Best Sex Doll Accessories

20 of the Best Sex Doll Accessories

Half the fun of owning a sex doll is that you can change her look in an instant. You might be sleeping with the same doll, but she doesn’t have to look the same every time. In this post, we’ll go through the top 20 accessories for your new sex doll.

A Cleaning Irrigator

This is essentially a type of douche. Fill it with warm water, insert the spout into the doll’s butt canal or vagina, and pump the water in. The nozzle is reasonably thin and so will be easy to insert. Do be sure to do so carefully, to avoid scratching the surface of the skin.

It’s not essential, but it’s going to making cleaning your doll so much easier. An irrigator is an excellent option if you prefer to shower your doll. It’s also a great option to keep her clean and fresh in between your normal cleaning cycles.

Sex Doll Parts

How much would you like to customize your doll? Why not get her a split tongue or a new set of teeth? Or perhaps a different color for her eyes? What about giving her a whole new head? Some dolls come with a replaceable vagina for easy cleaning and extra variety. Just change out the vagina for a slightly different model by using inserts. Changing up the different parts is an easy way to give your doll a whole new look and feel.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to update your doll’s look, changing her wig is a good option.  Do blondes have more fun? Want to see if redheads are wild in bed? Switch out the wigs. There are several different wigs in many styles—choose long hair, short hair, or anything in between.

Love doll wigs


Do you want the girl next door, or a much more sophisticated look? Or perhaps a sexier, sultrier look? Use makeup to make your doll fit your every fantasy. Keep in mind that it’s best to use makeup that will work well with your doll’s skin.

When applying the makeup, use gentle strokes and soft brushes to avoid scratching her. When applying mascara, be gentle with the eyelashes. Alternatively, use fake lashes to get that wide-eyed look instead. Don’t forget to order a doll-safe makeup remover as well.

A Head Stand

Again, this is something that is not absolutely essential. If you’re planning on styling your doll’s hair and applying makeup, though, it’s extremely handy. All you do is unpin the doll’s head and place it onto the stand.

If you don’t have the stand, you’ll have to prop up the doll to apply the makeup or brush her hair. That means moving her around when you’re brushing the hair, which can be something of an unwieldy job – the head stand is a lot simpler.

Contact Lenses

Maybe you like a classic look, like blonde hair and blue eyes, or maybe you’d like to change things up. Buying your doll contact lenses can change her look instantly. It’s also a great way to add an extra fantasy element.

You’ll find standard contact lenses and more specialized versions are available. Want to sleep with a real-life (well, sort of) cat woman? Choose cat eye contacts to create a mesmerizing stare.

Color contact lenses

A Warming Wand

A warming wand is another accessory that you could technically do without but one that makes the experience more realistic. While some women may have hearts as cold as ice, their bodies are always warm and supple. Sleeping with a doll on a cold night could feel something like necrophilia without one of these wands…which is fine if it’s a fantasy that you want to try once, but not something you’ll want all the time. So, unless you get a doll with a built-in warming function, you’ll want to get a warming wand.

Using it is simple enough. Check the manufacturer’s instructions with regards to how long to use it for. Usually, though, it just takes a few minutes in whichever orifice you want to use to do the trick.

It’s important not to try and DIY this option. The TPE or silicone could be damaged if you use excessive heat, so don’t go sticking anything else up there to warm things up.

Stain Remover

Silicone dolls are less prone to staining. If you’ve got a TPE doll, however, it’s best to keep some stain remover on hand. If you’re careful with the doll, hopefully, you won’t need it. But you never know when an item of clothing might run and transfer the color to the skin. And you really can’t successfully scrub out the stain without damaging the doll’s skin.

yellow rubber glove holding a cleaning cloth

A Repair Kit

While we’re on the topic of keeping your doll in tip-top shape, getting a repair kit makes sense. These dolls are pretty hardwearing, but over time you might accidentally scratch or scuff them. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get a repair kit.

These helpful kits will usually include a type of spackle that will help you fill in any scratches or dents. You’re also likely to get a renewal powder to help restore the doll’s skin texture.

Renewal Powder

After bathing your doll’s skin, it’s advisable to use talcum powder, cornstarch, or a renewal powder to rub into the skin. This helps the skin stay more supple, removes tackiness, and provides a layer of protection.

If you have the option, a spray applicator will make life easier for you. You’ll be able to cover a lot more of the doll’s body in less time.

renewal powder

Storage Racks and Bags

Storing your doll properly between uses is essential to keeping her in great shape. She should ideally be stored hanging up to ensure that there are no creases or impressions left in the skin. Storage racks are reasonably priced and make it easy to store your doll.

She should also be stored naked to ensure that no dye transfers from her clothes to her skin. You’ll usually remove her head and store that separately. This you could leave on the head stand if you prefer; the doll’s body will then be hooked onto the rack to hang straight.

Of course, it does make sense to use a bag to store her in. Most manufacturers will provide a bag or at least a box for her. In a pinch, you could drape a clean, white sheet over her to prevent her from getting dusty.


Using a body-safe lube is essential with your doll. When we say body-safe, we generally mean water-based. Whether your doll is made of silicone or TPE, water-based lube is your best option. An oil-based lube might prove difficult to remove later on.

The oil-based lube can be used with silicone dolls without damaging them. TPE, on the other hand, reacts chemically with oil-based lubes. Stick with a simple, water-based formula for the best results.

lubricant in a hand

Hair Patches

There’s something undeniably sexy about a doll that is completely clean-shaven—but it’s not for everybody. Besides which, maybe sometimes you’d like to change things up. For those times, you can buy simple hair patches that you can apply as you like.

Keep in mind that if you want a fuller bush of hair, you might need more than one piece.


TPE and silicone don’t have a very distinctive smell. A real woman usually takes some time to make herself smell nice. To make the illusion more realistic, you can find scented powders to apply to the doll’s skin.

Here you have to use a product that is doll-safe. Many commercially-based spray perfumes on the market contain chemicals that could discolor or degrade TPE. It’s better to use a specialized product here instead.

Just remember not to put it on any area that you might lick or nibble—it doesn’t taste all that great.

hand holding a small perfume bottle

A Pop-On Head Connector

This won’t be available for all dolls. If your doll does come with this connection, it’s a good idea to keep a spare or two. If she doesn’t come with one, but you can use one with her, swap the original out as soon as possible.

Why? The screw-in connectors might seem like a more secure option. But when using a screw-in connector, you’ll have to wind the head of the doll around. She’ll look like something out of the Exorcist during this process. That’s not the worst of it, though. The strands of her wig could also get caught up in the screws.

Pop-in connectors are a lot easier. They will ensure that your doll’s head is not going to detach during normal play sessions. And another benefit is that when you do want to take her head off, you don’t have to take off the wig first.

A Cleaning Liquid

Again, here it pays to use a specialized product. You can’t use any harsh detergents or chemicals to clean your doll’s skin. If you do, the skin will degrade faster, and your doll won’t last as long.

Wig Care Kit

A wig care kit is another item that is not necessary. But it’s one that we’d recommend if you’re going to have a few different wigs. At the very least, each wig should have its own stand. You’re paying a fair amount for the wig; it makes sense to store it properly. Incorrect storage could result in the hair developing kinks in places that you don’t want (because that’s not the kind of kinky that you want in one of these dolls).

The kit will also contain a comb and possibly some hair care products, like shampoo and hair spray.

Insert Sanitizer

Cleaning an insert is easier than cleaning a full doll, but it can also be problematic. There is a lot of texture on the inside, and this can give the bacteria a place to hide. If you want to make sure that the insert is sanitized, you’ll need this gadget.

It’s simple enough to use: rinse the insert out and then insert it into the sanitizer. Switch the device on – it usually takes about twenty minutes to half an hour to kill off all the bacteria.

These devices will sterilize both the inside and outside of the insert.

Penile Attachment

This one is for the more adventurous, or possibly for those who’d like to use the doll with a partner. These are full-sized attachments that are usually inserted into the vagina of the doll. It could be a fun way to share your doll with your girlfriend.

Why not let your partner get her rocks off using the attachment? The doll’s butt will still be left open if you both want to do her at the same time.

TPE Tongue Insert

This is an insert that’s more for aesthetics than anything else. It’s nice having your doll’s mouth available to you, but there may be times when you want her looking even more realistic. This tongue insert can help it look as though she’s licking her lips.

Get yourself hot by looking at her – she’ll be begging for it.

Final Notes

There is a lot that you can do to customize your doll. Make her look like a sexy vixen one night, and the girl next door the following day. Using different inserts means that you can literally feel as though you’re sleeping with a different woman every time.

Customization is completely up to you. You can choose to go as far as you like. If you just want a basic sex toy, you don’t need all the aesthetic accessories. If you see the doll as something of a companion as well, more customization options might appeal to you.

At the very least, though, consider getting the accessories that will prolong the life of the doll and make the experience more realistic. A cleaning irrigator, warming wand, lube, repair kit, and storage options are all accessories that you should consider buying.

It makes sense to spend a little extra to protect your investment in the doll.


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