best sexual handcuffs for kinky play

The Best Sexual Handcuffs for Kinky Play – Reviews and Buying Guide

Kink isn’t strictly defined and means something different to everyone. Still, we can all agree that kink is all the fun stuff that begins when you go off the beaten path. That might include spanking, use of various toys, restraining, and chastity play. Whatever that helps you bring your naughty fantasies to life.

If you’re an experienced kinkster, well-versed in all the rules of BDSM and kinky play, then you’re here probably looking for new gear. In that case, you can either skip this section or read through for a short refresher course.

However, couples that are inexperienced in kink play and BDSM should read through this article to learn how to explore their naughty selves safely. So, before we dive right into restrain sets and handcuffs, let’s talk about safety.

Our Top Best Sexual Handcuffs for Kinky Play in Bed

A Crash Course Into Kinky Stuff

Fifty Shades of Gray sparked the imagination of couples, and we can honestly say it was somewhat of a liberating movie. Of course, everyone who read the novels stated, as it always happens, that the film didn’t depict the books accurately.

However, the kink community absolutely maligned the movie, because it didn’t depict a healthy BDSM relationship, in which both partners are well-informed and consenting. So, before you dive into the exciting world of bondage, make sure that you and your partner are on the same page.

Communication is key to any relationship, and the same goes for all the kinky and naughty stuff you’re about to do to each other. But first, you must sit down with your partner and talk about the thing you’re comfortable with.

Please, go into details, like whether you want to be spanked, tied up, and/or gagged. Think of a safe word, or a hand gesture, that will communicate to your partner that something doesn’t feel the way it should. Safewords, or safety words, are the pre-agreed words that you might use to tell your partner that you’re not comfortable.

If you’re gagged and unable to use words, use safety hand gestures, or make different noises that tell your partner to slow down, or stop altogether. Once the safety word is implemented, immediately terminate any activity you’re engaged in, and discuss it with your partner. It goes without saying that, at this moment, it might be a good idea to remove a gag-ball or the o-ring for better use of words.

Bend Me Like a Pretzel

You might think that flexibility has nothing to do with restraining someone’s hands, but it does. Flexibility is essential for BDSM and kink restrain sets, handcuffs, ropes, and even bed straps. Especially since flexibility varies from one person to another, and one has the same level of flexibility or range of motion.

Depending on their flexibility, you can actually bend and restrain someone like a pretzel, though that’s not the point of BDSM and kink play. But some individuals aren’t as flexible, and you might have a hard time restraining their hands behind their backs.

Though we’re all about testing your limits, exerting yourself or your partner may result in injury, which can adversely affect your play, even in the long run. So, please be aware of yours and your partner’s physical capabilities and flexibility levels, and if something feels uncomfortable or painful, stop what you’re doing.

To make restraining sets more available to broader “audience,” the manufacturers usually make them adjustable, to better suit less-flexible individuals. All restraints are made with comfort in mind, despite your level of flexibility. However, if you like your play to be rougher, you can adjust the restraints accordingly.

It Takes Two to Tango

You can always increase your flexibility, by taking fitness or yoga classes. The number of people that started doing yoga just to increase their flexibility for BDSM play might surprise you. Sure, that’s not the main reason why people do yoga, and it certainly isn’t one of its main benefits, but it helps.

You and your partner can do these physical activities together, as they can be a quite fun and incredibly bonding experience. And as you’ll find in the later section of this article, some restraining sets are considered an art form and might require taking a course to master correctly. So, don’t be afraid to take some extra classes if you want to turn your kinkiness into a form of art.

Restraint play, though fun and exciting, does have a few no-no’s you should adhere to, besides safe words and gestures.

For starters, you should never leave a restrained person unsupervised. Sure, they might not go anywhere, but that’s precisely the point. Though it may seem safe, leaving a restrained person unattended may cause severe consequences if an accident or an emergency occurs.

Some people are all about restraint play, but start panicking the very moment you leave them restrained and alone. They could panic, and cause injury trying to get out of restraints, or end up in hazardous positions, which can cause severe injury or even death. Never leave some alone and restrained, for whatever reason.

Play Safe

Like we said before, handcuffs and other types of restraining sets are made with comfort in mind, significantly reducing the risk of potential injury. Still, nerve injury is the type of injury most associated with bondage and restraint play.

This issue is most likely to happen when restraining someone using a jute rope, also known as shibari or kinbaku. Though essentially different, both forms use jute rope for bondage purposes. Done correctly, this form of bondage and BDSM is quite comfortable, rarely causing even the slightest discomfort.

However, when done incorrectly, rope bondage can have detrimental effects on your health, with long-term consequences. Shibari and kinbaku require experience and practice, which is why it’s essential to take lessons and classes before trying to tie someone with a rope.

Tying a rope tightly over or around specific nerve systems in the body can cause severe nerve damage. In turn, that can lead to pain, numbness, lack of strength in the affected area, etc. You should take the time to learn how the restraint might affect the nerves.

Take the hand, for example. If the entire hand goes numb, its most probably due to weak circulation caused by tight restraints. Reduced circulation is not a reason for immediate concern, and isn’t an urgent health concern. However, caution is advised as it can cause harm if maintained over more extended periods.

Nerve damage has different symptoms and causes damage much sooner than poor circulation. But unlike poor circulation, affected nerves are indicated by numbness, tingling, or loss of feeling in the part of the hand or some of the fingers.

If any of those symptoms occur, immediately remove the restraints to prevent any long-term damage to the affected nerves. Also, some nerve clusters, like those in your thighs, can cause localized pain, so caution is advised.

Those that enjoy things spiced up with a bit of pain need to learn to differentiate between discomfort or pain on the skin, and pain that can result in injury. So, unless you’re okay with slight discomfort, choose more comfortable restraints.

Best Sexual Restrains and Handcuffs for Kinky Play

Now that we’re done with the entrée, and the main course, it’s time for dessert – the restrain sets, and handcuffs themselves. The products listed in this section are for both the newbies and the experienced BDSM enthusiasts, so there’s something for everyone.

As always, we advise you not to limit yourself to just one toy – besides all the naughty spanking and restrains; kink is also about versatility. We encourage you to experiment and find what suits you best.

Purple Fleece-Lined Garment Leather Wrist Cuffs

If you’re a fan of comfortable gear, you’ll love these cuffs. They’re quite stylishly designed, with purple-dyed garment leather that bounds you in luxury and comforrt, thanks to the black fleece lining.

With comfort in mind, the cuffs feature a double strap design that allows for overlap. Combined with the natural pliability of soft garment leather, these restraints are not just unbreakable, but quite easy to wear for long-term play.

These wrist cuffs fit wrists that are 5 – 8 inches in circumference, and feature riveted D-rings for anchoring, and padlock rings for additional security. The overall quality is excellent, and the cuffs hold shape and resist wear over time, allowing you to play with them for the years to come.

We would only point out that the metal on these is nickel-plated, which may react with your skin and cause a rash. However, the manufacturer is very responsive, and will probably customize the rings for you, which may cost extra.

  • Nice shade of purple
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Durable
  • Pricier than other cuffs
  • Matching ankle cuffs are sold separately
  • Nickel-plated rings might cause a rash in some people

Silicone Locking Wrist Cuffs

These wrist cuffs are extraordinarily comfortable, allowing you to restrain your partner and tease them for as much as you want without them causing discomfort. They come as a standalone product, or as a part of the Silicone Line of products that the manufacturer offers.

As their name implies, these cuffs are made of allergen-free, food-grade silicone that won’t cause any discomfort or other unpleasant reactions with the skin.

As with the previous product, these restraints feature an overlap design, which prevents any pinching that might otherwise occur.

Silicone Locking Wrist Cuffs fit the wrists measuring 5 – 10 inches, and feature O-rings that allow you to attach an adjustable closure or a leash. And once the cuffs are one, pleasure reigns.

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Durable
  • Non-allergenic
  • Comfortable
  • Some people find it expensive

Arm Binder

If you’re looking for something a bit more extreme than handcuffs, Arm Binder might be the product for you. This sleeve binds more than just hands; it binds the wearer’s arms almost up to their shoulders.

It’s made of a soft, stitched garment leather that’s comfortable and soft to the touch, yet reasonably durable and long-lasting. The adjustable straps are also made of leather and riveted to the sleeve, with the D-ring mounted at the hands for bondage use.

However, this sleeve is best suited for small-framed, and more flexible individuals, and aren’t really suited for men. Still, it comes in several sizes, so some experimentation is advised and encouraged. Other than choosing a size that fits you, you can opt for a black or red leather, and a zippered or laced style of binding.

It’s an excellent substitute for rope binding, and quite suitable for beginners, as the design prevents any contact with the nerves in the tops of the arms.

  • Binds the hand in a safe, and effective manner
  • Available in different colors and styles
  • Great materials
  • Pricier than cuffs

Adjustable Stocks

This particular bar allows you to restrain the sub’s ankles, along with their wrists to a single, adjustable bar. The stock enables adjustments from 18 – 28 inches in length, making it suitable for different individuals, and more importantly, different body positions.

The leather cuffs are super comfortable, with an overlap design the prevents uncomfortable pinching. They’re lined with soft, black fleece, and measure 5 – 10 inches in circumference, and enable you to fit both wrists, and ankles.

To further alleviate any discomfort, the outer cuffs are swivel-mounted and allow the wearer to make minor adjustments to their position. This can help restore cut off circulation in cases of more extreme play.

  • Adjustable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Versatile
  • Considered expensive by some users

DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Wrist to Thigh Restraint

Having your arms tied to your thighs is what makes these cuffs stand out, though you won’t be fully restrained like with other sets.

These wrists to thigh cuffs are made of soft leather and lined with suede, these are comfortable, but also reliable for bondage.

They’re adjustable for the perfect fit around the wrists and thighs, with overlap design to prevent pinching.

The cuffs and thigh straps will keep you, or your sub’s arms bound to their legs, as you maneuver between missionary and doggy-style position with ease.

  • Beautiful design
  • Great leather, and comfortable lining
  • Size adjustable
  • Not for individuals with more massive thighs

Scandal Over The Door Cross

Instead of a bed, you can now tie your helpless sub to an imposing and sturdy door frame, and leave them there unable to move.

Though we don’t recommend leaving your sub unattended, these x-shaped cuffs are made with safety in mind. But more on that later.

The x-shaped straps can turn any door, no matter how oversized, into a restraint.

They’re fully adjustable and effective at limiting the freedom of your sub’s ankles and wrists. However, the cuffs do swivel and allow your slave to express themselves with their hands, in case their mouth is gagged.

The cuffs, along with the straps, are made of polyester and feature a Velcro strap for more comfortable use. If your sub wishes to regain their freedom, in whatever emergency, they can rip open the Velcro cuffs with some force.

  • Easy to pack
  • Travel-friendly
  • Allows minor movement of wrists and ankles
  • Not meant for long-term sex play

Bondage Boutique Soft Collar-to-Wrist Cuffs

These soft collar-to-wrist cuffs are perfect for beginners and experimental bondage. They keep your hands restrained behind your back, and attached to a strap that connects with a collar, and a leash.

Polyester is the primary material used for this product, with Velcro fastening for straightforward use.

The adjustable strap connecting the cuffs with the collar makes the restraint more versatile and allows less-flexible users to enjoy bondage.

It can also make the restraints more or less comfortable by repositioning the hand into lower or higher positions behind the back.

These fantastic features make the Bandage Boutique cuffs and collar a very versatile product, that allows you to excite almost any partner.

  • Lined with soft fleece
  • Adjustable
  • Great for power play
  • The design can be very uncomfortable if you restrain the hands too high

Premium Garment Leather Wrist Cuffs

Garment leather is soft, flexible, and comfortable to wear. On top of that, it’s reinforced to prevent stretching, which makes it more durable, and perfect for making handcuffs for sex play.

Premium Garment Leather Wrist Cuffs are ½ inch wide all-leather cuffs, lined with particularly fine and soft leather. This might make them narrower, but also softer and more comfortable than other cuffs currently available on the market.

The design is high-quality, and the manufacturer used high-quality leather. The stitching and detailing, like the rivets and buckle are also superbly done, and only attribute to the quality of this product. Just trying them on makes you want to do naughty things to others and yourself.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Color options
  • Matching ankle cuffs also available
  • Beautiful
  • Occasionally runs out of stock, but you can order them
  • No other cons that we could find

Neon Angel Bust Harness

Though not your typical restraint, this piece found its way onto our list due to its beauty, and its kinky nature. The collar attaches around the neck and features a D-ring for some other type of restraint or a leash.

The harness also attaches under the chest and features additional D-ring in front and at the sides for additional restraining.

The piece is highly functional for BDSM purposes, yet quite beautiful to wear as lingerie. It’s made of high-quality leather, dyed in either neon pink or neon yellow color. It features adjustable buckles and several riveted D-rings that allow you to leash your sub to almost anything.

  • The neon color looks good on this piece
  • Sexually attractive design
  • Several riveted rings
  • Adjustable
  • Nickel plating may cause skin irritation
  • Expensive

Natural Jute Rope

We saved this one for the end, a product that appeals to the most experienced BDSM enthusiasts, and kings and queens of bondage play. We present you the Natural Jute Rope – a high-quality, singly ply jute.

The rope is primed and treated with a premium-quality conditioner that makes it gentle and gives it its well-known goldish hue. A single pack of this rope gets you 30 feet of this durable, yet incredibly soft jute rope for shibari or kinbaku bondage roleplaying.

In some cultures, shibari and kinbaku took the form of art, which is why the product appeals to the experienced kinksters, and those aspiring to become ones, under the guidance of their kink master and mentor.

  • The most versatile restraint “toy”
  • Natural materials
  • Doesn’t require rings or buckles
  • Affordable
  • Requires education and practice to use safely

Final Verdict

The world of BDSM and bondage has a lot of exciting things to offer, and hopefully, we helped you find what you were looking for. For the newcomers, we recommend the Premium Garment Leather Cuffs or the Silicone Locking Wrist Cuffs.

Those with more experience might find cuffs too limiting. For seasoned kinksters, we recommend the most versatile of all products – the Natural Jute Rope. But in the end, why not try them all, and experiment further. In the end, its one of the things bondage’s all about.

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