s got a tapered edge to make insertion easier, and the bulbous end will not only ensure that it stays in the right position, but it makes the plug easier to remove.

We-Vibe Ditto Vibrating Plug

This might not be as pretty as the previous model, but it’s going to up the ante in the bedroom. It’s made from medical-grade silicone, which makes it hypoallergenic phthalate-free. The silicone is non-porous, making the We-Vibe a breeze to clean and sterilize.

Of course, if you really want to feel the buzz, you’ll want to enable the vibration modes. Choose between 10 levels of intensity to find your ideal level of stimulation. I’d recommend starting off on the lowest level because this baby packs quite a punch.

What I like about this model is that it can be controlled via the remote or an app. If you’re in a long-distance relationship and feeling frisky, hand over the controls to your partner, no matter where they are in the world.

It’s got a total battery life of two hours on a full charge, and when it’s out of juice, simply recharge by plugging it into a USB connection. The remote sends you a warning when it’s low on power.

The handle is a bit longer on this model, making it much easier to insert and remove.

njoy Pure Plug

This plug has a very simple and contemporary design. It’s great to look at and has a highly polished surface. But this is not your typical, run-of-the-mill, cheap plug. It’s made of stainless steel, making the njoy ideal for temperature play.

If you’re concerned about bacteria, this is the model that you want. The hand-polished surface leaves nowhere for bacteria to cling to, and the steel can be submerged in boiling water in order to sanitize it properly.

It works well for both men and women alike and will make an interesting addition to your sexual repertoire.

Lovense Hush

This is another silicone model and works extremely well for women. It’s got a spiral design on the neck to help keep it securely in place and makes it easier to retract. You can choose between a 1.5 inch and 1.75-inch model, so you can find the perfect size.

What makes the Hush even more fun is that it offers a range of different vibration settings. For something a little more intense, sync it up to your favorite tunes. Put some reggae onto your phone for a chilled vibe or hit some techno vibes for a more high-energy feel.

It works using Bluetooth tech, and you can control it using the app or the remote as you prefer. The battery lasts up to two hours on a standard charge, but the feel-good vibes can last a lot longer.

Tantus Little Flirt

At first glance, this seems like just another butt plug. Once you insert it, though, you’ll feel the difference straight away. It might not vibrate or rotate, but it does fit in nice and snug. This is the best plug to wear if you’re up for a little afternoon delight during your lunch break; just pop it in before heading out to work, and you’ll be more than ready for action later in the day.

It’s made out of premium, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic silicone, and is slightly flexible to allow for the perfect, most comfortable fit.

It’s just long enough to tickle the prostate gland—and for women, the friction between the plug and the anal wall can create a delicious sensation in the vagina. If you’re into double penetration, you’ll love this option.

It’s not the biggest model on the market, so it’s great for those starting out. Cleaning it is simple enough—just rinse it off and pop it in boiling water, bleach, or your dishwasher. (Personally, I think the boiling water is the best option. I’m not sure that I’d want that in my dishwasher.)

Novice Butt Plug by b-Vibe

This medical-grade silicone plug is bound to delight. It’s got the most variety out of all the models covered here with 15 delicious patterns and 6 vibration intensities to choose from. The Novice is an excellent model for beginners because its size and shape make it simple enough to insert, and you can build up the intensity slowly.

The Novice is controlled using the remote, and the one-touch button is easy to operate, even when you’re nearing climax. Alternatively, hand over the reins to your partner; note that they’ve got to be within 30 feet of you to use the remote.

Its battery life is a little disappointing compared to the other models; it will only go for about an hour on a full charge. That’s what kept it out of first place, but let’s face it—that’s more than ample time for most people. It’s rechargeable through any USB port and will let you know when it’s running low on power.

My Secret Remote Vibrating Plug

Well, what do we have here? This model is a discreet plug that is designed to be worn over long periods of time. It’s got a battery life of an hour, and that’s what it cost it the top spot. It’s simple enough to recharge, though – just plug it into a USB outlet.

Surprise, surprise, they’ve used medical-grade silicon in this one, too. Generally speaking, silicone is one of the best choices for sex toys; it feels more realistic than rubber and has more give to it. It will also outlast most rubber toys.

It comes with a remote that can be used from up to 40 feet away, and what I really like about this one is that it’s perfect for both beginners and more advanced players. You have a choice of up to twenty different rumbling sensations that will shake you to the core.

b-Vibe Anal Training & Education Set

This is a set that contains three different plugs: A straightforward plug, a vibrating model, and a special plug that is weighted to increase the sensation of pressure along the anal canal. If you’ve decided that you enjoy the feeling of a standard plug, this is the next step.

You get a comprehensive guide to using each of the plugs, an applicator for the lube, and an enema bulb. There’s no need to worry about an embarrassing accident with this set; simply clean yourself out using the enema bulb a few hours before the show’s due to start.

These medical-grade silicone plugs will last up to an hour on a full battery, and it’s easy to recharge using a USB port.

The bulbs are also sized slightly differently, which allows you to expand your sphincter naturally over time. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your sexually adventurous partner, this could well be the right option for you.

Your Guide to Using Butt Plugs

The first thing to understand is that size and shape do matter here. Some plugs are shaped to provide a feeling of fullness, while others are targeted directly at stimulating the P-spot. Women might not have a prostate, but they’ve still got nerve endings to be stimulated in the butt canal, and the right plug can create a fantastic pressure on the inner wall of your vagina. This can intensify the sensations during sex and help you to orgasm more easily and intensely.

Now that we’ve got the reviews out of the way, let’s look at how to use these toys correctly.

Smaller is Better—to Start

If you’re just starting out with anal play, you’ll want to begin with a smaller model. The first few times you use a butt plug, it might be hard to relax the sphincter muscles. It helps to have a smaller plug to start off with because it’s not nearly as intimidating.

Look for something with a slim head and shaft. Over time, as you get more used to the smaller plug, you can progress to larger models.

Showing 3 different butt plug sizes

If you’ve had a fair amount of anal play already, you might not find the smaller plugs as satisfying. If that’s the case, consider a plug that has a vibration feature or a more bulbous head.

Safety First

Your body isn’t designed to have a foreign object shoved up your butt. But anal play is a lot of fun, so why not experiment a little? That said, your safety must always come first—and it’s never a good idea to try DIY options here.

These plugs are designed specially to sit at the entrance of your butt. The flaring at the base is there by design; if it wasn’t, the plug could end up stuck in your butt. And as you can imagine, that’s an extremely embarrassing trip to the emergency room that’s best avoided.

The next thing is to ensure that it’s been made out of body-safe materials. Opt for medical-grade silicone, glass, sealed wood, annealed metal, or stainless steel.  Personally, I’d stick to stainless steel, silicone, or glass because they’re all hypoallergenic; the last thing you want is to have an allergic reaction in such a sensitive area. The other reasons that I prefer silicone and stainless steel are that they’re non-porous and easy to clean. I’d consider starting out with a silicone plug because it’s a little more flexible.

Lube Up Well

Your butt canal is not self-lubricating in the same way a vagina is, so a good lubing can be the difference between straining to insert the plug and a quick-and-easy insertion. Apply the lube liberally over the shaft and head of the plug—but leave the handle free of lube so that you can grip it easily.

When asked, I always recommend water-based lube, especially when you’re dealing with silicone toys; an oil-based formulation is not ideal when it comes to silicone as it tends to cling and is difficult to clean. If you’re using glass or stainless steel, however, you can lube up with an oil-based formulation. Here’s our list of top rated lubricants for you to help you choose.

On a separate note, I find that water-based lube is the most useful tool in my sexual arsenal. It reduces the friction well, doesn’t support bacterial growth, and is easy to wash off. Trust me on this one—your sheets and toys will thank you for it.

Should you consider a silicone lube? It’s true that you’ll get a lot more gliding power with this option, but the downside is that it will react with your toys. It’s not going to ruin them outright, but over time it causes them to degrade faster.

So, anyway—once you’ve chosen your lube, it’s a simple process. Lube up the butt plug and then apply a generous dollop to your anus. Now take a deep breath and relax—as you exhale, start to gently insert the tip. At this early juncture, your aim is simply to relax the sphincter muscles.

It might not even go in the first time. That’s fine—just reapply your lube and try again. It might take a few tries, but you’ll soon become an old pro at it.

Have Fun with It

There are a lot of nerve endings in your anus, which make for a great deal of fun—but it also means that things can go painfully wrong. Trying to force the plug in is guaranteed to be uncomfortable, so give your body time to adjust.

If hurts to insert it, something is wrong, and you should stop what you’re doing immediately. Take a break and then try changing the angle a little to see if that helps. If it’s still painful, consider using a smaller model and apply more lube.

It’s essential to stop if you’re finding it painful. If you try to force it, you’ll end up hurting yourself; once that happens, it’s pretty much game over. If you try again after that, you’ll be nervous, and that will make your butt pucker up even more.

Don’t be in a rush; this is meant to be fun.

Be Prepared for a “Full” Feeling

Initially, it’s probably going to feel like you need to take a dump. This is perfectly natural but also unnecessary; just sit back, relax, and ride through the sensation. If at all possible, try and use the toilet before you start playing, just to be on the safe side.

Clean the Plug After Every Use

The plug might pick up small amounts of fecal matter while on its journey, and even if it looks spotless when you take it out, go and disinfect it. Check what the manufacturer recommends regarding this process.

If you want to try using it in your vagina, do that first, and then move to the anal canal. You don’t want it anywhere near any other area of your body after you’ve used it in your anus. Clean and sanitize it properly first, or you risk causing an infection.

b-Vibe butt plug

Don’t put it in your mouth—because, really, there’s never a reason to do that. And, while manufacturers classify many of these as dishwasher safe, I’d think twice about it. Just clean it using hot water and perhaps some antibacterial soap.

If you’ve got either a stainless steel or silicone plug, you can sanitize it by dropping it in boiling water; bleach can be used on stainless steel models but will damage silicone. Whatever method you use, rinse the plug thoroughly to remove any residue of the cleaning agent.

Finally, share the remote if you like, but not the plug itself. As with any toy, there’s a risk that infections can be spread this way. So, the answer is to get your own personal butt plug.

Butt Plugs That Can Be Worn All Day

Wearing the plug throughout the day is tempting—it makes you feel energized. That said, some models are discreet and better than others in this respect. To wear it all day means finding one that has a little give to it and that’s perfectly comfortable for you.

Again, start off slowly; try wearing it around the house first. That way, you can take it out if you need to. As you get more accustomed to it, you can wear it for longer periods. I’d go for a maximum of about eight hours, though—be guided by what your body’s telling you.

The following models are more suitable for longer usage periods:

  • Skinny, narrow models: The vagina provides a constant source of lubrication and can stretch to accommodate a baby’s head. Your butt cannot. Use plugs with a long, tapered neck to create a feeling of comfortable pressure all day.
  • Wider options with flat ends: If you have a desk job, this could be a more comfortable option. The end is flatter, and there are no handles to poke you.
  • Flexible plugs: There’s a big difference between wearing a stainless steel model all day, and wearing one that’s more flexible. The flexible option will be the more comfortable one because it can bend as your body does.

Buyers Guide to Choosing the Right Plug

What do you look for in a butt plug? What aspects should you consider? Hopefully, this will be a long and fruitful relationship, so look for quality features here. Below are some other factors to consider:

Materials Used

Don’t be caught by gimmicky options here. Stick to solid, body-safe materials. I’d always go with stainless steel or silicone because neither will cause an allergic reaction, and both are durable and easy to sanitize.

  • Silicone: Lightweight, flexible, and non-porous. What’s not to like? Choose a medical-grade or premium grade of silicone. It will cost a little more, but it will also be safer and last longer.
  • Stainless steel: Great for temperature play and a more rigid sensation—and it’s also more aesthetically pleasing. Now, I know you won’t see much of the plug, but you do want something nice for yourself, too.
  • Tempered Glass: Glass is a good option for toys because it’s non-porous and can withstand extremes of temperature. Unlike with silicone, these toys will outlast you; whether or not it’s an heirloom you want to pass on is up to you. But it’s worth mentioning.
  • Wood: There is an appeal to using wood because it’s naturally very attractive. It’s also nice to know that it’s biodegradable. If properly finished, the surface will be non-porous, but the downside is that the varnishes used can contain nasty chemicals.

Good Vibrations or Not?

A vibrating model will cost a bit more, but obviously, it will also introduce new experiences. I always suggest that beginners get used to simply having the plug in before using the vibration feature. And once you are ready for those good vibes, start at the very lowest setting because the intensity builds pretty quickly.

b-Vibe With Vibration

How Big?

That’s the eternal question, isn’t it? If you’re starting out, don’t be a hero (or heroine); start with something smaller. As you begin to keep it in for longer periods of time, the sphincter muscles will relax more—then you can start wearing a slightly bigger size.

The Features

If you’re like most people, you’ll wonder how many features you actually need. Having a few vibrational settings and different patterns can enhance the sensations for more advanced users. And while it’s not an absolute must, the remote offers a hassle- and hands-free experience.

To be clear, there’s only so many of the settings that you’ll actually use regularly; those higher settings get pretty intense. That said, it is really nice to have the options available. You might never push that button, but it’s nice to know that you could if you wanted to.

The Cost

In terms of cost, I tend to think of it as a price per use, rather than focusing on how expensive something is. If this is something you’re trying for the first time, it doesn’t make sense to buy a top-end vibrating model. If you don’t enjoy it, that would be a waste of money.
On the other hand, if you do enjoy it, you can still have fun with the plainer option and upgrade later. The options with fewer features are not all that expensive, so you won’t lose much if you decide to change over to a vibrating model instead.

How Easy it is to Use

That’s harder to assess without the item in your hands, but at least look at the shape of the handle in particular. Would it be easy to grip? Could you maintain that grip easily when there’s lube on your hands? These sound like silly questions, but these issues become critical in the heat of the moment.

Consider how easy it is to clean it as well. Is it a simple process of tossing it in boiling water? Or do you have to take more time with it?

The easier everything is for you, the more likely it will be that you’ll use your new toy. Making sure that it’s simple to use is an investment.

Maintaining Your New Toy

Properly looking after your butt plug ensures that will last through a lot more sessions. It makes sense to use the cleaning methods suggested by the manufacturer, but the basic rules below apply to any model:

  • Clean every time you use it: This is an essential hygiene tip for all of your sex toys; it’s best to clean them thoroughly after each use. Wash in warm to boiling water, and clean with some anti-bacterial soap.
  • Check for damage: Have a look over the toy for dents and scratches; bacteria can accumulate in scratches, so spend a little extra time cleaning it. If the plug starts to discolor badly, it’s also time to look for a replacement.
  • Use the right lube: Silicone lube seems to last forever—but unfortunately, it also degrades silicone toys. Using a water-based lube is usually a safe bet; see what the manufacturer recommends.
  • Use a lot of lube: In this case, wetter is definitely better. Put on more than you think you’ll need, especially the first time. Also, put a fair amount on the anus itself, and reapply as needed. You’ll soon get an idea of how much is just right.
  • Don’t soak motorized versions: A vibrating plug requires special cleaning instructions. Typically, though, you can’t submerge them fully in water because doing so will damage them.
  • Store it properly: Once the plug is clean and dry, put it into its pouch or box and set it somewhere that it won’t get damaged. Nicks and scratches will reduce the life expectancy, so I prefer a hard-sided ring or jewelry box. It’s usually the perfect size, and they do a good job.

Final Notes

Butt plugs are one of the most popular sellers amongst male consumers, but that doesn’t mean that just the boys can have fun with them, though. Experimenting with anal play opens up a whole new world of possibilities—for both sexes. The sensations are amazing.

It could also prove a remedy for erectile dysfunction; the massaging of the prostate wall can help to get an erection.

There is a plug out there to suit every taste and need, and you are free to experiment with the different options. Decide for yourself whether silicone is better than stainless steel, or vice versa.

I’ve given you a thorough crash course—the plugs that I’ve chosen above are all high-quality, safe options. All that’s left for you now is to make your choice and start to have fun: Playtime’s begun—go have fun!

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