Fleshlight Four Loko Review

Fleshlight Four Loko Sex In a Can Review [2022]

The Fleshlight Lady Lager is a variation of the organization’s sex in a Can arrangement, which is—or instead, was—a line of smaller Fleshlights meagerly camouflaged, not as spotlights, but rather as 24 oz. Jars of lager.

I state “was” because, as of now, the entire line of products has been stopped now for a while.

So, What’s this about a Fuckable Beer Can?

I can’t generally figure whether camouflaging a sex toy as a container of lager was intended to make the Fleshlight Sex in a Four Loko Can items covert—as in, “no pocket pussies in this house, just brew”— or to give it a much more fratty brother vibe. I don’t think it indeed does a ton to make the Lady Lager attentive.

Many individuals I know, including myself, are immediately attracted to any new brew we haven’t seen previously.  so regardless of whether I was to spot it took care of among different lagers, I’d be quickly attracted to it out of a desire for beer. (Must. Attempt. Each. Lager.) And once you come in for a more critical look, it becomes clear that nothing is happy about it.

And afterward, there’s the way that a brew’s indigenous habitat until expended ought to be in the ice chest consistently or a cooler—the colder, the better, which is the specific inverse of what you need for something you will stick your penis into. In some other non-refrigerated setting, for example, your room—where your sex toys ought to be kept, it’s, in reality, prominent and strange.

Like, if individuals see “brew jars” turning free from your bed, they may organize a mediation to discuss your “issue.” Hence, I will say everything regarding making a sex toy appear perhaps somewhat less genuine and a smidgen more novel or senseless, which can be something worth being thankful for.

I imagine that with regards to the fear of shame that most of us have is the possibility of a casual mate stumbling over our sex toy(s). You have three alternatives—ensure it remains entirely covered up, totally own it, or disregard it.

Regardless of whether it be on your break at work, on the train, or need a swift, circumspect delivery at home, at that point, we have the toy for you.

Even though this toy is ideal for use while in a hurry, don’t overuse it, it would help if you always abstained from jerking off in a spot or circumstance that may get you in a challenging situation.

Let’s explore one of Fleshlight’s generally mainstream toys that you can use anyplace.

You might be acquainted with Fleshlight’s Sex In A Can. Their objective with this line of hid sex toys was to make them harmless ‘if you put it around your work area or storage. An undeniable bit of leeway with these Fleshlights was that they were minimized and accordingly — a lot tighter than expected.

Tragically, these brew jars will, in general, draw a lot of consideration since because individuals started to enquire about the beverage. Specifically, this was because the naming and marking of these jars frequently emerged as an alternate kind of doubt. In a short time, the production of the Sex In A Can line was ceased.

After gaining from their mix-ups, Fleshlight has appeared indeed with an impossible association with the notoriously mixed drink creator: Four Loko. Accordingly, the progressive Four Loko Fleshlight was conceived and brought new life into the Sex In A Can line of toys.

You may have heard a few gossipy tidbits about these slippery Fleshlight coupons that a handful of sites have been graced with. It isn’t easy to track down one that works or isn’t terminated.

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Fleshlight Four Loko – Appearance

Four Loko is a famous beverage that used to, but no longer, incorporates caffeine. Onto our subject of enthusiasm, to the extent the general nature of the external appearance of this is concerned, it (clearly) takes the presence of a canned drink. The exterior packaging is made of great aluminum that is made to last. It likewise accompanies a cap to seal out any questionable scents and permits you to disguise the toy’s inside.

After screwing off the cap, you’ll find a Lady hole calling out for you to slide it out. As usual, I poured in a portion of Fleshlight’s Male Lubricant into the sleeve, and in a matter of seconds, my sleeve was wholly soaked and prepared for passage.

My underlying involvement in my Four Loko Fleshlight was exceptionally close and accurate to form. The chamber gripped my part more firmly than any Fleshlight had done previously. However, this was somewhat awkward from the start; fortunately, my lube helped me slip my way into the sleeve, and the incitement was unbelievable.

The sleeve’s passageway’s snugness consistently kept a solid handle on my willy, which was valuable since I needed this to be a long meeting, and the snugness encourages you to last any longer. The shameful contemplations I had concerning this toy helped me appreciate the Lotus surface much more.

Size and Shape

The chamber is 9.75 inches long; after unscrewing the room’s head, you locate an 8.5-inch pink, beefy opening. The hole includes the famous, top-notch Mini-Lotus sleeve.

Since the toy is intended to be minimized and is designed according to a standard Four Loko can, the sleeve is very dainty, making it tighter than a classic Fleshlight Girl. This way, if you will get exhausted with a standard sleeve as far as snugness, this may be the toy you’ve looked for.

I found the toy easy to utilize, and since the inborn advantage is its prudence, it caused voyaging and hauling it around with me to feel so easygoing and tension free. It was a very freeing experience.


The key to the smoothness and solace of this present toy’s inside is that it is a certainty, a duplicate of one of my preferred sleeves, the Mini-Lotus. The well-known Lotus surface was additionally conspicuously included in the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight, and its allure is verifiable. The Lotus surface is striking for its unmistakable seven delight chambers had outrageous pinnacles and valleys that present another, particular joy with each new section.

A couple of words about the amazingness of the Fleshlight Mini Lotus

For reasons unknown, I haven’t done a hard and fast survey on the Mini Lotus for In Bed Magazine yet even though it was included as the principal buy in our foundation article, Fleshlight Deep-jump Review, almost five years prior. I have that equivalent Mini Lotus, and it is still likely my preferred Fleshlight for two reasons.

To start with, it brings both natural PIV pleasantness and energizing new sensations. With consistent and dreary movement, I can close my eyes and effectively lose myself in a dream or memory on the off chance that I need to—it’s regular and practical inclination enough to make masturbation more vivid.

However, if what I’m needing is something all the more astounding and less recognizable—on the off chance that I need to appreciate what a Fleshlight can remarkably offer, everything necessary is some more innovative or forceful development.

Second, because the Mini Lotus is, even more, an advancement of shapes than a genuine surface, it is the most straightforward to perfect and fastest to dry of all the full-size Fleshlights that I’ve attempted. With Fleshlights that have more thick and complex surfaces, you genuinely need to get in there and accomplish some work to ensure it gets completely wiped out when you’re set.

While it’s still generally worth the exertion for different Fleshlights, with the Mini Lotus, it’s a necessary and speedy flush—there’s nothing for “stuff” to get made up for lost time with. Similarly, the absence of hindrance considers better wind current, and along these lines quicker drying time.

How it feels: full-size Fleshlight Mini Lotus versus Sex in a Can Lady Lager Mini Lotus

At last, this is what this survey is about for me—does the littler Mini Lotus in the Lady Lager deliver an experience as rich and ruining as the full-size Mini Lotus? Would it be able to potentially offer all that and afterward a bit of a bonus in terms of snugness because of its more reduced size?

Not a chance!

It’s tight, okay, excessively tight for me, and I’m very typical in size. I needed to quit utilizing it. Not exclusively was I not feeling joy. It was beginning to get awkward, even in the wake of applying what appeared to be a quarter container of lube.

It wasn’t only the snugness. The minified-Mini Lotus surface was packed to such an extent that it felt hard and rubbery. What regularly feels immensely satisfying and ruining to push through in the full-sized Mini Lotus felt unforgiving and choking in the down-sized Lady Lager variant of the Mini Lotus. I’ve never felt such a tremendous amount of help to switch over to my hand.

The main beneficial thing about it is that it causes you to feel like you have a gigantic penis, regardless of whether you don’t.

Some Extras

Comparing this product with some other Fleshlight item is that the end cap doesn’t have a similar customizable reach as an ordinary Fleshlight.

At that point, there’s the ergonomics. This toy caused me to understand that one of the genuine advantages of the standard Fleshlight items, including the Flights, is how agreeable the tightened and limited grasp feels in hand—attempting to utilize this thing while simultaneously holding the full width of a 24 oz brew was off-kilter.


When you’re done with your new, cautious toy, TugBro suggests you clean your sleeve altogether after each utilization. We recommend utilizing a blend of high temp water and FleshWash to clean and flush your sleeve appropriately. At that point, allow 20-40 minutes for it to dry. Subsequently, you can sprinkle a portion of Fleshlight’s Renewal Powder to guarantee your sleeve feels spic and span and agreeable after each utilization.

For all your male sex-toy cleaning needs, we suggest you look at Fleshlight’s own Product Care Kit. Or read or guide on how to properly clean sex toys and TPE material.

This unit comes with the two most essential support products you have to begin your Fleshlight venture; every one of these items is made explicitly because of Fleshlights.

Conclusion: this sex toy is more toy than sex

I think I’ve sorted out why the item has been suspended. Except if you’re on the littler and more slender side of the size range, or except if you just genuinely like it harsh, the sex in a Can is to a greater extent a gag blessing—a genuine grown-up Knick knack—not an instrument of joy.

In case you, or somebody in your life, is a flat-out lager enthusiast (and you have the sort of fellowship where something like this wouldn’t be off-kilter). It’s kind of cool. I genuinely delighted in the photographs I did where I dropped this “pocket pussy” among larger jars. Yet, if what you are after is something that can encourage an all the more satisfying and liberal fap—maybe in a more reduced and discrete structure factor, you have to see something like the Fleshlight sex toy.

There’s absolutely no reason why you should continue to depend solely on your right hand. You have great alternatives out there. The only important thing is to make the right decision. Hopefully, this review has helped you make a credible decision regarding the Fleshlight Sex in a Can Four Loko.

Go for it, or, in case you don’t must have an anatomical resemblance, the Fleshlight Flight series will serve you right.

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