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How to Cum More: Increasing Your Semen Volume

What’s viewed as a standard measure of sperm discharge? If you’ve watched a ton of pornography where “shooting massive strings” of cum is the standard, featuring the entertainer’s capacity to deliver sizable discharges without fail, the appropriate response may astonish you.

Experts say that the standard discharge volume can change between people from 1.5 ml to 5 ml, which is just about a teaspoon in quantity.

Indeed, that equivalent teaspoon you likely have in your utensil cabinet is viewed as the standard measure of semen for a man’s orgasm to deliver. You’re interested in increasing your heaps however aren’t sure where to begin.

Maybe you’re attempting to impregnate your partner, or you’re inherently curious about the amount of cum you can create. In any case, there are potent supplements if you need to cum more.

I’ll go over choices for this, including supplements and other usual strategies. At that point, I’ll enlighten you regarding a few demonstrated items helping innumerable men accomplish higher loads.

Step by Step Instructions to Increase Semen Volume

You watched pornography and thought about how the folks on-screen figured out how to shoot such tremendous burdens.  It’s hard not to be a little intrigued when you see this!

A few men think of it as an indication of their manliness to deliver more semen. Others need to increase their chances of getting their partner pregnant. Whatever the case for you, there are surefire approaches to achieve your objective of creating and shooting more semen.

Supplements to Increase Semen Production

man taking semen supplementsThe most robust approach to build the amount of semen you produce is to take supplements explicitly intended.

Pills designed to make you cum more won’t just assist you with accomplishing this objective but also to make your climaxes all the more fulfilling.

Many men report increased fulfillment in bed, longer peaks, and a resuscitated enthusiasm for sex. These advantages are particularly alluring to older folks since reproductive capacity will generally blur with age.

You should take the supplements for about half a month to achieve the ideal outcomes with most semen volume-enhancing pills. In a couple of months, you’ll be encountering top maximum benefits and satisfying your partner more than ever.

However, the best part?  Makers generally offer an unconditional guarantee, so trying their products is okay!

What to Consider Before Trying Semen Enhancers

Supplements are known to alter your body. Before you attempt any male improvement supplement, you should consider how it might interact with supplements you’re taking.  Likewise, for each item, consider the amount of money you’re happy spending on it.


Most male enhancement supplements aren’t modest.  Be that as it may, they give something precious: Renewed sexual certainty and vitality.

Cautiously consider what you anticipate to get from the pill, and how you can bolster its capacity with lifestyle changes. For instance, you’re a lot likelier to deliver more semen on if you drink more water.

While supplements are a surefire approach to deliver more cum, you might be better off if you use all the available procedures, as discussed in this article.

Adding different approaches to your life will boost the impact of male enhancement supplements.

Different Methods to Increase Semen

man preparing lady for sexNotwithstanding taking a supplement to cum more, there are a couple of other straightforward methods you can use to improve semen creation:

Masturbate less: The more regularly you cum, the less you’ll create. One strategy you can use to discharge more semen is to jerk off less frequently and spare it up.

Drink a lot of water: Drinking more water will assist you with delivering more semen. After all, cum is a liquid produced by your body, so your hydration level will straightforwardly affect the amount you discharge.

Stop drinking liquor: Drinking liquor can dry out you, which decreases semen volume. Lower the amount of alcohol you take if you need to create more cum.

Exercise more: Studies show that moderate cardio work out, such as running, can improve the volume of semen you produce.

As mentioned, these components can assist you in delivering more cum. In any case, you’ll have stunningly better outcomes by including a semen upgrading supplement.

Instructions to Increase Your Fertility

For some folks, the principle worry behind their semen creation will be fertility. Regrettably, testosterone creation tops in your 30s and afterward starts to decrease consistently. In any case, there are some easy-to-use supplements you can go to for more beneficial sperm count.

Let’s turn our attention to these supplements now.

Supplements to Enhance Fertility

Luckily, folks who are worried about fertility have a simple arrangement: Male fertility supplements. These fertility upgrading pills made to improve sperm count, shape, and development, can give you true serenity.

Here’s the plan:

A large portion of these items take a couple of months to work, so ensure you plan for that. They can likewise enhance your semen volume, notwithstanding improving sperm quality.

Just in case you choose a fertility supplement, attempt to discover one that doesn’t require a remedy.

You ought to likewise search for a natural recipe upheld by logical research. Natural supplements are far more unlikely to cause symptoms.

We’ll cover one reasonable item that fits every one of these necessities in this article.

Different Methods to Increase Fertility

What else would you be able to do to energize healthy sperm for enhanced fertility?

Let’s a look at some changes that will help you realize this objective, even though you are taking male fertility supplements.

Pick Medications Carefully

In case you’re worried about sperm creation, consider which medications you’re as of now on. Certain pills, for example, antipsychotics, sedatives, anti-inflammatories, or antidepressants, can hurt fertility.

Fortunately, when you quit taking a drug, these impacts will diminish, and you’ll likely come back to normal.

Stop Taking Alcohol and Drugs

Research recommends that medications like cocaine and pot can adversely affect sperm tally. Also, liquor can have a comparative impact. If you ingest drugs or drink alcohol, consider stopping for some time to permit your fertility to come back to typical.

Quit Smoking

Just if you required another wellbeing related motivation to quit cigarettes, research shows that smoking brings down your sperm count.

Note that individuals who smoke vigorously are at higher risk of bringing down their sperm count than light smokers. Make a point to ask your physician if you have inquiries on prescriptions.

Take Fenugreek

Fenugreek may be an answer for your sperm count and wellbeing. It’s common, inexpensive, and simple to add to your day to day routine.

Modify Your Diet

Your diet plays a crucial role in determining the health of your sperms.

You can include more dark chocolate, bananas, walnuts, and garlic to your diet to support sperm quality.

Recommended Supplements to Increase Semen Levels

Let’s look at three of our top picks in this field.

1. Semenax

Our top pick for increasing semen volume is Semenax. And this is for good reasons.

The ingredients include Zinc, L-Lysine, and Swedish Pollen Flower.  Since it’s a natural formulation, there are no known side effects.

Although Semenax primarily centers on increasing semen volume, it likewise assists with other sexual dysfunction issues.

You will experience an elevated sex drive and all the more fulfilling orgasms. Semenax likewise gives you a 67-day unconditional guarantee.


As per client criticism, Semenax works somewhat quicker than our next supplement, which is Volume Pills.

Like other male enhancement supplements, Semenax isn’t modestly priced. Yet, it will unquestionably help you cum more, which makes it worth the cost.

Purchase through the official site in case you’re keen on Semenax.

  • May work quicker than other pills such as Volume Pills
  • Comes with an unconditional guarantee
  • Natural ingredients
  • No known side effects
  • You should take it two times per day.
  • It’s costly

2. Volume Pills

Volume Pills are a product from Leading Edge Health and have been available for over 15 years.

Detailed with Gooseberry extract, Zinc, and other regular ingredients, Volume Pills make sure to build your heap.

Here’s the plan:

The recipe will give you better climaxes and an increased sex drive, notwithstanding increasing semen volume. To what extent it takes to get results will differ.

Some folks notice effects within weeks, while others should hold up a few months. In the wake of taking the enhancements for three months, you’ll see top outcomes.

Volume Pills will just work for whatever length of time that you take them. On the off chance that you quit taking the enhancements, your outcomes will decrease. The organization offers a 67-day unconditional promise for your true serenity.

You can likewise expect improved erections when you’re using Volume Pills.

  • Natural ingredients
  • No known side effects
  • Great customer care
  • 67-day cash back guarantee
  • Discreet  delivery
  • Results blur if you stop the enhancements
  • It’s costly
  • Ensure you visit the manufacturer’s website to buy Volume Pills.

3. Fertility Factor 5

Your fertility is influenced by numerous factors, for example, diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices.

In case you’re keen on more beneficial sperm, including an enhancement like Fertility Factor 5 to your everyday routine is a good thought.

The ingredients have been known to improve sperm wellbeing for men who are attempting to impregnate their women.

Fertility Factor 5 assists with sperm count, semen volume, and creating better sperm in shape and mobility.

Final Verdict

Each one of these products has its advantages, yet I feel there’s a reasonable champ as far as addressing the necessities of most of the ladies hoping to encounter chastity is concerned -The Bondage Boutique Deluxe Leather Belt takes the trophy

Remember our topic is Semenax. Any time you want to boost the quality of your sperms, you can always count on Semenax. If you’re going to try different options, you have the other two we’ve highlighted above.

Good Luck!

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