19 Best Lesbian Sex Toys

19 Top Rated Lesbian Sex Toys on the Market in 2022

The sex industry tends to be heteronormative most of the time, so the sexual minority usually has to adapt. This is why we decided to dedicate this article to all the female-loving females around the world and discuss what the best lesbian sex toys are.

Even if you’re not a female-loving female, stick around and familiarize yourself with some of the best sex toys for lesbians. And while we’re discussing what the best sex toys for lesbians are, and what to look for, you might find something that’ll spark your curiosity. Or maybe a toy you would like.

What to look for?

It always helps to know what you and your partner are looking for and what things might suit you the best. On the other hand, it’s always fun to explore the unknown, venturing into the uncharted territories and water of our sexuality. Still, there are some things you might want to consider when looking for the newest addition to your lesbian sex toy collection.

And the first thing you’ll want to consider is stimulation. If you’re someone who likes it rough, get a toy that will satisfy your needs. If you like slow-paced vanilla satisfaction, get something that will get you there. It’s a matter of personal preference, so keep that in mind.

Toys come in various shapes and sizes, featuring several functions, like temperature responsiveness, and vibration and speed settings. Diversity is the spice of life, and something new and unexplored might spice things up with your significant other.

lesbians laying in bedShapes and sizes might have something related to the area on which the toy is to be used. Thinner, shorter toys are usually anal-oriented, while longer, curved ones are for G-Spot stimulation and vaginal insertion. The market is vast, and there’s a sex toy for almost any part of your body, you just need to find yours.

Cleaning and maintenance is something you should think about. Sex toys made of hard plastic and silicone are non-porous, so they don’t absorb water. Soft plastics and PVC can retain water, and develop bacteria faster, which is why you must dry them out.

And lastly, the price. Depending on their features, different products cost differently. But just because one toy costs less when compared to another, doesn’t mean that the toy in question isn’t high-quality. It depends on the type of toy and its features.

These are the things you should know and consider when purchasing a sex toy. Now, keep reading to find out what are the best sex toys for lesbians on the market.


Dildos have been a part of human civilization for the last 28,000 years, and that’s why we placed them first on our list. These phallic-shaped are made from various materials, and almost always resemble an erect human penis. Dildos come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and selecting a dildo that suits both you and your partner is of orgasmic importance.

njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

Pure Wand is a lady-on-lady oriented product that screams with feminine elegance. It’s beauty, and the sensual curve will most certainly connect with your or your partner’s pleasurable spots.

Everything about this product dictates sensual elegance, including the box it comes in. Just glancing at the dark, hard shell box this product comes in will seductively whisper you to open it, and glance at the delight within. Within, a curved, double-sided stainless-steel beauty lies onto a red satin pad, inviting you to be naughty, and do naughty stuff.

Out of the box, you’ll immediately notice a seamless design with a mirror finish, and imposing weight. The stainless steel is a hypoallergenic and non-porous material, which means you can use any type of lube you want. The curve features a small globe on one end and a slightly bigger one on the other.

But don’t be fooled by this Pure Wand’s design – besides being pretty, it’s quite functional and versatile. You can use it vaginally, as it’s excellent for G-Spot massage and practicing female ejaculation. Of course, it can be used for anal stimulation, hence the smaller globe, but we wouldn’t neglect the “bigger” end, either.

Though it doesn’t vibrate, the njoy Pure Wand is a fantastic toy that provides proper stimulation for the orgasmic amount of sensation.

njoy Fun Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

The next toy on the list is the njoy Fun Wand, a stainless-steel dildo, much like the Pure Wand, but with several differences.

Fun Wand features a similar form, but with a slightly different curve, and somewhat less weight than Pure Wand. However, the main difference between the two lies in the number of balls and beads. Fun Wand has one steel globe on one end, and three graduated steel beads on the other, making it more anal-oriented.

Still, you can use it for all sorts of play, not just anal, as the curve of the toy allows for more comfortable stimulation of G-Spot. The stainless steel is mirror polished, temperature responsive, and suitable for all types of lubricants. The design allows for a secure grip and control, regardless of lubrication, so feel free to make the lube shower.

In the end, it’s an elegantly looking double-sided toy, that will make you or your partner shiver and moan on your way to Ograsmville.

Adam & Eve Twisted Love Glass Dildo

Adam & Eve Twisted Love is among the best handmade glass toys for some solo, or Eve-on-Eve play. It’s double-sided, with the longer side for G-Spot stimulation, and a shorter side for anal play. Both sides of this glass toy have twisted textures made of blue glass, for extra stimulation, making it an absolute delight to use.

Being made of glass, this toy is incredibly temperature responsive, and retains cold or heat well. This means you can spice things up with your significant other by adding some temperature play and applying heat or cold to sensitive areas.

The toy is hypoallergenic and non-porous, which means it goes well with all types of lubes. It’s also incredibly easy to clean, though we strongly advise against the use of any kind of abrasives during cleaning.

Overall, we consider A&E Twisted Love a vital addition to every glass-dildo collection.

Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Realistic Double-Ended Dildo

This flexible, purple marvel offers 18 inches of double-ended fun for you and your partner, in any intimate position you choose. The Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Dildo has a flexible, 5.5″ texturized shaft that’s firm enough for penetration, and two rounded heads for intense pleasure.

It’s made from body-friendly PVC material, which is hypoallergenic, flexible, and waterproof. Eighteen inches of fun we mentioned above is more than enough for both parties to share and enjoy. Or you can use the toy by yourself for some solo double penetration, or on your partner. To make your experience more sensual and pleasurable, please use plenty of water-based lube.

Overall, it’s a great toy double-ended toy for double fun, with bulging heads and texturized shaft. It offers vast amounts of pleasure at an affordable price tag.

Fetish Fantasy Double Delight Strap-On Double Dildo

This toy is cleverly designed to serve as both a double-ended dildo and a strap-on. It consists of two 6-inch dildos, joined at the basses of their shaft, with straps attached to the center. It’s inserted into both you and your partner, allowing you to feel the joys of giving pleasure, as well as receiving it.

The dildo offers just the right amount of flexibility and length for both partners to enjoy. It’s also textured and slightly curved for better stimulation of the G-spot. The adjustable harness accommodates up to a 30-inch waist and holds all twelve inches of pleasure securely in place.

If you’re on the plus side, this dildo is compatible with most other harnesses. It’s made from soft plastic, offering the right amount of firmness. However, it’s only splash-resistant and can retain some water, so you should pay particular attention and dry it out after cleaning. Also, it’s strongly advised that you use water-based lubricants, in generous amounts – the more, the better.

This fantastic double-ended toy comes with free blindfold included, for some new sexy play.

Lovehoney Advanced Unisex Strap-on Harness Kit

Well, a sex toy article without a strap-on harness kit, isn’t much of an article at all. That’s why we decided to add this strap-on harness kit to the list. If you and your girlfriend are into some strap-on action, the Lovehoney Unisex strap-on harness kit could be a fantastic addition to your collection.

The kit includes a harness, and a 7-inch, slightly curved dildo for maximum, yet not overwhelming, penetrating pleasure and G-spot stimulation. Seven inches can be quite pleasing, but the size preference is strictly subjective. Luckily, the harness comes with three interchangeable O-rings, allowing you to fit a dildo of more pleasing qualities.

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It also features a pocket for a bullet vibrator that provides added stimulation to the wearer. Unfortunately, the bullet vibe isn’t included in the package, but we found that the accompanying dildo works just fine.

Doc Johnson Pussy Pump

Not a dildo, but a toy that brings pleasure by the power of your hands. And in case you’re unfamiliar with this toy, it engorges the vulva and clitoris increasing their sensitivity. It’s an excellent option for women who aren’t easily aroused or those that just want to have fun.

When held over your love glove area, the Doc Johnson pussy pump creates a vacuum seal by providing gentle suction. The suction is generated either by you or your partner by squeezing a palm-sized bulb, that also features a quick-release valve.

This cup has a patented valve system that retains vacuum even after you detach the hose and the pump bulb. It’s also incredibly straightforward to clean and maintain. However, keep in mind that the pump comes in various sizes, so please check the measurements when purchasing.


Vibrators are also mostly phallic in shape, but unlike dildos, they have a vibration producing mechanism. And not only do they vibrate, but some vibrators also feature rotating and thrusting functions. Of course, this means they require batteries to work.

Still, they’re incredibly fun, as they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and features, all with one purpose – bringing a girl-to-girl party to a climax.

Magic Wand Rechargeable

The first vibrator on this list is probably the most recognizable out there – it’s A&E Magic Wand, now cordless, and running on rechargeable batteries.  

This luxurious vibrator comes equipped with four pre-programmed speeds, and as many vibrating patterns, delivering enough power for a back-arching, toe-curling orgasm. This allows you to switch back and forth through various modes and speeds, switching and spicing things up.

A 6300 RPM vibrating mechanism is in charge of the said vibrations, and a built-in lithium-ion battery powers it. Of course, for longer sessions, the product is provided with a plug-and-play cable that enables it to operate while plugged into a wall.

This 13” long vibrator, with a 2” firm silicone head, and several fantastic features, is the among the best money can buy. And it’s well worth it, as it offers unparalleled performance and flexibility in between the sheets.

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We-Vibe Tango

In most cases, bullet vibrators are about solo pleasure, but they don’t have to be. They can be used to power a hollowed-out dildo, or to bring pleasure to the person wearing a harness strap-on. Whatever the case may be, some models are worth mentioning.

We-Vibe Tango is a compact, but mighty bullet vibrator, that resembles a lipstick, for storage and traveling convenience. But besides being aesthetically pleasing, this little clit vibe packs quite a punch, with a powerful motor, and eight vibration modes and eight speeds.

The toy is made from body-friendly plastic with a smooth surface for stimulating all the fun regions, at a whisper-quiet noise level. It’s also waterproof, so it can sustain a shower of any kind and offers a single-button interface for selecting speed and pattern. It’s also USB rechargeable, providing you with up to 2 hours of fun on a single charge.

Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

Designed by Tracey Cox, one of the world’s leading experts on dating, relationships, and sex, your handbag will house one more thing, besides your wallet. And though small, it packs enough power to launch you to orgasm-filled heaven.

This little toy is small, discreet, and barely makes a sound, making it perfect for foreplay. It’s also waterproof so that you can take it to the shower or a tub, along with your partner, and roleplay with your favorite aquagirl.

Supersex doesn’t have a rechargeable battery, which many consider as a disadvantage when compared to the convenience of rechargeable batteries. But it does run on interchangeable AAA batteries, which greatly affected the price and landed Supersex on a lower end of the price spectrum.

So, if you don’t mind changing the batteries from time to time, this is one of the best bullet vibrators for some girl-girl fun time.

Zalo Desire Preheating Silicone Thruster Dildo

The Zalo Desire Trusted dildo doesn’t vibrate as the most vibrators do. Instead, this model thrusts to make you feel like you’re experiencing real sex. And it does so with six different thrusting modes you can choose from, so you can mix it up whenever you like.

However, Zalo has another unique feature, as this thrusting dildo also has a built-in heating system, which reaches body temperature in just two minutes. This saves you the hassle of having to heat the toy by yourself and makes for much more comfortable use.

It features an elegant, feminine design featuring pink and gold colors and glittery Swarovski crystals. But it’s much more than just beauty, Zalo is also a beast. Besides the basic six thrusting modes, it also has a turbo mode, if you’re ever in the mood for vigorous orgasming.

Zalo Desire is what you get when you cross a fairy princess and a killer-robot from the future – an incredibly pretty orgasmatron.

Lelo Sona 2

Have you ever been to a nightclub, and stood in front of the big speaker, feeling the music throughout your body? Well, that’s how your clit feels when you introduce it to Lelo Sona 2.

This luxury sex toy uses pulses to stimulate up to 75% more of your clitoris, creating a superior sensation as opposed to a regular vibrator. It comes with eight different preprogrammed modes you can choose from, deciding whether to go slow or all out in a spastic orgasm.

This globally famous sex toy is waterproof and suited for total water submersion. It’s also USB rechargeable, and for such an intense pleasure device, it’s surprisingly quiet.

If you find a pleasurable stimulation through pulsations, then Lelo Sona 2 is the toy for you. It will gently stimulate your love button by using sonic waves for your mind-blowing pleasure.

Happy Rabbit G-Spot Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Featuring two separate, reliable motors for stimulation, and several functions and speeds, this is the most recommended toy for both clitoral and penetrative stimulation.

This beautiful Rabbit G-Spot vibrator is made from skin-friendly silicone, and features a curved shaft for increased G-Spot stimulation, at the best possible angle. Besides a highly-stimulating curved body, this vibrator also has a pronounced head with thicker, firmer rabbit ears for more intense clitoral stimulation.

The toy provides unparalleled dual stimulation of G-Spot and clitoris, by using two separate motors. It also provides an astounding array of 15 different vibrating modes; 12 for the shaft, and three for rabbit ears, with three different speed settings.

Since it’s waterproof, you and your girlfriend can take your favorite rabbit for a bath, just remember to be generous with the water-based lube.

Fun Factory ShareVibe Rechargeable Vibrating Strapless Strap-On

ShareVibe could very well be one of the most stimulating strapless strap-ons out there. It’s a two-sided dildo combined with a bullet vibrator at the base, which provides the cherries for your cherry tart.

Made from body-friendly silicone, this toy is firm enough to act as a harness-free strap-on, yet flexible enough to adapt to any position you find most comfortable. The wearer “grips” the shorter, bulbous shaft, while the receiving party enjoys sensations from a longer, curved, silicone shaft.

At the base of the double-sided dildo is a slot for a powerful bullet vibrator that offers five different vibrating modes. The bullet is removable for charging purposes, but it’s also waterproof, allowing the entire toy to be shower-friendly.

You can use this harness-free strap-on for solo play or with your partner, as it can provide incredible amounts of sensation. On top of that, it features a pretty long battery life, vibrating for at least two hours or more on a single charge.

Desire Luxury Rechargeable Strapless Strap-On Vibrator

If you’re really into vibrating harness-fee strap-ons, you should consider Desire Luxury. It’s a two-sided vibrator with an enhancement, as it features rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation.

Desire Luxury is a vibrating strapless strap-on that’s held in place by the wearer’s Kegel muscles, pleasuring both the wearer and the receiver. Both shafts are angled for better G-Spot stimulation for both you and your partner, while the rabbit ears stimulate only the wearer.

The toy isn’t shy when it comes to vibrating variations and speed setting, as it offers eight different patterns and astonishing 12-speed settings. To make things better, the batteries are rechargeable, saving you the hassle of having to change them with every use.

Desire Luxury is also waterproof, easy, and fun to use and clean. It comes in a luxurious storage case that doubles as a charger station. Though in the higher middle of the price spectrum, it won’t matter once Desire Luxury start hitting all the pleasurable spots.

b-Vibe Cinco Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads

Brace yourself, as you’re about to embark on the journey through the world of wireless technologies and sexual play. According to some naughty, but fun individuals, the combination of wireless tech and sex toys is the best thing ever.

b-Vibe is a set of five vibrating, flexible tapered beads, powered by three powerful vibrating motors, that can be controlled from a distance of 30 feet. The beads and shaft themselves are texturized, offering high levels of stimulation for either you or your partner.

The motors offer six vibration levels and fantastic 15 vibrations patterns allowing you to mix things up and make the stimulation more pleasurable. The most fun part is the remote control, which controls the pattern and speed of vibrations. The wireless remote is pretty straightforward to use, and offer diverse couple play options.

b-Vibe is hypoallergenic, USB rechargeable, and shower-friendly. However, it sits at a higher end of the price range, which isn’t much of a surprise, considering the features it delivers.

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Lovense Hush

If you love the idea of having your partner control your anal stimulation remotely, then you’ll love the Hush. Lovense Hush is a remotely controlled butt plug, whose functions are by your partner, anytime, anywhere.

It works wonder in the bedroom, solo or not; it’s great for foreplay or discreet public play. The best thing about the remote controls is that they can be used over short-range and long-range distances for some added spice.

The toy is made from body-safe materials, with added texture for more pleasure. It’s also waterproof, USB rechargeable, and provides approximately 2 hours of continuous use. We saved the best for last – you can let your toy sync to music, adding more vibrating variations to your play.

Jopen Key Pyxis Rechargeable Finger

Sexual preference aside, every girl loves a right ring on her finger. If it so happens that the ring vibrates and provides sexual pleasure, even better. And Key by Jopen is precisely that kind of ring.

Key Pyxis is a stylish finger vibrator of a modern design that pretty straightforward to use. It fits snuggly on your finger, making the explorer shiver with excitement if you catch our drift. Of course, it serves only to provide extra stimulation to intimate experiences, featuring five different vibrating modes.

The ring is made from body-friendly silicone and offers approximately 2 hours of fun time when fully charged. Of course, the toy is waterproof, for intimate bath play, and charges via USB.

Key Pyxis’ size is what makes it so great; the ring is a perfect stealthy companion whose size allows for secure storage. Also, it’s one size fits all type of ring, so you and your partner can take turns using it.

Fun Factory Volta

If you like oral, and the sensation of a tongue flickering against your fun parts, then you’re going to love Fun Factory’s Volta. It’s a dynamic silicone split-tongue silhouette featuring has two tongue-like prongs meant for solo play or with a partner.

It will increase the blood flow to your intimate parts, increasing their sensitivity, and giving you a quivering orgasm. The Volta offers six vibration patterns, and six-speed settings, so you can explore pleasure combinations suitable to you and your partner.

It’s made of hypoallergenic, non-porous soft silicone, with an easy-to-grip design. However, it sits a bit higher on a price ladder, but it will be a valuable addition to your sex toy arsenal.


We made this list so you can familiarize yourself with some of the best sex toys for a girly sleepover, or a pajama party without pajamas. If you plan on surprising your partner with a new sex toy, please make sure it’s the one that will suit her needs and yours.

If not, include your partner into a selecting process, as it can be an extremely arousing and bonding experience for you and your partner. In the end, we all love toys, and their use is only limited by our imagination.

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