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These are the Best Fleshlight Toys for Men in 2022

When it comes to the best male masturbator in the world, the Fleshlight invariably comes up. Why? Simply because this is one male sex toy that comes close to the real thing. The manufacturers have taken the time to make the texture as realistic as possible.

Combine that with the number of different models available and the discreet nature of the product, and you’ve got a real winner. You can find these sex simulation toys in just about every texture, color, and size you can imagine.

The range of choice, however, can be quite overwhelming for a first-time buyer. How do you know what you’ll like? What do you look for? Are there other considerations to consider?

I’ve created this review to give you a rundown of what some good options are. We’ll look at different models that you might want to consider, both when starting out and if you have a bit more experience.

We’ll end off with some more information about how to get the best use out of your purchase.

The Original – The Classic Pink Lady

This is the one that shot this type of sex toy to stardom in the first place. It’s an older model but still a great one to get. The sleeve is smooth, straight, and opens up into a wider canal. On that point, if you prefer a tighter fit, then this one might not be for you.

If you prefer to take things slower, however, it could be just the right thing. It doesn’t boast the ridges and textural improvements that the other models have, so it might seem a little tame in comparison. That said, it makes for a great experience.

Also, because the canal is straight, cleaning is much easier. The Pink Lady is a great model to start with and ease yourself into using a fleshlight. If you have a larger or more sensitive penis, this could be a viable option. Is it going to be the only one you’ll ever own? Probably not – you’ll almost certainly want to upgrade at a later stage.

Stamina Training Unit (STU)

If you were to cut this model open, you’d see that it has a series of evenly spaced bumps and grooves, which makes the new STU more like a real woman’s vagina than the previous model. The regularity of the bumps, however, have a particular purpose.

From the moment you slip inside this model, you’ll feel consistent stimulation on your penis. This model also features an even tighter canal. If you just go at it, you’re bound to come quickly. So, if you’ve only got a few minutes to spare, this option is a good one.

The idea with this model, however, is to build your stamina. By taking little breaks and changing up the speed, you can vary when and how long it takes you to cum. Over time, you can learn to extend the process so that you can last longer in the sack.

The disadvantage here is that cleaning this model is time-consuming. With all those grooves inside it, it can be difficult.

Stoya Fleshlight Destroya

This is an interesting one, in that it’s molded from real life—in this case, the famous porn star Stoya Destroya. That’s one of the advantages of this kind of toy – it can be molded into any shape you like. The earlier models would have irregular ribbing along the canal to give them a more realistic feeling.

With this model, though, this element has been taken up a few notches. The Stoya is one of the more popular models thanks to the three chambers in it.

The feeling when you thrust into this baby is intense. Choose the longer canal opening for a natural sensation, or the shorter side to blow your mind.

It’s tight and offers a range of different sensations. This is a great sex toy that will work for pretty much everyone.

Vibro Lady

Sometimes you just don’t want to have to do all the work. For those times, the Vibro Lady will be one of your best friends. It can be used with or without the vibrations, so it’s easy to change things up.

What makes this model special is that the inside is coated with little nodules. When the vibrator is enabled, these will massage your penis until you cum. The vibrations are provided by three “bullets” which are inserted into the outside sleeve.

You can choose one bullet for a slow build, or all three to bring you to climax faster. You’ll also get a spare battery pack with this model, so you’ll have plenty of time to play.

If you’d prefer to get there on your own, leave the bullets out. It’s a nice, tight fit and not too bad to clean.

Flight Pilot

The Flight Pilot is another best selling model because it’s one of the more affordable ones. It’s a great option if discretion is important to you, or if you’re just getting started. It has a slimmer, smaller channel and so is best suited to a smaller-to-average-sized penis.

This is the model that you can easily hide away in your luggage when traveling. It also doesn’t look as much like a sex toy on the outside as most others. Don’t be fooled, though—this toy has interesting crenellations and ribbing on the inside. It’s a great ride at a pretty nice price.

Quickshot Boost

This is another model that will suit you if you have a limited budget. It’s a partial sleeve, so it’s not as long as the standard ones. In fact, it looks more like a coffee mug with a weird lid than anything else. It still provides an awesome sensation when you’re using it, though, despite its appearance.

Coming in at 3.5 inches, it’s not going to cover your whole penis at once. This aspect could be an advantage when you’re with a partner, though.  Why not get them to blow you while you’re using it?

Turbo Ignition

If the guys on Star Trek ever used a sex toy, they’d probably look like this one. This somewhat futuristic-looking model has been designed to simulate oral sex. There are three separate sections, each designed to replicate the mouth.

There are “lips” on the outside, and then what feels like a tongue. The rest of the canal has been designed to replicate the throat—and there’ll be no gagging when you enjoy some deep throat action.

Another exciting feature is that it’s see-through. This makes it simple to learn how to use because you can see each zone. It also makes it more exciting for your partner to be able to see every step.

What Is Fleshlight?

Fleshlight is a brand of sex toy made to simulate the vagina. It’s a way for a man to get a more realistic experience when masturbating. The idea itself isn’t all that new—we’ve had simulated vaginas around for many years now.

Even so, when the first Fleshlight was released in the nineties, it was something of a revolution. It’s the material that it’s made out of and the innovative design that make all the difference. It’s pretty close to sex with a real woman and a far better experience than just using your hand.

It all started with the Pink Lady, but since then a lot more models have been released. There are those that are intended to simulate a butt canal rather than a vagina, and some are designed to simulate oral sex.

If you’re a fan of a particular porn star, check around—she may even have a Fleshlight product based on her own anatomy. Today you can find them in a vast (and confusing) array of styles and colors.

Stamina Training Unit Lady

Why Use a Fleshlight?

Obviously, the top benefit is that it feels so realistic. There are other benefits that you might not have considered as well, though. Let’s explore what these benefits are.


Prevents Death Grip Syndrome

Your mother may have told you masturbating would blind you. What she should have said, rather, was that you might get DGS. This is a condition that develops over time if you masturbate too much or too hard using your hand.

What’s the problem? The problem is that you get too used to that tight grip to ejaculate. A woman’s vagina can’t match that kind of pressure, and over time, this might result in always having to finish yourself off, because there’s not enough stimulation for you.

Using a Fleshlight prevents you from gripping too hard. The stimulation is provided by the inner surface and not affected by the pressure outside. Your penis will be able to function as it was intended to.


Helps You Build Your Stamina

Using the Stamina Training Unit or any other model can help you overcome premature ejaculation. It won’t happen overnight, but over time you can build your stamina. You’ll learn exactly what gets you going, and how to rein yourself in. Not to mention that you can rub off a quick one in preparation for a date—which can relieve built-up sexual tension so that you can perform better later on.


Clean-up is Easier

Granted, it’s not a lot of extra effort to clean yourself up after masturbating manually. Still, this gives you a container to cum into. You can set it aside to deal with later if you like.


It’s Discreet

Clearly, when it comes to realistic sex, a doll performs better. The problem with the doll is that it takes up so much space. These toys can be easily hidden away and don’t take up much space at all.

If you have a nearsighted grandmother, she might even think that they’re socks. (As one Facebook user found out to his horror when he got home, and grandma was wearing them on her feet.)


It’s Fun and Convenient

Why wouldn’t you want something that could enhance your pleasure? Your Fleshlight will always be there for you—you don’t have to buy it dinner or worry about it having a headache.

What They’re Composed Of

That’s going to depend mainly on the type that you’re getting, but essentially, the makeup is very similar. Here, we’re going to go over the components of the Pink Lady model. The other models might have more ridges and texture, but they’re basically the same.


The Sleeve

The sleeve is what replicates the vagina, butt canal, or mouth. The Pink Lady is specially made to replicate the vagina. Essentially, the sleeve is a canal made of silicone.


The Case or Outer Sleeve

This part looks most like a flashlight—hence the name fleshlight. It helps make it appear less like a sex toy, making it great for discretion. It’s intended purpose is to protect the inner sleeve and hold it in place. Without this casing, you wouldn’t get much use out of the inner sleeve.


The Cap

There are usually two caps with each model. The large one is put in place when you’re done to keep dust and dirt out of the inner sleeve. The smaller cap is placed at the outer edge of the sleeve when you’re using it. This creates suction and makes the experience more realistic.

Which Should I Buy?

If you’re looking for a good model to start with, it might seem that realistic is the way to go, but that might not always be the best option because each model’s innards create different effects. The more bumps and ridges there are, the more stimulating the experience.

That seems like a great idea unless you have a more sensitive penis. If that’s the case, you’d be better sticking to a simpler model, like the Pink Lady.

If, on the other hand, you’re using to getting yourself off with your hand, the Pink Lady might not provide enough pressure for you. If you’re a more advanced user, then the following might be better options:

  • Stoya Destroyer
  • Stamina Training Unit
  • Riley Steele Nipple Alley


Girl With Fleshlight Toy

Best for Beginners – The Stamina Training Unit

This is designed to give you ample stimulation. It’s great practice if you want to learn how to last longer. As we said, this unit has large, evenly spaced bumps. It’s not an exact replica of a vagina, but it has more than enough texture to get you off.

In addition to the unit itself, you’ll need a water-based lube. Oil-based lubes should be avoided when you’re working with silicone, and in this case, it’s even more important to use a water-based formulation. Water-based lube will wash out easily, while oil-based lube could stick in the gaps.

You’ll also want to keep a supply of cornstarch or renewing powder on hand. And yes, the manufacturers are going to push their brand of renewing powder. Here’s a secret – it’s just a very finely ground version of cornstarch or arrowroot powder.

You can save money by using cornstarch instead. After the unit is washed and dried, sprinkle a reasonable amount inside and shake it up so that the inside is coated. This will help to remove any remaining tackiness in order to emulate the texture of skin.

This unit comes with its own shower mount. This is an excellent addition for those who want to be able to focus on the deed and not worry about dropping the unit.

For the Best Sensation – Stoya Destroya

The Stoya is a good model for most people—and if you’ve ever dreamed of sleeping with a porn star, you’ll really love it. With this Fleshlight, you can live out this fantasy. The sleeve has been designed to match the vagina of the award-winning porn star, Stoya Destroya.

Be warned, though—the feeling is very intense. It’s going to feel like you’re being gripped from start to finish. It’s hard to describe the feeling, so get ready for a sensation unlike anything you’ve felt before:

  • As you enter the sleeve, there are three rings with notches and bumps.
  • The next section is a round, dome-like structure that consists of bigger bumps all around the diameter. This gives pressure on that whole section of the penis.
  • Next up is a section of what are best described as teeth. The feeling is mind-blowing.
  • Finally, the canal narrows and is ribbed to help finish you off in style.

If you upgrade to the Epic and Forbidden Sleeve, you’ll get all this, and also a butt opening.

The Best All-Rounder: Riley Steele Nipple Alley

This is another one based on a real live porn star. In this case, the porn star is Riley Steele. The inside has a selection of evenly spaced bumps; it’s similar in design to the Stamina Training Unit, but it’s not quite as intense.

It’s a better alternative for someone who has a slightly more sensitive penis, and it’s got a texture that’s halfway between the Stoya Destroyer and the Pink Lady.

Using Your Fleshlight

Using this toy is simple enough, but there are some tips and tricks to make things go more smoothly. It takes a little more effort this way but doing so will lead to a far greater feeling of satisfaction when you first use it.

When you’ve unboxed it the first time, here are the steps to follow:

Step One

Take off all of the plastic on the outside. There’ll also be some plastic on the inside, so be sure to remove that.

Step Two

Give it a good rinse in cool water. This will remove any dust or grime that may have accumulated while it was in storage.

Step Three

Using rubbing alcohol, rinse the product inside and out. This step is to remove the protective powder coating. It won’t hurt you if you skip this step, but it’s a worthwhile one.

Step Four

Rinse it out thoroughly with lukewarm water and then set it aside so that all the water can drain out. It’s not essential to wait for it to dry completely before you first use it—so if you just can’t wait, that’s fine.

Fleshlight Toy

How to Prepare It for Use

The procedure outlined above is only necessary the first time you use your new toy. Here’s how to prep it each time you use it:


Step One

Let it soak for a little while in warm water. Note we said warm, not boiling, water. This helps to get the sleeve warmed up and can help promote a more natural feeling. That said, you shouldn’t use water that’s too hot. Why not?

  • The silicone will retain the heat. You could end up with a burn where you really don’t want one.
  • You risk damaging the finish and molding.


Step Two

Lubricate the sleeve properly. You want to be able to move in and out of it with ease. This is something that will require some experimentation, but you’ll be able to find your happy place fairly easily.

Just remember that you should always use a water-based lube with this product.

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Step Three

Get yourself busy. It’s easy enough—get comfortable and insert your penis. Then move the sleeve up and down along your penis until you’re done.

General Care and Maintenance

The best way to get the most bang for your buck is to look after it properly. It should be cleaned and dried after every use, and every fourth or fifth time you use it, rinse it out using rubbing alcohol in addition to cleaning it with water.

The alcohol helps to disinfect the sleeve. This step is crucial because the grooves inside can provide a perfect hiding place for bacterial growth. Here are the steps to follow after each use:


Step One

Take it apart and rinse with cold water. I’d suggest having a bowl of cool water at the ready. That way, when you’re finished, you can drop the toy into the water and relax for a bit. It’s better not to let the lube and bodily liquids sit for too long, or they’ll be harder to rinse out.


Step Two

Dry off the inside and outside as thoroughly as possible. You can also set it up on its end so that it drains properly.


Step Three

Once it’s completely dry, sprinkle either cornstarch or renewal powder on the outside. Check out my hack to do this without much mess below. You should not use baby powder or any form of talc, because this will cause the silicone to dry out.


Fleshlight Sex Toy

My Hack for Applying the Cornstarch

You’re paying a fair amount for this toy, so it makes sense to use the right tools to keep it in good shape. Most manufacturers will tell you that the best way to do this is to use their specialized renewing powder.

This is not strictly necessary, though. Quality cornstarch will do the same job at about a quarter of the price. Check at your local grocery store or Amazon to get the best deal on cornstarch.

To reduce the mess associated with applying the cornstarch, do the following:


Step One

Take a thin-weave, clean sock. To be on the safe side, I’d just buy a cheap pair at the store.


Step Two

Cut the above-the-ankle part off the sock. You really only need the foot section.


Step Three

Put in a few tablespoons of the renewing powder or cornstarch into the sock.


Step Four

Close the hole in the sock as best you can. Now lightly tap the sock against the toy. Keep on going until the powder lightly coats the outside of the toy; you don’t have to put it inside because the lube is going to keep the inside supple enough for you.

Final Notes

As with any product, there’s going to be an initial trial and error period while you learn what works for you, and it might take a while to get into the swing of things. It might seem a little strange at first, but your masturbation sessions will soon take on a whole new level of sensation. It won’t take long to adjust.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of how much lube to use, the right strokes, and so on, you’ll never look back. You’ll probably even want to look into getting a second option so that you can change things up.

And that’s about all that I can say about this fun and useful brand of sex toy. Try it yourself and see how much fun it can be to take things into your own hands more often.

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