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The 11 Top Rated Onaholes on the Market in 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

The world has already seen its fair share of male masturbatory toys, like the fleshlight or the pocket pussy. Onaholes are a new addition to the arsenal of fun toys for big boys, and, though a novelty, they’re becoming increasingly popular. The term “onahole” means “masturbation hole” in Japanese, a type of masturbatory toy a man might use to have some fun by himself.

But what exactly are onaholes?

To answer that question, we must take a small step back. The world was greatly influenced by the Japanese and their culture. They provided us with some of the greatest, albeit sometimes the weirdest, things like cool gadgets, sexually attractive cosplay girls, anime, and ninja folklore. You can add tentacle porn to the list if you’re into that sort of stuff. Don’t worry; we’re not judging.

The central theme of this article are Japanese-inspired pocket pussy toys – the onaholes. So, unlike fleshlights, which are a brand in their own right, onaholes are anime-inspired pocket pussies. They’re designed to represent the features of sexually attractive female characters from the fan-service anime and anime-related media.

Onaholes come in a wide variety of options you can choose from, but they all share a common purpose – to bring pleasure to the user. However, their use isn’t only limited to masturbation, since they can be used for stamina training, or as an addition to your already epic sex life.

In this article, we’ll discuss what the best and most popular onaholes on the market are. We’ll also try and fill all the blanks regarding the said product by providing you with a complete buyer’s guide. You should consult this article before purchasing your first onahole, since most manufacturers don’t allow test runs of their products.

Our Top 11 Onahole Picks, Reviewed

Zhang Xiao Yu’s Realistic Pussy Masturbator

The first product on this list is an onahole modeled after Zhang Xiao Yu’s vagina, to the highest content of her fans. For those unfamiliar, Zhang Xiao Yu is a Chinese celebrity, often described as China’s first nude model, and most famous porn star.

Zheng Xiao Yu’s Realistic Pussy Masturbator is the fifth generation of this ultra-realistic and extremely stimulating love toy. The material is realistic and skin-like, while the insides are wonderfully textured, providing you with an abundance of satisfaction with each penetration.

Another great thing about the ZXY’s Realistic Pussy Masturbator is the 100% waterproof material, which makes it easier to clean and maintain. It also allows you to take your toy into the bathtub or a shower. However, this model comes at a higher price, though rightfully justified by the many features it offers.

My Girlfriend is in Heat Onahole

My GF is in Heat onahole is for those who like to switch it up, since it features both vaginal and anal orifice. It also features a unique design, with its legs facing in the opposite direction, mimicking a lusty girl that eagerly awaits you.

And while the hips and thighs attribute to realistic experience, the orifices are exposed and easily accessible, allowing you to switch it up with ease. The vagina even features a G spot, while both fun parts of the onahole provide great sensation, thanks to the excellent quality material.

Another great feature is that its costume compatible, meaning you can add a skirt or underwear to the toy. In any case, it’s a beautiful sex toy that should be a part of any onahole collection.

Moe Body

Moe Body is a slender body-type toy that includes a simulated rib cage, and a beautiful pair of breasts you can fondle. This model features only the vagina, but don’t let that discourage you – it feels incredible.

The internal structure of the vaginal walls provides an immense sensation and satisfaction, with added pressure supplied by the bone structure. The bone structure itself emulates the feeling of ribs and hips beneath the skin material and adds pressure to the vagina as you slide through.

Moe Body isn’t only pleasurable to use, but it’s also stimulating to look at, and ships out with some free lube. The versatility and the stimulation this model provide justifies its price, making it a good value purchase.

The Wonderful Hip! Happy Life!

This onahole is one of the most realistic products on this list. It’s representing a girl bending over and exposing her most delightful parts. On top of that, the toy features two massive, yet nicely designed buttocks for you to hold onto during penetration.

This realistic toy, designed to be laid on a flat surface, weighs about 11lbs allowing for better control during use. The Wonderful Hip anus features a twisting nibs and curves that provide amazing sensation, especially since the orifice is quite tight.

However, if you’re looking for something less extreme, the vagina on this model is less sensual, but still very pleasurable. This model is at a higher end of a price range but represents good value due to the features and otherworldly sensations it provides.

The Sujiman Kupa Lolinco

Created by Magic Eyes, The Sujiman Kupa Lolinco features a finely detailed vagina, of incredible tightness. The interior design provides unparalleled stimulation with its folds, bumps, and G-spot structure.

An incredible feeling of tightness it provides, coupled with dense, but soft material will bring you unexpected amounts of pleasure. The toy is of the right size, and even better price, since it’s quite affordable.

Its vaginal orifice, though amazingly pleasurable, may prove to be difficult for cleaning due to its tightness. Other than that, it’s the right product, worth having in your onahole collection.

The Sujiman Kupa Cocolo

Unlike the super-tight orifice featured on a Lolinco model, the Cocolo features two hybrid holes, which bring you immense pleasure, by providing realistic sensations. The hybrid tunnel means that the vaginal and anal orifices are actually a single tunnel that goes from one entrance to the other.

The hybrid tunnel increases the suction, gripping your member tightly and pleasantly. It also allows the water to flow through the toy during cleaning, making maintenance incredibly straightforward.

Cocolo’s size, weight, sensation, and skin-soft material will elevate your self-entertainment to new levels. Don’t be discouraged by its price, though seemingly high, Cocolo is a good value for your buck.

Puni Ana SPDX

Puni Ana SPDX comes as a full torso, complete with the skeletal system on the inside of the toy, for added weight and realism.

Other than a complete rib cage and pelvis, the onahole offers both vaginal and anal tunnels, with both passages connecting at the bottom. Thus, the tunnel is exceptionally straightforward to clean, requiring very little special attention, allowing you to focus more on pleasure, and less on cleaning.

The skeletal frame is covered with silicon skin-like material that is quite easily cleaned but is susceptible to damage if you’re rough. Ana Puni SPDX is an incredibly tight, realistic, and versatile masturbator toy, and though it comes at a price, it’s worth the money you pay.

The Legend of Princess Yui Hatano

This legendary onahole is modeled after the vagina of a famous Japanese porn actress, Yui Hatano, and performs as beautifully as Yui herself. The model isn’t limited only to the lifelike representation of Yui’s vagina but features her pretty breasts too.

This dually-layered masturbator toy has a lot of bumps, grooves, and ridges incorporated into its internal structure, providing you with toe-curling sensations. The product also ships out with some “themed” lubricant, for easier penetration of this tight toy, and autographed photos of Yui Hatano.

The Legend of Princes Yui Hatano does come at a higher price, despite featuring only one orifice. However, the pleasurable internal structure will make you orgasm so intensely, you’ll forget about the price tag.

Julia +

This onahole is inspired by Japanese porn star Julia Boin, one of the most famous adult stars in Asia. Its exquisite design features an excellent and much detailed exterior, with collarbones and shoulder blades, and a vaginal tunnel made of more stimulating material.

The toy looks and feels very real, since it’s soft to the touch, and features excellent details. The vaginal tunnel also feels very realistic, with ridges that start at the very beginning of the tunnel, simulating the entry of a real vagina.

This model is surprisingly affordable, given the number of details and extreme stimulation it provides. It’s an excellent value for your money if you’re looking for another addition to your collection.

La Bocca Della Verita

If you thought we would forget about oral satisfactions, you were wrong. La Boca Della Verita is a masturbatory toy that lets you experience the joys of oral sex.

The toy features an incredible level of detail since it has realistically soft and supple lips, plastic teeth, tongue, and nose, for added realism. The oral orifice is quite realistic, featuring a narrowing at the throat that, with a little extra pushing, simulates a deepthroat experience.

The only thing better than the toy’s realistic design and stimulating sensation is its affordable price, making it one of the best oral-type onaholes.

Meiki No Syoumei: Yen Jyu Yi

As you might’ve guessed, this onahole is modeled after Yen Jyu Yi, a Taiwanese girl with incredible physical attributes. The first thing you’ll notice about this onahole is the realistic, skin-like material used on the outside, and lifelike material used on the inside.

The vaginal orifice provides excellent suction, featuring G-spot texture inside the tunnel for maximum pleasure. The stimulation is just right, not overly stimulating, which makes this device suitable for longer playing sessions.

The Meiki No Syoumei provides a lifelike feel, with excellent suction and just right amount of sensation, for a very reasonable price.

Buyer’s guide

This buyer’s guide aims to introduce newcomers to the colorful and pleasurable world of onahole masturbatory toys. It will provide you with all the necessary facts you should be familiar with when selecting and purchasing your new toy. And knowing how and what to choose will significantly affect your experience when using the selected product.

Still, this buyer’s guide isn’t meant only for beginners, but also those familiar with the onahole experience. If you’re one of those individuals, please feel free to consult this article if you’re about to add another model to your very own onahole collection. So, without further ado, let’s jump into all the necessary details one might need to know when purchasing an onahole.


Health standards and regulations state that masturbatory aid has to be made of body-friendly materials, and onaholes are no exception. Since the penis is a sensitive part of the body, opt for materials that are softer and more elastic. Of course, material selection usually depends on the price and dictates the quality and product’s ease of maintenance.

Cheaper onaholes feature TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) materials, which are way less expensive than silicone but are much harder to maintain. The same goes for rubber, which is highly durable, but its porous nature makes it hard to clean. Other materials include latex, which is excellent but may cause allergies, and soft plastics, which provide a jelly-like feel.

Cyberskin, a mixture of PVC and silicone, and similar materials are by far the best imitators of natural skin feel, which are highly sensual and plush. However, they are also very porous and hard to clean, requiring special care before and after a fun time.

Pink feathersAll of these materials are elastic and stretchable for accommodating any penis size. Keep in mind that a vast majority of these materials are porous and require special care to avoid bacterial accumulation. For the sake of material protection, most manufacturers advise the use of condoms during play. The exceptions to this rule are onaholes made from silicon, which is non-porous, but usually features a hefty price tag.

Size does matter

Not all onaholes are the same, as they’re produced in different sizes and types. For some people, bigger is better, though that’s not always the case. Depending on your needs, you might opt for a bigger, fuller model, or a smaller, travel-friendly model for more accessible storage.

Bigger models usually mimic a torso, meaning they include a luscious pair of breasts you can play with. They also feature both the vaginal and anal orifices, providing more versatility and fun. In turn, they are more prominent, and they weight more, requiring more storage space.

Smaller, travel-friendly body models can be found, featuring both holes, but lacking the aforementioned pair of breasts. If you travel a lot or don’t have much storage space, smaller models may be a more reasonable option. Just because they’re smaller doesn’t mean they’re not as fun as the bigger models.

Versatility is the spice of life

Onahole design may go hand-in-hand with the size and weight of the product. There are several different types of onahole toys.

First off, there’s a basic model, which features an artificial vagina, regardless of the product’s size and weight. They can be found in a smaller version, which looks more like a fleshlight, or bigger, body version of the product.

If you firmly believe that versatility is the spice of life, you can opt for a model with both the vagina and anus. This way, you can double the fun. And lastly, there are oral models, which represent the mouth of your favorite anime character.

Keep in mind that onaholes don’t have to be anime-inspired. There are more realistic models on the market, and you should choose one that suits your needs.

The feel and stimulation

The interior of the masturbatory toy is the one that provides stimulation, so pay close attention to the touch of the interior materials. Some onaholes are more stimulating than others, providing different feel and tightness.

Manufacturers of onaholes pay special attention to the design of the interior, making all the necessary narrowing passages on the inside. These narrowing passages, along with other enhancing patterns, serve to mimic the feel of being inside a real female vagina.

We advise you to take feel and stimulation into account, making sure that it suits your needs.


Open water faucetMaintenance of your onahole mostly depends on the type of material your toy is made of. TPE and similar materials are porous by nature, which means they are good at retaining water. You might think this is a good thing, but it’s not. Not cleaning your onahole correctly may result in the accumulation of bacteria and mold.

Silicon, on the other hand, dries faster, and it’s significantly easier to clean and maintain. Whatever the case may be, please read the instructions provided with your toy, as they contain specific directions on how to properly clean your onahole. And please, pay special attention to the orifices.

You pay to play

Price should be discussed, as it affects everything. And every feature on an onahole defines its price. Higher-quality materials, number of holes, interior, and other factors play a crucial role in defining the price range of the product you desire.

Please consider all the options when choosing your product and select the one that fits your budget and suits your needs the best.


Onaholes are one of the greatest and most popular inventions in the masturbatory toy industry. Your experience with this product can vary significantly, depending on the type and model you’ve purchased.

We composed this buyer’s guide to help you better understand various details regarding onaholes, enabling you to choose a model that best suits your needs.

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