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DIY Sex Toys Made at Home – Our Top 7 Picks

Maybe you’re too embarrassed to walk into a sex shop and choose a toy. Perhaps you just want to experiment a bit without spending a lot of money. Or maybe you’ve got an idea for a great sex device and want to see it become a reality.

The point is that you’ve decided to make yourself a sex aid. It’s a perfectly natural part of wanting to explore your sexual creativity. The only thing that’s stopped you so far, though, is that you’ve read some horror stories about using common household objects.

It’s a valid concern. Not everything is meant to be shoved up into the more sensitive areas of the body. That’s why, when considering any personal pleasure object, you have to stick to body-safe materials.

That doesn’t put homemade toys out of the question; it just means that you have to be smart about the choices that you make. Despite all the jokes about using a cucumber as a dildo, they’re not ideal. Generally, foodstuffs should not be used internally.

You do have to think about the potential for an infection to develop. You also don’t want to use anything with the potential to get stuck or to hurt you. If you’re into experimenting, it might be better to avoid sticking anything into your vagina or butt for now.

With these precautions in mind, let’s look at what sex instrument you can easily make at home. These are all made with common household items.

Tickle Your Fancy with a Feather

A new feather duster could prove to be an interesting way to titillate your favorite boy toyor yourself. Run the feather lightly along your skin and see what sensations it brings up. It’s a great way to tempt and tease both yourself and your partner.

Run it up and down your partner’s back and avoid any intimate areas. That way, you can build up the excitement to a fever pitch. It feels awesome over the small of the back, the inner thighs, the nape of the neck, and the nipples.

Woman With Feather

Ice Cubes

It’s amazing how much sensual pleasure a simple ice cube can create. Get your partner to hold an ice cube in their mouth and use it to tease your nipples. As the ice melts, there’ll be water for your partner to lick off you.

If you’re going to give your partner oral sex, spit out the ice cube first. While cool is interesting, ice-cold might be a step too far on a penis or your vulva.

Experiment by dropping ice cubes onto your partner’s skin. Then warm the area with your tongue. Extremes in temperature can heighten all the senses.

Use a Tie

Why not undress your partner and then use their tie to blind-fold them? If they don’t wear ties, any bit of fabric will do. The idea is to deprive them of the sense of sight in order to intensify the other sensations.

There’s nothing quite like the anticipation that builds when you can’t see what’s going on. Tease your partner until they’re ready to cum. Then hold back a bit until they calm down. From there, take a tortuously slow journey until you finally decide to let them cum.

A blindfold is also a great way to start exploring bondage and dominance without taking it too far. The partner being blindfolded is completely submissive as they wait to feel what you’re doing to them.

You, on the other hand, don’t feel as self-conscious because your partner can’t see what you’re doing. This makes it a lot easier to be completely uninhibited.

Passionate Kissing Couple

The Shower Head

There’s nothing quite like a removable showerhead when it comes to an intimacy product. Let’s be clear here— it’s not to be shoved up your pussy. It’s meant to be used to stimulate your clit. Experiment with different temperature and pressure settings to enhance your experience.

It’s actually a match made in heaven. You’ll be completely wet in no seconds flat, and there’s no messy cleanup afterward. Open your legs wide and move the showerhead along the outside of your vulva.

Focus on the clit until you’re almost ready to cum. Then move on to another spot until you’ve cooled off a bit. When you eventually do cum, you’ll enjoy the intense feeling of release.

If you do have a vibrator that can be used in water, use this at the same time for an extra sensation (we have some top rated wands here).

This tool can also be stimulating for you men, too. Try spraying the water slowly from the head of your penis right to the area directly under your scrotum. You’ll have a fun time and also make sure that your balls are completely clean.

Use a Scarf

A scarf is an item that comes in useful in many different ways. Use it as a blindfold, in the same way that you’ll use a tie. Alternatively, let your partner tie your arms and your legs down. You’ll be completely helpless while they have their way with you.

They can choose to torture you slowly with pleasure, or have a quickie. You never really know what’s going to happen until they get started. Why not combine this with a blindfold to make the sensations even more intense?

The one caveat? Speak to your partner beforehand about what you’re comfortable with and what you aren’t. Also, establish a safe word. If you’re feeling at all uncomfortable, all you have to do is to say the safe word to get your partner to stop what they’re doing.

A Spatula

Spatulas are great for more than baking. They’re also useful for spanking. They’re flexible enough to create a delectable sting when you’re being spanked. It’s best to start off slowly with this one. If you enjoy being spanked, get your partner to increase the intensity over time.

You want to get to the point where there’s just enough pain to make you beg for more without actually hurting you.

If you’re on your own, try spanking your clit lightly with the spatula. This is an awesome way to stimulate your clit and help you cum even harder.

It goes without saying that the spatula shouldn’t be used for baking or cooking after used in this way.


Food can also be a fun accessory as long as you’re not shoving it into your vagina or butt. Food in these areas is a bad idea because any residue left behind could spoil and cause an infection. Food that’s high in sugar could also encourage yeast growth and upset the microflora balance.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try going all Kim-Basinger-Nine-and-a-Half-Weeks, though.

Sprinkle honey, melted chocolate, or sweet cream over your breasts and invite your partner to help clean up the mess. Choose any part of the body that interests you. It’s very messy, but that also opens up a new avenue of play – the cleanup afterward.

Another option is to get a fruit-roll-up and wrap your partner’s cock with it. Then slowly suck it off until it’s all gone.

Final Notes

With a little bit of creativity, there are a lot of household items that are great to experiment with. Just keep the basic rule in mind – don’t use anything that’s not body-safe in any nether region orifices. If it’s going to scratch you or cause discomfort, it’s not a sex toy.

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