22 Best Sex Gifts for Your Lover in 2022

Body Paint He Can Lick Off: Best Sex Gift

Chocolate body paint is a tried and true classic, but there are plenty of other flavors to try. Why not mix things up by choosing something different, like Champagne and Strawberry? Get the ball rolling by painting something on him to titillate his senses.

Then slowly and tortuously, lick it all off again. He’ll want a chance to create his own masterpiece too, so plan to spend a bit of time on this project.

Roll the Dice

You’ll find all sorts of adult games that will result in a lot of fun. Dice games leave everything up to chance, and they’re not all that pricey. It’s a simple sexy gift and will give you some interesting direction.

T-Shirt with a Naughty Message

His penis isn’t the only thing that he likes you to stroke. Stroke his ego as well by buying him a T-shirt that gives him props for his size and skill in the bedroom.

Color Outside the Lines

A lot of people use coloring as a way to relax. But there’s nothing relaxing about a coloring book featuring different sexual positions. Informative, maybe, or perhaps erotic, but not relaxing.

The Way to a Man’s Heart…

…is through his stomach. Get novelty cookie cutters shaped like his naughty parts and serve him a sexy biscuit. Or what about a novelty ice tray that provides an extra element of fun?

Tongue-in-Cheek Apron

Look for something that would make him blush in front of his mother. Maybe an apron saying, “Best Cock, I mean Cook, Ever.”

A Vibrator/ Massager for Both of You

Lie back and make him watch as you pleasure yourself over and over again. Or make him pleasure you. Find a discreet toy that works well for both of you. This U-shaped vibrator, for example, can be wrapped around his penis when it’s his turn. He’ll be writhing in pleasure—and it even comes with a remote control!

A Sexy Coffee Mug

Why not let him know exactly what you want? Get him a “Let’s Netflix & Chill” mug. There’ll be no denying what’s on his mind when he pulls this out for use.

An Upmarket Body Spray

This Noir Body Spray will help him smell amazing and make you hot at the same time.

Boxers for a Gentleman

These are perfect for those sharp dressers. He’ll look like a well-dressed gentleman even when he’s stripped down…and you’ll know exactly what he’s serving up.

To the Starting Position

There are two groups of playing cards here; every card features a different position and gives you an idea of how to do it. All you have to do is to choose the right card and take things from there.

Your Getaway Kit

If you’re heading off somewhere fun for vacation, be sure to pack this kit. There are a series of naughty treats, all in travel-sized containers. And even if you’re not heading off anywhere, why not create your own romantic travel destination in your bedroom using the items in this kit?

Writing Pad with a Sensual Message

This writing pad gives a checklist of reasons for why you need to have sex with your partner. Hit the box for any reason and tuck the page in with his lunch—he’ll be thinking about it all day at work.

A Sex Bell

Present this to him wearing your best French maid uniform. When he rings the bell, it’s time to clean out his pipes. If that’s a bit racy for you, just put out the “Ring for a Kiss” bell instead.

A Luxe Candle

This is a candle with a difference. It smells heavenly, and when it’s melted down, becomes a silky massage oil that you can use on each other. Just don’t light it unless you’re serious about getting some action – it’s got pheromones in it to make you both horny.

Clip a Coupon

These are not for ten cents off your favorite toothpaste. They’re thoughtfully-composed coupons that he can cash in when he’s ready. These include things like cuddles, going to movies, and so on.

His Sexy Costume

Show your man that he’s all you need by presenting him with this sexy set. He gets to wear a set of fancy cuffs and a bowtie—and nothing else. Who knows, it might be the first bit of formalwear that he won’t mind putting on.

Silky Soft Blindfold

The natural silk fibers in this blindfold help to keep him cool even on the hottest day…until you start torturing him with your mouth, that is.

Whip Him into a Frenzy

Care to try a little light bondage? With this whip, you get to choose. On one day you can be the fierce dominatrix and whip him; the next you can tickle or tease him with the feathered end. Part of the fun is that he won’t know which he’s getting.

A Book of Sex Questions

Do you and your man struggle to talk about sex? Not sure what questions to ask to get things going? With this book, you’ll learn all about your partner’s hidden desires. It’ll add a new creative element to your play.

Truth or Dare – The Adult Edition

There are fifty different sticks in the box, and each carries a sexy truth or dare challenge to charge the sexual atmosphere in the bedroom.

A Sexy Outfit

He won’t be able to resist tearing this off you, so why not tie him up before he gets the chance? Then you get to torture him until he’s begging for release.

Final Notes

There’s something on this list for everyone. Be daring and go full naughty with the sex position deck, or play nice with the coupon book—it’s your choice.

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