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Best Sybian Machine Alternatives 2022

For a long time, women and sex machines were a taboo, even during the sexually liberated ’80s, until one sex machine changed it all – the saddle sex-machine.

It’s a well-known fact that women are more likely to reach an orgasm when they’re on top. However, orgasming on top doesn’t always require a partner with a penis, real or prosthetic one, thanks to the good people from the dance music era.

The Sybian saddle sex machine was the first of its kind, and it allowed women to explore their sexuality, and even practice the cowgirl position.

All without the need for a man or some other penis-bearing partner. But what exactly is Sybian, and what are the saddle sex machines?

Read through our article to find out.

Top Picks for the Best Sybian Sex Machine

The Sybian and the Saddle Sex Machines

The Sybian is a brand of vibrating saddle sex machines that first appeared in the ‘80s. It’s designed to resemble a saddle for a woman to sit on top, with a pre-attached dildo that moves in a penetrative way. It allowed women to have an orgasmic “cowgirl” ride on their favorite horsie, without a penis-bearer present.

By the decade’s end, the toy’s fame rose to unparalleled heights and continues to grow to this day, providing women everywhere with a fun ride to Orgasmville. Over time, many different toys were created to go with the Sybian machine, ranging from various “penis” attachments to G-spot and P-spot massagers.

Almost 40 years later, Sybian still rocks the worlds of big girls and boys, allowing them to explore their sexuality. Not only did it inspire people to take their sexuality to a new level, but Sybian also inspired many to create similar saddle sex toys.

Today, many fun alternatives exist, featuring a plethora of insertable attachments for your riding pleasure. If the history of humanity is carried on a horse, the orgasms came on a saddle. Here are the top 5 Sybian saddle sex-machine alternatives:

Top Picks for the Best Sybian Machines 2020

1. The Cowgirl Premium Riding Sex Machine

The Cowgirl Premium is one of the best Sybian alternatives, though not the most affordable one. However, sitting at the top of the price range comes with its perks, and the Cowgirl Premium revolutionizes your solo pay experience with its premium features.

With the Cowgirl, you really get what you pay for; the saddle is made of luxurious materials, rounded design, and portability in mind. It ships out with two body-friendly silicone attachments, and several other accessories, harnessing the power of different modes, vibrations, and pleasure-bringing functionality.

The Cowgirl features a rounded, padded, and handcrafted body covered in black, luxurious vegan leather with a non-slip base to keep things in place during your ride. The aesthetics of this machine are so on point that it’s not only satisfying to ride but pleasing to watch, as well.

Included with the saddle are the two attachments mentioned above – the textured one for bumping and grinding, and an insertable one. The one for the grind is the Rawhide, just like the horse saddle, and it features little bumps and nibs for you to grind onto.

If you prefer insertions, you’ll like the Wild West attachment. It features 4 inches of insertable length, slightly curved for prostate and G-spot massages, with 360° swivel rotation function. Both the Rawhide and the Wild West attachments are made of matte-finish body-friendly silicone that pairs exceptionally well with water-based lubes.

The Cowgirl is powered by a 1200RPM vibration mechanism that produces powerful and rumbling vibrations. You can adjust the vibration patterns and other functions to your taste via a wired controller attached to the front side of the saddle.

However, the saddle also comes with a wireless control function, that allows you to connect the Cowgirl to the smartphone app, and control your pleasure remotely. The device is FeelMe compatible, and syncs with other FeelMe capable devices for couples play.

  • Premium quality materials and design
  • Non-slip base
  • 10ft wired controller
  • FeelMe compatible
  • Pricey

2. The LoveBotz Saddle Deluxe Machine

Unlike the previous product on our list, the LoveBotz saddle lacks in the aesthetic department. But don’t let that fool you about its quality; the lack of looks is compensated with a lovely, vibrating personality.

The design is quite simple – a rounded body featuring a dual-color scheme.

Even though we have a strong opinion towards brown sex toys, it looks good on LoveBotz and gives off a saddle-like look to it. However, the machine requires to set up before its virginity ride, so prepare that screwdriver cowgirl/cowboy, you’re going to need it.

Still, the LoveBotz features several different attachments, ranging from G-spot, double-penetration, clitoral stimulator, and an attachment for grind-riding. They’re all made of TPE and are of a proprietary design, which makes them non-compatible with other saddle machines.

The LoveBotz features six powerful vibration patterns that will pleasurably rumble your insides while you flail in ecstasy. But the patterns don’t end there, as the machine comes with an additional six pulsating patterns, for extra pleasure.

The controller is mounted on the front, and looks like a handle on a bucking machine, complementing the saddle design. It’s completely detachable and mimics the bridles of a horse, allowing you to control the settings as you ride your way to a gushing orgasm. Or you can hand the controller to your partner and let them give you the ride of a lifetime.

A thing to keep in mind is that the LoveBotz Saddle machine gets quite noisy on higher vibration setting, due to its power. We advise you to “soundproof” the machine by placing it on a softer surface or adding a mat between the device and the floor.

  • A plethora of adjustable features
  • Interesting remote-control design
  • Affordable
  • Good quality materials
  • The design might be off-putting to some

3. The Tremor Rock & Roll Sex Machine

The Tremor really set’s itself apart from other saddle sex machines with its design and capabilities. It’s one of the best Sybian alternatives on the market, whos overall fantastic performance comes at a surprisingly affordable price.

It comes in a discreet package that houses the saddle sex machine, two attachments, a comfort mat, stems, springs, a remote control, and a detailed user’s manual.

The device itself stands out among other saddle sex machines with its not-so-discreet color scheme – the rounded triangular body is made of white ABS plastic. However, the comfort mat and the attachments come in rouge red, creating sort of a complementary effect to the white body.

Thanks to its rounded triangular shape, the Tremor is incredibly comfortable to straddle, even if you’re wider where it counts. The manufacturer put thought into the triangular design, knowing it will prevent discomfort during longer riding sessions on your favorite horsie.

Now, let’s talk about the attachments and the aforementioned comfort mat. Tremor is the only machine that features a removable comfort pad made of 100% body-safe silicone. It’s designed to slide between the Tremor’s body and the attachment mounting plate, providing additional cushioning to your saddle.

But the mat isn’t the only thing made of body-safe silicone. The creators of Tremor embraced the idea of body-friendly silicone attachments instead of TPE since silicone allows more straightforward cleaning. There’s a wide variety of attachments available for the Tremor, and they’re all compatible with the original Sybian, or the MotorBunny saddle sex machines.

Performance is everything, and the Tremor really rocks and rolls – it even says so on the controller. The Rock knob controls the vibrations that are powered by a 7000 RPM vibrating mechanism. The Roll knob, on the other hand, controls the rotation of the insertable attachments and goes up to leg-shaking 160RPM, which is slightly faster than the current competition.

  • Affordable
  • Discreet packaging
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Surprisingly quiet, even at the high setting
  • Short remote-control cord

4. The MotorBunny Starter Kit

The MotorBunny is the machine, in both literal and sexual sense, that comes with a plethora of attachments, and pleasure-inducing patterns. It offers quite a unique experience whether you’re using it anally, vaginally, or for P-spot stimulation.

The saddle features a rounded body padded with PU leather, that’s quite comfortable and easy to straddle.

It also comes with a Bunny Rest – a PU leather-padded stool that allows you to ride the saddle without getting down on your knees. Unless that’s your thing, of course.

Since it comes as a kit, the MotorBunny also includes four TPE attachments for riding and grinding. Those include the one non-penetrative, and two insertable attachments, and an “enlargement” cap that couples with penetrative attachments, making them more prominent.

You can order additional attachments from the MotorBunny website, including the rabbit-style vibrating attachments, jiggling butts, double penetration attachments, and many more. You can also select different materials and have your accessories made of body-friendly silicone.

When it comes to vibrations and power, the MotorBunny stands, not to say erect, but tall and proud. With penetrative attachments, the machine vibrates and twists, offering an endless combination of different sensations. It does so with controllable speed and intensity, offering up to 7000 vibrations per minute.

This saddle machine doesn’t only feature a wired controller, but also a wireless one. MotorBunny LINK is the Bluetooth connectivity option that allows you, or your partner to control the intensity of play, within 15 feet of the device. However, MotorBunny announced that they’ll implement WIFI connectivity into future models, allowing you to play with your significant other on the other side of the globe.

We have to point out one downside to this fantastic machine – the noise. If you’re looking for something quiet and discreet, the MotorBunny isn’t for you. But if you don’t mind the noise, then saddle up.

  • Affordable
  • Good quality
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Great selection of attachments
  • Noisy
  • Some assembly required

5. The Rumble Seat

The Rumble Seat is a fantastic entry-level saddle sex machine for the uninitiated. There’s no reason for spending a ton of money on more complex saddle machines if you’re unsure about using them in the first place.

The Rumble Seat allows you to explore the uncharted waters of saddle sex experience, at an affordable price.

Great for complete beginners, and budget-friendly, the Rumble Seat is the least complex machine on our list. It features no moving, penetrative parts that can be used for insertion. Instead, it has a small vibrating mound that you can grind against and experience the pleasures of clitoral orgasm.

Still, the device is gorgeously designed, featuring a futuristic and sleek look. Thanks to its design, every curve and contour comforts to all body types and positions, allowing you to sit either forward or backward.

The downside, apart from the complete lack of insertable attachments, is the lack of vibrating patterns, which the device would greatly benefit from. On the other hand, the lack of powerful vibrations makes the machine much more discreet.

The simplicity of the Rumble Seat, along with its affordable price, will surely appeal to the uninitiated, potential saddle sex machine enthusiasts.

  • Affordable
  • Quiet
  • Complete lack of attachments
  • Weak vibrations

How to Giddy Up

Well, this naughty horsie was created primarily for the ladies, but men aren’t restricted from using it. The main idea was that a woman inserts her favorite attachment, be it a vibrating massager or a dildo, before using the toy. The Sybian, and other alternatives, feature a plethora of insertable attachments like P-spot and G-spot stimulators, anal and vaginal vibrators, and dildos.

Once the toy is attached, the woman sits on top of the machine, turns it on, and rides her way to orgasm. She, or he, can use the device for masturbatory purposes or during intercourse with a partner, who can either watch or join the fun.

Though they’re primarily designed for vaginal use and the cowgirl position, saddle sex machines can be used for anal stimulation. We’ll cover anal play later in the article.


Saddle sex toys usually have some sort of wired or wireless controller for setting adjustment, enabling you to control the vibrations, swirls, thrusts, and pulses. And most of them are loaded with pleasurable patterns and settings, each specially tailored for your maximum pleasure.

The main patterns are the thrusting, up and down vibrations, and circular swirling motions, both adjustable in terms of strength, speed and intensity. Other patterns include pulsing, rocking, and custom patterns that come with the vibrating attachments.

When it comes to speed, power, and intensity, it’s always a good idea to start slow, especially if you’re new to the saddle sex machines. Some patterns can be quite intense and overwhelming to beginners or even experienced users, which is why you should start slow and go up from there.

Absolute beginners, and those new to the world of sex machines, should masturbate without any toys, before switching to the saddle. Then use low-setting vibrations for additional warm-up, slowly ramping up the speed to our liking.

If you find all the settings lacking in the pleasure department, try grinding on the machine. Grinding will help you really feel the vibrations and thrusting motion of the machine while making your experience more realistic. Remember – you’re only limited by your imagination.

Don’t Forget the Lube

Whenever your introducing objects into your body orifice, for insertion purposes, use plenty of lubricants. Even though you think you’re wet and ready, it’s always a good idea to add more moisture to increase sensations and fun.

A good lube will provide a slippery, protective barrier between you and the toy, reducing friction and preventing discomfort or damage to your most sensitive fun parts. Always use a lube recommended by the manufacturer of the toy, or the attachment. Our recommendation is to use any water-based lube since they pair well with a vast majority of sex toys.

Also, it’s especially important during anal play. Vaginas are self-lubricating, and though we encourage the use of a good lubricant, you can get away without one. The same rule doesn’t apply for the anus since it’s not a self-lubricating part of human anatomy. Help your brown star, and keep it well lubricated for saddle sex anal play.

Buy Different Attachments

As we mentioned before, Sybian and its alternatives can accommodate multiple different accessories, some even at the same time. Diversity is the spice of life, so don’t buy just a single attachment when you buy your saddle machine. Instead, get a variety of accessories, and test them out to find the one you like the most.

Most products come with an attachment included in the package, but you can sincerely benefit from having more than one. Some attachments are for vaginal insertion, and others are for anal, there are double-penetrating attachments, vibrating and non-vibrating kind, the possibilities are truly endless.

So why limit yourself to one – try and collect them all!

Press “Play” for Anal

The anus is a delicate part of the human body, which is why you should pay special attention when saddling up for anal play.

We all like it rough sometimes, but you really want to start slow with anal, despite your level of experience. Also, the anus is tighter and more delicate than the vagina, so make sure to use appropriately sized toys for anal play.

Despite being small in size, anal toys are specially designed and tapered to stimulate all the pleasure points inside the anus. Of course, for all the male riders, there’s a variety of attachments designed to massage the prostate.

If you’re new to prostate massages, the stimulation from using a saddle sex machine with a P-spot massager might be overwhelming. If you’re into prostate stimulation, please get familiar with prostate milking beforehand.

Also, don’t forget the lube. We mentioned it before, we’re repeating it: lube is extremely important. Since the anus isn’t self-lubricating, it’s your job to provide and maintain lubrication. Applying lube will make your fun time even more comfortable while preventing discomfort and fissures in your tissue.


Placing your saddle sex machine, or any other vibrating object on a hard surface such as a hardwood floor will make a lot of noise. Now, this might not concern you if you’re living in a house with thick walls and floors. Even better yet, if you’re living alone.

But if you’re living in an apartment building with thin walls and floors, this might pose an issue. Sure, you can tell your neighbors the washer’s working properly, or you can take precautions and protect your privacy.

Place your saddle machine on a soft surface, as it will absorb most of the vibrations and produce less noise. Thick carpets are a good idea, but if you don’t have one, add a blanket to the floor underneath the saddle. A yoga mat will also serve the purpose of absorbing the vibrations and increasing the discretion.

Final Thoughts

Saddle sex machines played a vital role in liberating women’s sexuality during the ’80s, encouraging the ladies to explore new fields of orgasmic self-play. The Sybian, though almost 40 years old, remains one of the best saddle sex machines on the market.

But there are other, dare we say better, alternatives on the market, like our top pick – The Cowgirl Premium Riding sex-machine. Or the Tremor Rock & Roll, a saddle sex machine that offers a genuinely rocking experience.

Hopefully, we helped you familiarize with these products, so that you also may ride towards the Orgasmville like a true cowgirl.

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