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Top Rated Teledildonic Remote Sex Toys – Long Distance Relationship Made Easier

Anyone who has ever been involved with someone in a long-distance relationship knows that it’s a lot of work. It’s hard to keep the spark alive when you can only see each other every once in a while. Naturally, it’s this kind of relationship requires open and honest communication—and a whole lot of trust.

One of the biggest hardships, though, is missing out on the intimacy of sex. After all, we all have a need, and there’s only so much satisfaction that you can get from masturbating.

Fortunately, though, modern tech makes it much easier for couples to engage in mutual masturbation. Here I’m referring to a range of toys called teledildonics, or cyberdildonics. These toys were originally developed for those in long-distance relationships.

What is Cyberdildonics?

It sounds pretty intense, doesn’t it? It simply refers to adult toys that have just the right blend of tech and sex. Maybe the term “smart sex toys” would be a little closer to the point. These toys make it possible for you and your partner to take cyber-sex to the next level.

In the strictest sense of the word, the initial idea behind teledildonics was that partners could wear suits during their long-distance erotic sessions. These would then be plugged into a VR program; the suit would stimulate those areas that the person in the video was touching.

In reality, the full-body option would be an expensive exercise—and it’s also not strictly necessary if you have a partner at the other end of the computer. There are plenty of sex toys for long-distance couples that are relatively affordable.

These might not be able to replicate the same sensations that a full-body suit would, but they don’t need to. Besides which, do you want to wear a heavy bodysuit during sex? No, neither do we. I think it’s best to stick to sex toys instead.

With that in mind, I’ve done some intensive research into what is available out there right now. In this post, I’ll review the top options and then move on to giving you more information about the field and possible future developments.

Who knows, maybe you’ll come up with your own ideas and create the next big sex trend.

Kiiroo Onyx 2 and OhMiBod Fuse Vibrator

This is my favorite set. You get an Onyx 2 for the man and an OhMiBod Fuse vibrator for women. Kiiroo is a company based in the Netherlands, and they’re known for partnering up with different companies to provide the best toys for their clients.

They even assisted with the launch of the Fleshlight Pink Lady Original back in the day—so, suffice to say, they’ve been around for a while and know their stuff.

This set takes things to the next level. The idea here is to allow couples to simulate a sexual encounter in real-time.

For the guys, the masturbator provider is handsfree. It works at 140 strokes a minute and will have you hot and bothered in no time. The woman’s vibrator is operated by remote control; the difference between a standard model and this one is that there are sensors.

These sensors transmit the data about movements and sensations to the Onyx 2. As you’re starting to get more excited, the stroke rate and pressure will increase. He, in turn, can turn up the vibrations on the OhMiBod.

The machines register movements made by the other device and sync the actions that they’re taking. If you thrust hard, your partner will feel it. If you slow down, so will your partner. If you’re not in the same room, it’s the closest thing to sex.

And it makes it a much more interactive process; you might even cum together. At the very least, you know that each of you is having your sexual needs handled by the other. You won’t have to worry about looking for a little extracurricular activity after using this.


How Easy is it to Use?

Forget the fact that this is a synced pair of sex toys for a minute, and that makes it a lot easier. The dildo is essentially the same as most others that you’ve tried out there; the masturbator is also similar to other models, except that it’s hand’s free.

What makes this a different experience, though, is that you have control over your partner’s device. So, if you decide to slow things down, they’ll have to as well. Knowing that he controls your vibrator is also something of a turn-on.

Overall, the experience is quite interesting. It’s almost like being in the same room as each other; the syncing between the two devices makes things a lot more exciting. The Onyx 2 offers a similar experience to the Fleshlight and so is quite realistic.

The dildo is coated in silicone and feels a lot like real skin. It’s got a sleek and sexy design, and you’re bound to love it.

This toy is one of the best for long-distance couples by far.


  • Good synchronization
  • High quality
  • Remote operation


  • Pricier than the others on the list

Lovense Max and Nora

This comes in as our best choice for those on a tighter budget. It costs about $100 less than our top pick, so can save you a fair amount of money. Lovense is a well-established company and was founded in 2009. The owners themselves knew the struggle of being in a long-distance relationship—which was, in fact, the main reason that the company was started. Max and Nora are considered flagship products for the company; the first version was put on the market in 2013 and made history while doing so.

This is the brand that first came up with the idea of synced sex toys. These were also the first Bluetooth devices of their kind on the market. It seems that Lovense is always set to turn the sex toy industry on its head—they are constantly looking for ways to make things bigger and better.

The male masturbator, Max, makes use of a combination of vibrations and air pump tech to recreate the stimulation on Nora’s side. The range of settings moves from barely there to deep stimulation, so you can easily get worked up into a frenzy.

The tech used, combined with vibrations, make this unlike any other toy you’ve tried. The downside is that this is a hand-held model—although, in all fairness, that’s not a huge sacrifice to save yourself $100.

Nora is a rabbit-ear vibrator that has a remote control. The business end measures five inches, and there’s also head that will stimulate your G-spot. The arm for the clit is flexible, making it easier to use both internally and externally.

The fun part here is that you can download the Lovense app; this can be used to control your partner’s device, record each session, or even chat live on video. So, why not record a steamy session while you guys are at it to watch later?

Does it measure up to my top-pick? Maybe I’m a little biased here, but I doubt that anything really can. The fact that the Max is hand-operated is a point against it. It would be nice if the company considered adding a deluxe, hands-free version…but this would, of course, jack up the price.

Also, the action of the Max is pretty basic. It just squeezes your penis and throws in vibrations here and there. It’s a great feeling, but not as realistic as sex would be.

Nora is a different matter. Every thrust into Max is sent through to Nora, which then rotates and then vibrates. It’s definitely a big plus from a technical standpoint. In this respect, I’d say that Nora comes pretty close to the OhMiBod Fuse.


  • Good price
  • Vibrator is top-notch
  • High-quality components
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Control your partner’s device using an app
  • App has a video chat and record function


  • Max is hand-held


This is not a set of synced devices, but rather just a vibrator. All you need is the Vibease, a little privacy, and to be in the right mood. But if this is just one device, then why’s this included in this list, you ask? The vibrator can be operated by using the app.

So, whether your partner is in the room with you, or halfway across the world, he’s in control. This leads to some really fun and sexy play that you can both engage in. Why not pop it in and go about your day as normal?

That way, your partner can stimulate you whenever he wants to. Had enough play? This small vibrator is bullet-shaped. Just put it in a bag and drop it in your purse.

In terms of effectiveness, the Vibease is good, even though it’s small. It’s not going to knock any of the wand vibrators out of the water, but it will do a great job of getting you off. It might take a little longer, but that’s not such a bad thing.

It’s a fun toy for couples because it means that your boyfriend can get you off from the other side of the world. If push comes to shove, he can just buy his own masturbator or Fleshlight and work with that.


  • Affordable
  • Small and discreet
  • Easy to use
  • Can be controlled via an app


  • Nothing for the guys here

Lovense Lush

If discretion is important to you, the Lush is a model you’ll want to look into. It’s a vibrator that’s reasonably small in size—but don’t mistake that for poor performance, though. It’s big enough for you to insert if you like, and it can also reach the clit.

The device has two heads, a larger and smaller one. The larger head is designed to be inserted, and the smaller one is for your clit. If you like a bit of anal action, you could also try shoving the smaller end into your anus.

Using it is simple enough; just insert it and then control it using the app. This means that your partner can also be “hands-on” when it comes to bringing you to climax. It’s unfortunate that there’s nothing made for him—but still, if he’s relatively adventurous, he might use it for a little anal play.

Control it via Bluetooth from your phone or get your partner to do so via the app. There are several different vibration patterns to choose from, and you also have the option of creating your own using the app.


  • Great quality
  • Easy to use
  • Discreet
  • App-controlled


  • Nothing for the men

Lovense Edge

Of course, nothing is stopping you from ordering an Edge when you order your Lush. This is designed to tickle his prostate, which, as we all know, leads to some intense stimulation for him. And guess who can control it all? That’s right—you.

The Edge is controlled either via Bluetooth or by the app. So, if you and your partner are oceans apart, it will still work. It’s larger and more robust than the Edge and is extremely powerful. It runs off both an external and internal motor, and it’s got some powerful settings as well.

The Edge is simple enough to insert and will ensure that your man gets a strong orgasm. Like with the Lush, there are a number of vibration patterns that you can try. And, also like the Lush, you can create your own custom pattern.

This is the first model of its type to become commercially available. I have to admit; it’s an appealing idea. You’ll get to tickle more than just your partner’s fancy from halfway around the world.


  • Well-built
  • Sturdy
  • Stable
  • Easy to use
  • Strong vibrations
  • Bluetooth or app-controlled


  • Not all men will like the idea

WeVibe Sync

The WeVibe Sync consists of a vibrator only. It’s a pretty special one, though. It’s small enough to be discreet, but powerful enough to help you climax. It contains no latex, BPA, or phthalates, and it’s also completely waterproof, so if you want to use it in the bath, that’s fine.

You can control the Sync either by the remote provided or through an app, and the remote will work up to a distance of about 3 ½ yards. The app can be used from anywhere on the planet; as long as you can get a WiFi signal, you’re set.

You’ll also have the option of choosing vibrations set to music. That’s quite novel, and it is an interesting sensation to try. Best of all, the Sync is flexible, so you can fit it to your body perfectly.


Durex is the company behind Fundawear. It’s a bit of a departure for them, considering they’ve been focusing on protective products and lubes. But with that in mind, it did make sense for them to enter this market. So, Fundawear is what they’ve brought out, and it’s ingenious.

Slip them on, and you can literally have a party in your panties (those boring staff meetings might never be the same again). When the panties are activated, you can control them using a smartphone app.

And the best part is that your partner could activate them from the next room, or from across a continent.

Now, honestly speaking, these are more fun than hardcore sex toys. They’ll help stimulate you, but they only use vibrations—which means that it could take longer to reach a climax if all you’re using are these panties.

But still, you have to admit that the idea is tempting. It might not be the absolute best vibrator option, but it certainly does open up a new world of fun play.

An In-Depth Look at Teledildonics

The science behind how it works is called “haptic feedback.” This tech applies force, movements, or vibrations to the user. It’s the same functionality that makes your game controller vibrate or “rumble” while you’re playing.

The term “teledildonic” was coined by Ted Nelson back in 1975; his vision of the future was one where remote sex was the norm—using this new technology to provide sensory stimulation.

We might get a better idea of what he had in mind by watching the movie “Demolition Man,” filmed in the nineties. Naturally, the tech portrayed in the movies bore little resemblance to anything on the market at the time or even today. But you’ll get the idea.

The first products created with this idea in mind were vibrators operated by remote control. These wouldn’t have impressed anyone; they were weak and ineffective. Of course, that was decades ago, and the world has moved on.

Today’s technology still largely consists of vibrators or masturbators, but these are a lot more realistic now. They produce powerful vibrations—and more importantly, they allow long-distance couples to sync their activities.

We’re not at the stage where it’s exactly the same as sex, but we’re not that far off, either. Companies are developing new and exciting products, and they’re also looking into creating toys that draw on advanced VR tech.

It won’t be long before you can not only enjoy long-distance sex, but it’ll seem as though you’re in the same room as your partner as well.

It’s important to note that this is not quite the same thing as robotic sex—but it’s getting closer.

Which Toys are Best for Me?

It’s not surprising that you may want to experiment with this tech. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, it makes a lot of sense. But, even if you’re living with your partner, the technology is still intriguing.

Whatever reason you’re looking into these toys, there are a few things to keep in mind. Let’s go through what the top things to consider are:

  • Choose a reputable manufacturer. There are a lot of knockoffs out there, and they’re not going to give you the same results. My recommendation is to buy straight off the manufacturer’s website, or their official Amazon page, if applicable.
  • Check the warranty. Most reputable manufacturers will consider returns for any reason within a few days of purchase if the product hasn’t been opened. Many will offer a limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects.
  • Check what materials it’s made out of. You need body-safe options, such as high-quality silicone. Avoid products that contain latex, BPA, or phthalates.
  • Make sure that you have the option to use it on its own. All of the toys we’ve listed here can be used on their own or with someone else; the Onyx 2 can even be synced with a VR porno for your increased viewing pleasure.
  • Size counts, so keep in mind you’ll want to get the right size for your body. If it’s not the right fit, it’s not going to hit the right spots, and that’s a waste. With flexible vibrators, it’s not as important. With male masturbators, though, it’s extremely important.
  • Set your budget. Consider how much you want to spend ahead of time, and then you can see what fits into the budget. If you like the features from Kiiroo but are tight on funds, maybe wait for a little until you’ve saved more.
  • Find out things like the remote control range and whether or not there’s an app available. Having a remote control is great, but their range tends to be limited. So, if your partner is far away, you’ll need a device that operates off a remote as well.

Final Notes

This is a field that has already started to revolutionize the field of human sexuality; it could prove to be a relationship-saver for couples separated by long distances. What’s really amazing, though, is how fast the technology is developing.

In less than fifty years, we’ve gone from having no devices of this nature to having choices from many quality, effective ones. We can only just imagine what the tech will offer in the future. The fact is that these toys are only just starting out.

If the idea intrigues you, but you’re not sure about how to broach the topic with your partner, why not show them this review? That way, the two of you can decide if it’s something that you’d like to try. And won’t it be fun to choose and then use your purchases?

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