Hitachi Magic Wand

Hitachi Magic Wand Buyers Guide Review for 2022

What Is the Hitachi Magic Wand?

Originally it was designed for a different purpose—it was intended to merely massage your muscles. It wasn’t long, however, that some creative users discovered that it made a great masturbation wand as well.

The rest, as they say, is history. Not long after it was released, there were a number of attachments that turned it into the perfect clitoral stimulator.

Needless to say, competitors also wanted in on the action. Sex sells, and others wanted a piece of that pie. As a result, you need to be careful not to get duped into buying a fake. To help you out with that, I’ll review the top wand-type models.

We’ll start off with the original, and then work our way through similar models that also offer excellent value for the money.

Choosing the Best Intimate Wand for Your Needs

Let’s go over a few things to consider before we get to the basics. There are quite a few choices to make here—more than you probably realize.


The Power Source

You can choose between several:

  • Battery-powered: They’re usually cheaper but might not be as powerful. There’s also the risk of the batteries running out at the worst possible moment. On the bright side, there’s no cord to hold you back. Keep a set of spare batteries available at all times.
  • Electric: In terms of power, a plug-in model won’t let you down, but that pesky wire could get in the way. These models are also never going to be waterproof, so if you’re thinking of using them in the shower, look for something else.
  • Rechargeable: These are pricier, but they give you the mobility of a battery-operated model. They may be quieter as well, and not having to buy batteries means that it pays for itself pretty quickly. These may or may not be water-resistant.


Water Resistance

If you want to use it in the bath or shower, you’ll need a water-resistant model. Water and an electrical cord never go well together, which means sticking to a battery-powered or rechargeable option.

Here are some of the water-resistant models:

  • Shibari Mini Halo
  • Shibari Mega Deluxe
  • Lelo Smart Wand
  • Magic Waterproof Wand

Do you really need it to be water-resistant? If you’re planning to use it in the bath or shower, then the answer is yes. Just keep in mind that a water-resistant model is likely to be a little pricier overall. That said, if you’re going to need that feature, it’s worth the little bit extra.

Sexy Female In Bathroom


We’re talking about both the size of the head and the size of the handle itself. The bigger the machine, the more powerful it’s likely to be—but keep in mind that it’s also going to be heavier.

When it comes to stimulating your clit, the size is not all that important unless you want a more discreet model. If discretion is important to you, then the smaller, the better. It might also be a good idea to see what attachments are available to you.

Perhaps you can get the bigger head that you want by selecting a different attachment. The upside of the larger models is that you’re likely to have more options when it comes to attachments. The larger ones are also likely to be useful for massaging tension from your muscles.

Another thing that you want to consider when it comes to size is how much reach the vibrator has. A longer handle might make it easier to use when you’re relaxed and lying back. It might also make it easier for your partner to use on you.

Some examples of larger options:

  • Bodywand Massager
  • Magic Wand
  • Doxy Wand


Let’s not discount the value of a smaller model, though. These can be useful when space is limited or if you want something easier to hide away.

Smaller options include:

  • Palm Power Massager
  • Shibari Mini Halo


What Attachments Do You Want for Your Massage Rod?

Most models have optional attachments. If you want the maximum amount of attachments, look for a bigger wand. Do consider getting the rabbit attachment to help make masturbation even more fun.

Aside from that, there are several other attachments that can add some extra spice to your intimate life. Look for a ball-headed option for a pressure point massage, or stick to something a little more traditional.

If you’re planning on using the massager on your muscles, it’s not a bad idea to get a separate attachment for this purpose. Sure, they’re easy enough to clean off before use. But all it takes is to forget to wipe it off properly after you’ve massaged your muscles. Trust me—you don’t want to end up with something like wintergreen on the nether regions of your body.


Which Option is the Most Powerful?

The more powerful the model, the easier it will be to cum. The Number 3 Doxy Wand Massager is the most powerful model on the market, and it’s got more than enough juice for most people.

At the very least, choose a model that has different power level settings. You’ll want to start off slow and steady at a lower setting. Then you can work your way up to mind-blowing bliss on a higher setting.

Having a few different power settings is also extremely useful in terms of flexibility. If you’ve got some time to spend with yourself, luxuriate in the slow build-up at a lower setting. If you’ve only got a few minutes to spare, crank it up high and ride the wave fast.

Using Your New Wand

I’d recommend that you start off by massaging your muscles; that way, you’ll get an idea of how strong each setting is. We all start off by thinking that the top setting is going to be best place to begin…but nobody ever realizes how intense the highest settings can be.

When you’re ready to use it down south, the process couldn’t be simpler. If you’ve never tried this before, it may take some time to find the exact right spot and setting. This is one exercise that you’ll find fun, though.

I’d suggest using some lube to get things started off. It’s not essential if you’re just working on your clit, but it does help. If you’re using it in your vagina, you’ll want to lube up well. Choose a water-based lube every time. These will not react with the silicone in any way and will wash off easily. Oil-based lubes are not a good idea here. They tend to stick to silicone and can be hard to remove later.

WomanNow just set the mood, lay back, and get started. Always begin at the lowest setting, especially when using it inside your vagina. If you feel that this is still not working for you, turn it up a little bit. Then it’s time to let your imagination run riot and imagine that your ideal partner is doing all the work.

Move the wand up and down, experimenting to find the areas where it really gets you hot. Slow down if you feel things are moving too quickly. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to blow the motor; most of these devices are designed to run for 25 to 30 minutes at a time. If yours is one of these, you risk burning it out if you go for longer. It’s best to rest the device for about half an hour before trying again.

Reviews of the Different Models

If you’re still not sure about which model to get, this section is something you’ll want to read. Here, I’ll go through my top six picks for 2019.

Magic Wand Original

This is the one that started it all. It works fine for massaging muscles—and amazingly well for masturbation. Hitachi, the Japanese company behind the wand, didn’t want to be associated with sex toys, and as a result, Vibratex took over the production and distribution.

The original is a good choice. You can pass it off as a massager, it’s easy to use, and is inexpensive.


  • Versatile
  • Discreet
  • Affordable
  • Simple to use


  • More general-purpose than a specific sex toy

Lelo Smart Wand

This comes in at a pretty close second and was designed as a sex toy first. It offers a smart and sleek design with some pretty cool features attached.


  • Battery is rechargeable
  • Cordless
  • Will work up to two hours on a full charge
  • Water-resistant up to a depth of three feet
  • No phthalates used
  • Soft-touch, silky silicone
  • Sensors to tell when it’s in contact with your body
  • Smart programming automatically switches the vibrations on and gradually increases them when it’s pressed against you
  • Silent operation
  • High quality
  • 1-year limited warranty on parts
  • 10-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects
  • Eight vibration patterns


  • A little more expensive

Shibari Mini Halo

The “mini” here is something of a misnomer. “Medium-sized” would be a better description. That said, it’s the perfect size to hold in your hand.


  • High-quality silicone outside
  • Smooth to the touch
  • Buttons are integrated and don’t stand out
  • Bendable
  • Simple to use
  • Just three buttons – On/Off; Vibration pattern, Power setting
  • Twenty vibration patterns
  • Eight power settings
  • Buttons light up, so they’re easy to find in the dark
  • Water-resistant
  • Easily charged using the USB cable or a wall plug


  • Not the most discreet option

The Number 3 Doxy Wand Massager

Doxy is another name in the industry that’s built themselves a solid reputation. They also started out making massagers for the body, but these days, they’ve moved more into the specialized areas of vibrators. They’ve made the transition well.

This model is one of their newer offerings; it’s meant to be more discreet and so is more compact. Don’t let that fool you, though, because it’s solidly built and will deliver a great performance every time.


  • Durable titanium and aluminum handle
  • Solid design
  • Three heads covered in medical-grade silicone
  • No phthalates or latex used
  • Hypoallergenic heads
  • Head is just an inch-and-a-half making it easy to zero in on the clit
  • Measures 10 inches from end-to-end
  • Soft-touch buttons make it easy to change settings
  • Backlit buttons make it easy to use in the dark
  • Simple functions – On/Off and Power Level controls
  • 10’ cord provided


  • Not water resistant

Palm Power Massager

This is a model offered by a company called Palm Power. They’ve come to be known for producing quality products at reasonable prices. This is one of their newest models, and they’ve tweaked the design to perfection.


  • More agile
  • Batteries can be recharged
  • Heads can be replaced
  • You get four heads and can buy more as needed
  • The heads are made from medical-grade silicone
  • They feel soft and silky
  • No phthalates used
  • Charges with a USB cord, included
  • Lightweight
  • Fits into your hand—nice and discreet
  • There are three buttons – On/ Off, Power Level, Vibration Pattern
  • Can also be used as a pinpoint massager to relieve muscle tension
  • Comes with massage oil as well


  • Not water resistant

Body Wand

This is also designed to function as a massager. The company has built a strong reputation for providing quality products in the industry.


  • Hard plastic handle for better durability
  • Feels solid in the hand
  • Robust
  • Three buttons: On/ Off, Power Levels, Vibration pattern
  • 10’ cord


  • Heavier than most at 1.4 pounds
  • Not water resistant

Final Notes

That pretty much covers everything I wanted to go over; I’m sure that you now have a better idea of which of the top models here will work better for you. When making your final decision, think about when and how you’ll use the vibrator. Do you need it to be water-resistant? Is discretion more important for you? Or do you want a multipurpose option that can also release the tension in tight muscles?

Pick any option from this page, and you’ll be on your way to mind-blowing orgasms in no time flat.

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