8 Best Sex Whips and Ticklers for Erotic Madness

8 Best Sex Whips and Ticklers for Erotic Madness

You are looking for these whips because you appreciate that BDSM comes with many tastes and preferences. What’s more, it’s difficult to tell which is appropriate for you until you’ve attempted several.

Sensation play is a type of BDSM that includes new kinds of touch into your playtime, from light strokes to fun-loving smacks, crashing effects, and sharp stings.

The appropriate toys have a significant effect on the kind of sensations you experience and the amount you appreciate them. That is the reason I’ve selected the best floggers, whips, and ticklers for you to encounter everything from exotic to the extreme.

Sex Whips and Ticklers

Levels of Sensation Play

As you start exploring BDSM sensation play, you’ll find that diverse sex toys and strategies offer distinctive sensation levels.

It’s a smart thought to ease yourself in, and get familiar with the different sentiments on your body. Here is a snappy summary of the sorts of sensation toys and what level of power they can give:


Ticklers are meant for light sensation play. They don’t cause pain and are regularly produced using feathers or comparable delicate material. Running the plumes along your body can be charming and may, as the name recommends, cause a stimulating inclination.

That doesn’t mean they can’t be put toward agonizing interests, nonetheless. On the off chance that you locate a sensitive spot on a partner, softly stimulating them for a drawn-out period can be a great deal of fun as they screech and attempt to wriggle away (as long as they appreciate the pain, too!).


Floggers are an incredible spot, to begin with, the kind of sensation play called sway play. Furthermore, they are likewise a decent learner’s point for exploring different avenues regarding pain in a consensual BDSM setting. The make of the flogger, just as the measure of power utilized by the individual using it, will decide the force of the sensation or pain.

Floggers are comprised of a handle and falls. The falls are the bits of leather, elastic, or other material that falls toward the finish of the handle. They are the part that normally arrives in a desperate predicament partner’s body.

As a rule, the thicker the falls, the lower the force level of a flogger. Floggers with more slender falls cause all the more a stinging surface sensation when they hit the skin. In any case, floggers with thick falls may not sting by any means.

The force or pain level of a flogger likewise relies on the material the falls are made off. What’s more, they can be made of various things. Leather falls can come in gentler or harder leather, with milder leather having a lower power level.

The most un-agonizing floggers are produced using fibre instead of leather. Rubber expands the power and stings more than leather. Furthermore, different materials like plastic falls are accessible that additionally increment the power level of the sensation.

Note that how the top partner uses the flogger likewise has an effect on the sensation that the recipient gets, and it pays to gain from somebody who has insight. They can tickle and touch the bottom partner with the closures of the falls (light sensation). They can hit their bottom partner with the centre of the falls (moderate sensation). Or then again, they can use the flogger more like a multi-followed whip, hitting their join forces with the finishes of the falls (most sensation).

At the point when you are flagellating a partner’s butt or back, and the miserly finishes of the falls come around and hit the side or front of their body unintentionally, this is classified “wrapping” and is commonly an undesired effect.


Whips are the most serious toys you’ll discover on this rundown. I don’t suggest most whips for apprentices since they do cause pain, and it’s acceptable to explore different avenues regarding floggers or other effect toys before proceeding onward to the exceptional stinging vibe of a whip.

Whips can likewise come in various materials and may have at least one tails. Single-tail whips, similar to, bullwhips, signal whips, or snake whips, are the most normally utilized. Yet, there are likewise multi-tail whips like the feline o’ nine tails.

The most agonizing whip is the dragon tail whip.

Pain is an Option, Not a Must

Many people appreciate taking part in pain play. That being stated, you can use these activities without attempting to push the limits of you’re capacity to resist pain.  It’s about how the individual in the top job handles the device.

The Importance of Warm-up

You should warm-up before a serious exercise session. The same is valid before exceptional agony play.

Regardless of whether you mean to get up to a more extreme degree of pain, it’s a smart thought to warm up the skin with lighter power sway first. This can incorporate beginning with a flogger before utilizing a whip, or utilizing a flogger with thicker falls before changing to one with more slender falls.

Whatever tool you use, it incorporates beginning at a lighter force level and increasing step by step. This permits the individual bottoming to communicate if the new force is alright for them. What’s more, it has effect play more diversion for the base partner since they will have the option to endure a more extended meeting and higher agony levels (on the off chance that they’re into that!).

Since you recognize what to search for, here are the floggers, whips, and ticklers, I recommend the following:

1. Bondage Boutique Extra Long Suede Flogger

In case you want something offers more bit intensity than a feather tickler, this is a great flogger for starters. The suede falls are super -soft and can, and if you want, they can double as a tickler if you trail them softly across the skin.

When you use this as an impact toy, it can cause some moderate level of pain intensity. And it’s inexpensive when compared to the more advanced floggers of larger sizes.


  • The short handle is superb for close play.
  • Inexpensive.

2. Flicker Whip

Flicker Whip from The Stockroom is an incredible little toy that can be utilized either for light tickling and stroking sensations or to deliver sharp, stinging agony. It doesn’t appear as though much; however, the dainty decoration at the tip will create a serious uproar when used as a whip. Keep in mind; slenderer whip produces more sting.

It has a long, secured handle and simply a short whip end. That combo makes it very simple for even amateurs to utilize exactly, getting around the trouble of pointing with a more extended whip.


  • Multi-use toy and can be a tickler or a whip.
  • Easy to aim because of a long handle and short tassel.
  • Affordable.


  • Not as easy to pack in a bag as traditional whips.

3. Coco de Mer Brown Leather Flogger

This is a luxurious, sexy flogger.

I like the fact that the Coco de Mer line is brown instead of the standard black that many BDSM toys come in. This flogger has much longer falls than the Bondage Boutique flogger mentioned in this review. And although its falls are soft suede, the handle is with real leather, which is typical for quality floggers.

With its 40 falls, you’ll get a heavy impact with stronger swings.


  • Quality handle construction that doesn’t come unwrapped.
  • Good weight.
  • The falls are not very thick. So, you can use it to give a stinging impact.


  • If you are new to floggers, you might find this pricy (but a good price tag compared to other quality floggers).

4. Black Dragon Leather Whip, 4ft

In case you are searching for the most exceptional stinging agony sensation you can get a great winged serpent tail whip is the best way to go. This Black 4′ Dragon Tail made by Dragontailz is produced using Italian upholstery calfskin that breaks in well and will hold up for quite a long time, with kangaroo cowhide handle binding.

The tightened end brings an unequivocal sting with each strike and is probably going to leave an imprint on the skin whenever utilized with a substantial hand.

It is carefully assembled with one long bit of cowhide for the single tail, so it won’t self-destruct after rehashed use and has an oak centre in the handle to keep the whip even.


  • It is reasonably priced in comparison to other high-quality whips.
  • It hasQuality construction that lasts for years of consistent use.
  • Well-balanced to provide better aim and control.
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Goes out of stock occasionally

5. Victor Tella’s Whip 3’ 12 Plait

If you want a traditional whip to learn with, we highly recommend Victor Tella’s 3’ Signal Whip. It’s made using high-quality kangaroo leather and is easy to aim because of its shorter length.

An added benefit of this shorter whip is that it can be used in closed spaces, like if you’re going to a BDSM event or party.

This is not the cheapest whip, but it’s worth it if you are committed to pain play.


  • High-quality kangaroo leather construction.
  • Will last for many years of consistent use.
  • Short and easy to target with a bit of practice.


  • It goes out of stock occasionally.

6. Lelo Tantra Feather Teaser Flicker

There are many cheaply made ticklers out on the market, and you can certainly pick one up for about 5 dollars. But it wouldn’t be durable. So, if you prefer light sensation play, it’s good to get a tickler that will retain all its feathers even after consistent use

This tickler will do that, and yet it is still pretty affordable.

Lelo’s Tantra Feather Tickler has a comfortable, well-constructed, handle that makes it user-friendly.


  • Incredibly soft feathers.
  • Acrylic and metal handle adds weight and makes it easy to control.


  • It’s a little more costly than most ticklers.

7. Bondage Boutique Ostrich Feather Tickler

The Bondage Boutique Ostrich Feather Tickler is unlike other feather ticklers that have plumes of small feathers. This one has just two huge, black feathers.

It also has a longer handle than many ticklers, at 14.5 inches. That opens brings up new possibilities for positions and how you tickle or caress. Remember, you don’t have to ticklers for ticklish sensations (though it’s possible!).


  • Soft feathers.
  • It reaches more all body parts more easily.


  • Only comes in black.

8. Victor Tella’s Wild Cat

This toy looks somewhat like a flogger, yet it’s a multi-followed whip (a feline o’ nine tails, to be careful). This whip has got considerably more chomp than a flogger and is a great toy for any individual who adores extreme agony. Essentially, you get the sting of a daintily adorned whip at various focuses on your skin.

The design also makes it adaptable enough to use as a solitary tail whip, a flogger (by hitting with the centre of the tails rather than the finishes), a feline o-nine-tails, or a percussion toy (utilizing the handle for sway).

You genuinely get four distinctive toys out of this one plan, contingent upon how you use it.

It’s certainly on the higher finish of the value range, however, justified, despite all the trouble if you are keen on long haul BDSM sway play and an assortment of sensations.


  • It’s a versatile, multi-use implement.
  • Best-quality kangaroo leather construction.
  • Will last for years of regular use.


  • Occasionally goes out of stock.
  • Expensive.

My Top BDSM Toys

Here is my summary of top picks by category;

Best for Light to Moderate Sensation

The Coco de Mer Leather Flogger is a well-designed flogger with soft suede falls. This falls that will last for years and can boost your play as you progress up through different levels of pain tolerances.

And in case you get to the point where it’s not intense enough, it will always make a good warm-up toy.

Best Value

The Flicker Whip is a great choice for beginners and advanced impact players.

The end can serve as a tickler, plus, it’s easy to control and deliver just the right level of impact at the intended location. It’s two toys in one, yet it comes with an inexpensive price tag.

Best for Pain Lovers

The 4 Ft. Black Dragontail Whip gives a sharp sting that can make even the best-trained masochist yelp. If you’re looking for intensity and quality, this is it.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that for BDSM funs there is no shortage of toys to up your sexual experiences. Just remember, these tools serve different purposes. If you want a flogger, make sure it’s a flogger you get. In case you want a whip, then go for the whip.

However, you can make good use of your cash if you opt for a toy that can serve more than purpose. As you make your selection, endure the toy is durable and has a strong construction.

Push your level of pain tolerance up gradually with these amazing devices. Do not start with the one’s that deliver the highest or sharpest sting. Your body has to acclimatize slowly to the sensations provided by these sex toys. In any case, remember, pain is not a requirement when using these toys.

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