How to Put on a Condom

Putting on a Condom – Our Guide & Some of the Most Common Misconceptions for 2022

It’s a good idea to use condoms, when you’re about to have sex, as they’re an effective method for prevention of pregnancy and STDs. However, if you want your condom to work, you’ve got to know how to use it correctly. Mastering the art of putting on a condom is an important skill, whether you’re putting one on yourself, or your partner.

Condoms have a 98% efficiency when used correctly; however, according to studies, they’re only about 85% effective, when you add in human error. So, a difference of 23% is due to its incorrect use. And we consider a 23% chance of failure a pretty high when you’re looking to prevent pregnancy and STDs.

When fitted correctly, the aesthetics and function of a well-fitted rubber can have positive impact on your love-making. So, if you’ve never had a chance to practice putting on a condom during sex-ed, don’t sweat it – you can practice on your own. And if by any chance you have practiced – a refresher course wouldn’t hurt.

Let’s discuss condoms

Condoms are sheath-shaped latex barriers used during sexual intercourse, to significantly reduce the probability of pregnancy or STDs, provided that they’re used correctly.

Colorful condomsModern condoms are made from natural latex, or polyisoprene for those allergic to latex. They’re widely available and you can find them almost in almost any store. However, for safety reasons, you should always obtain them at sex health clinics, specialized shops or pharmacies.

They’re also quite diverse – available in a range of colors, sizes, thickness, textures and flavors. Some condoms are intended for entertainment only, like animal-shaped ones, of ones that glow in the dark.

Though regularly talked about at sex-ed classes, and youth centers, condoms still suffer many misconceptions, and unfortunately, incorrect use.


The misconceptions

Misconceptions regarded the French letter are nothing more than common problems caused by an improper use.

Some people feel that condoms spoil the moment, as they’re difficult to put on. This is quite understandable, since no one wants to see you unroll a rubber like a football sock and pull if over your eager member. It’s unsightly way to incorrectly put one on.

The truth is that, once mastered, putting on a condom requires little to no time at all. It can also be an act of foreplay, if you use your imagination, and include your partner in the process. Let your partner help you put it on, with their hands, or their mouth (beware the teeth, though).

Maintaining excitement while putting on a condom can be done by maintaining eye contact, or talking dirty. If your partner decides to help with the condom orally, please remind them that one shouldn’t talk dirty with their mouth full. It’s not proper etiquette.

 A woman in bed opening a condomSome people reported irritations of their fun, yet private parts, caused by the lack of lubrication, or latex allergies. If you’re allergic to latex, choose one that are made from polyurethane or polyisoprene, as these do not cause allergic reactions. For increased lubrication, however, use your favorite water-based lubricant.

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How to properly put one on

It’s pretty straight forward. But let’s step back for a bit, and remember that condoms come in a variety of shapes and sizes. First off, choosing the right size is paramount, because a mismatched size has potential to cause various issues.

When you’ve selected the right size, color, texture, and the flavor of the product you wish to use, inspect the foil package for damage, and expiration date. If the package is damaged in any way, or the product’s expired, safely dispose of it, and get another one. Keeping a supply of condoms is a good approach, since you use a new one every time you have sex, or get a new erection.

a hand putting condom on a bananaBefore you tear the wrapper, you have to push the condom to one side, to avoid damaging it as you open it. Avoid using something sharp, like scissors or teeth. Before you actually it on, make sure that the rubber isn’t inside out. The rim should be on the inside out, so it looks like a little hat, enabling it to unroll easily.

Pinch the reservoir tip, with your thumb and forefinger, to squeeze the air out. If your condom doesn’t have a reservoir tip, you can make one, by pinching about ½ an inch at the top. Next, place the condom on the tip of the penis, and use your other hand to roll it down the shaft. For extra pleasure, use additional water-based lubrication.

Ready, set, play! Check the condom when changing positions, as certain positions may cause it to roll up. Once the game is won, at the satisfaction of parties involved, carefully remove the condom. Hold the it at the base, and withdraw it carefully, not to spill any semen.

Once removed, wrap it in a tissue, and throw it in the trash. We strongly advise against flushing the condom down the toilet, as it can clog the pipes. Do not, in any way, try to recycle and reuse a condom.


Time to practice

If you’ve never put on a condom, it’s best to practice putting one on, before the actual sexy game-time. You can practice on a penis, if you have one, or a sex toy. If you lack those, various fruits and vegetables, like bananas and cucumbers, can be of great help when practicing. Adhere to the advices written it this article, and you should master this important skill in no time.


Correct use of condoms can significantly improve their effectiveness in prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. You can easily learn how to put one yourself, since putting one on shouldn’t be a problem or an obstacle to intimacy.

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