How to Shave Your Pubic Area

How to Shave Your Pubic Area for Sex

For a large number of people, pubic hair grooming is an unavoidable reality, regardless of whether it’s a quick trim or a conveniently manicured runway. In any case, although the idea of “manscaping” has gotten well known enough to bring forth its snappy name, it’s been established that men despite everything hope for something more from their partners with regards to preparing down there.

Left to its own, pubic hair regularly grows in size and direction which can be shocking. For ladies, a typically developing strip running from the pelvis region up to the midsection button isn’t going to look alluring during the bikini season. For men, a wild “fence” can be ugly to sweethearts, while the same hair can easily interfere with the trouser zipper.

Sometime in the past societal expectations about pubic hair were almost taboo. However, over time this subject is no longer shied from. People want to shave their pubic, and they want to know the best way and the best tools to use for this feat.

We take a look at an ideal approach to shave your pubes without getting razor shocks. Let’s start with the fair sex.

Pubic Area Shaving For Women

clean shaven ladyA 2013 investigation of more than 3,000 American ladies uncovered that 83% decided to prepare their pubic hair. The shaving was informed basically by the need for cleanliness, and sexual inclinations affected choices.

At this point, we walk you through how to shave your pubic region (vulva which incorporates the Mons pubis) in the most secure and best route conceivable, without getting bumps.

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Pick a Style That Is Right for You

For any lady (or man) thinking about shaving her pubic zone, the initial step is to stop and consider the ideal outcome. There are three general classifications:

  • Hollywood: All hair removed – smooth as a child’s butt.
  • Stencil: The rest of the hair shapes a plan or something to that effect.
  • Strip: A portion of hair runs from the highest point of the vulva to the swimsuit/bikini line.

Of these styles, Hollywood is the most effortless to accomplish, followed by the strip and lastly the stencil. With the stencil approach, it is ideal just to remove a cardboard diagram of the shape you want and then trim and shave around it. Regardless, you can get to where you’re going – that is if you know where you need to go.

Never start a shave without knowing your intended objective.

Trim First to Pave the Way for the Blade

lady shaving her pubic areaWhen inquired as to why they lean toward a band together with almost no pubic hair, most men said they simply like how it looks. “If that you can feel it under her clothing or it’s standing out of a little part of clothing, that is simply not appealing to me,” said Jason T., 29.

He’s solicited a few from his partners, including his current life partner, to shave, and included that an exposed pubic territory makes oral sex increasingly agreeable. “If a young lady had a full hedge and would not like to shave, that wouldn’t be a major issue, however, I likewise presumably wouldn’t go down on her regularly,” he said.

When you’ve chosen a style, the time has come to get the chance to work. The primary device you will require isn’t a razor – it’s a lot of scissors. A blade is just viable at removing hairs not precisely a fourth of an inch long.

Pubic hair usually is going to be any longer than that, so cutting your pubes first will speed things up significantly, and effectiveness. This is vital since the skin around the vaginal region is delicate.

Again, hauling a trimming edge over this skin will exasperate it, so it’s imperative to require some investment to trim the hair however much as could reasonably be expected. Trim and afterwards cut some more. You could likewise use a swimsuit trimmer for a progressively positive impact.

Shower/Bath to Soften Pubic Hair

Since the pubic hair is trimmed down to estimate, the time has come to bounce in a hot shower or scrub down for 15 minutes. Pubic hair is shockingly coarse. Warming it up with steam or high temp water and stickiness will mollify the hair, making it simpler to remove. Your skin will much oblige.

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Peel – Maybe Not the First Few Times Your Decide to Shave

Would it be a good idea for you to peel now? In principle, the demonstration of peeling will remove any dead skin cells in the pubic zone and consider a closer shave. While this thought is valid, recollect that we are discussing delicate skin and peeling is going to uncover significantly progressively sensitive skin cells.

Consequently, you most likely need to abstain from shedding, for in any event the initial hardly any shaving meetings, until your skin becomes acclimated to the procedure. At the point when you are prepared to begin shedding, you would need to use something healthy and delicate like the Konjac Sponge.  Check Konjac Sponge Price on Amazon

The Shave

You are now prepared to shave. When the skin around the vagina is spotless, and the hair is cut to not precisely a fourth of an inch, the following stage is to apply shaving cream to the region. There are various sorts of shaving cream, yet just one will get the job done with regards to your pubic zone.

You need a lubrication gel.

A moisturizing gel will permit the extremely sharp edges to viably remove hair while limiting aggravation to “virgin” hair and skin. If you will put in a couple of additional dollars any time of this procedure, spend it on a quality greasing up gel planned explicitly for the undertaking. An item like the one indicated below would be beneficial.  Check CREMO Cooling Shave Cream Price on Amazon

It’s now the ideal opportunity for the subsequent essential apparatus: the razor. New cutting edges are the request for the day. They will be sharp, so you’ll have to make fewer stumbles into the objective territory. What’s more, using fewer strokes implies there will be less injury to the skin, and less possibility of your vagina getting bumps.

Note: Another substantial method is to use an electric razor ( and or a vagina shaver or swimsuit shaver) to shave your pubes – they don’t cut as close as a cutting edge, however, there will be less possibility of getting razor bumps. It will be ideal if you follow this connection for subtleties of the best razor for ladies’ pubic zone.

We should get to it:

  • Apply warm water to the region.
  • Immovably apply the greasing up gel until the objective region is secured.
  • Run the razor in warm water.
  • Pull the razor over the area in long, slow strokes.
  • Wash the razor off after each stroke to remove hair, skin cell and gel development from the cutting edges.
  • Don’t push down on your skin with the sharp edge.

You are not scooping or burrowing. The cutting edge surface ought to just be set level against the skin. As you pull the razor on a level plane over the surface, the calculated trimming sharp edges will get and remove the hair. Let the sharp edge accomplish all the work. Shouldn’t something be said about progressively hard-to-reach at areas, for example, the path between your legs?

The best way to deal with hair from your pubic area is to use the “one advantage” approach. Position a stool or some other generally tall item close to the sink so that you can lay one leg on it; at the point when you do, your thigh will be at the level to the floor.

Twist your leg out to the side of your body to access the region. A few ladies place a mirror on the stool to give a superior view. Is it a stately position? Not in the slightest degree, however it is compelling.

When you are situated, similar guidelines we’ve talked about apply to shave this region. Ensure the greasing up gel completely covers the hair you’re going to cut. At that point simply run the sharp edge along the surface. You don’t have to drive the sharp edge into the skin. Simply keep it level on the outside of the skin and the cutting points of the individual sides will deal with everything.

In the wake of shaving your pubes, clean the territory and snatch a hand-held mirror since it is the ideal opportunity for another investigation. Except if you are fortunate, you will have missed a couple of hairs to a great extent. Rather than experiencing the entire shaving process once more, get your tweezers (the third device) and remove those individual hairs.

Apply a High-Quality Moisturizer

use a good moisturizerWhat do you do when gotten done with any skin treatment? Right – you saturate. This is as yet the standard when shaving the pubic district. Apply a quality lotion to the region, to enable the skin to recuperate from the stun of shaving. A case of a great cream that can be used on the private parts can be found on Amazon. Check Gigi Lotion on Amazon

How Frequently Can I Shave?

A significant issue with hair is that it grows again. That may lead you to take a stab at shaving each day. Don’t. Your skin will get aggravated, and the procedure planned to make you increasingly unusual will leave you with particularly ugly red skin. Probably, you should just shave pubic hair like clockwork. An entire seven-day holding up period is ideal.

In case you are searching for options in contrast to “the large shave” at that point keep perusing beneath.

Hair Growth Inhibitor

Another item you should examine is a hair growth inhibitor. They work by lessening the convergence of supplements inside the hair follicle.  Check Stophair Hair Growth Inhibitor Price on Amazon

Pubic Area Shaving For Men

man shaving pubic areaFor what reason would men need to shave their pubic hair? There are a few reasons.

Trim is essential to soothe a darling or as a necessity for exercises like cycling, modelling or swimming. Whatever the explanation, shaving pubic hair isn’t especially hard for most men.

“Manscaping” is the demonstration of keeping one’s genital region pleasantly cut. You have to choose what “cut” really intends to you initially. For certain men, the procedure necessarily includes shaving the pubic locale in regions where hair may show up.

Hairs jabbing out over the beltline or looking from the sides of a swimsuit are not what most folks have as a primary concern when they remove their shirt or swim.

Other men need to go as far as possible, removing all hair including the ones which develop on the scrotum. In any case, the procedure isn’t much different from the one you use to shave your face.

Fast Tip – Tight Skin Is the Order of the Day

The way to a quality shave in the pubic region is rigid skin. If you resemble most men, your skin here is loose. That is something worth being thankful for when you are sweating a great deal during exercise or playing sports, yet it makes an inferior shaving surface.

To viably remove hair, you need a surface that is as tight as a drum skin. In such a manner, the penis is your companion. By daintily pulling it away from the territory you intend to shave; you ought to have the option to make a firm shaving surface for hair removal.

Over the Penis

Shaving the territory over the penis is straightforward. To begin with, use scissors, an electric shaver, body custodian or trimmer to diminish the hair down to just about a fourth of an inch long. At that point, hop in the shower to tidy the zone and warm up the skin. Remain in the shower and apply a greasing up gel to the surface (ensure it is intended for delicate skin like the GiGi shave gel), to set it up for the shave.

Using a razor with new sharp edges, remove the hair by making descending strokes toward the hair development, until you feel that you’re “finished.” Do not matter post-shaving astringent after the technique because the skin is unreasonably touchy for that. Instead, use a straightforward cream (indeed use one intended for private parts like the Bare Intimate Shave Lotion above).

Around and Below

Access is the way to shaving around and underneath the penis territory. To get entrance, have a go at setting one decisive advantage over the restroom sink. If you are not adaptable enough to do that, use a seat. When that position, you have the option to twist around and access the objective zones by bowing your leg out from your body.

You should get inventive by pulling the skin along these lines and that, to make a surface the sharp edge can take a shot at,  however, stay with it and you’ll get its hang.

The Scrotum – for the Adventurous and the Brave

shaving scrotum areaAre you inclined towards having a smooth scrotum?  Commonsense shows it is somewhat foolhardy to use a sharp object on your scrotum wrongly; the skin here is delicate. If you opt to do it, then you have to take due care. The procedure for shaving your scrotum is very different than the remainder of your pubic territory. The initial step is to trim the hairs developing on the testicles with scissors.

Try not to use an electric gadget; these hairs are slim to such an extent that they can get trapped in the device and yanked out of the scrotum. To call that experience “excruciating” would be an understatement. When you shave the part, stack a couple of pads on a bed and lie on them, using the pads to help your head and upper back. Curve your legs out to the side like a lady conceiving an offspring. Pull the penis up towards your stomach to fix the skin. At that point gradually and deliberately run the razor over any arbitrary hairs.

Try not to push down on the razor – simply let the edges accomplish the work. Go gradually and cautiously. A “scratch” on the scrotum is unsavoury, no doubt. When done, consider using a cream to firm things up.

Why is there no mention of a shaving gel for this case? The hairs on the scrotum will, in general, be set far separated. Shaving gel makes it hard to see the strands, and you would prefer not to shave a zone of the scrotum where there it’s a bit much. It is far more straightforward to pursue the hairs individually simply, and afterwards use lotion a short time later to treat the skin. Check Details of Home Wax Kits at Amazon

Less Painful Alternatives to Shaving Pubic Hair

There are three extra alternatives you should consider if shaving and waxing/epilation are not for you. These options are electrolysis, laser hair expulsion and depilatory creams.

Electrolysis is FDA affirmed for lasting hair expulsion; in any case, it very well may be costly relying upon the size of the region you need treating. You should inquire as to whether they are glad to perform treatment in this zone. You ought to likewise approach yourself if you are upbeat for them to approach! Electrolysis can be very tedious, as an electric flow is applied to every hair follicle.

Laser hair shaving is getting very famous as it offers an increasingly changeless answer for hair expulsion and can conceivably be completed at home. If you are especially furry, and cash isn’t an issue, at that point, this option may be fit for your strengths. Like electrolysis, laser hair expulsion requires rehashed meetings for it to be viable and durable. You can decide to go to a facility or purchase a home-based laser hair removal gadget.

Depilatory creams are a simple, reasonable and painless approach to remove hair. Sadly, the outcomes are brief. If you can deal with the transient consequences, guarantee you purchase a cream that is explicitly intended for your reproductive organs. The creams come in the cliché blue bundle for men and pink for the women. Check Hair Remover Cream on Amazon

Managing Reactions

Ingrown Hairs

Those damn ingrown hairs. You can either cull that thing with certain tweezers. Contact your neighborhood specialist for help. Furthermore, if you get a disease (which is a high likelihood) take some appropriate medication to get rid of the problem

Tingling and Irritation

I depend on hydro-cortisone creams when I’m feeling irritated. Not only for down there. These sorts of creams are incredible for mitigating that bother.

Razor Burn

Razor burns can be alleviated with some Aloe Vera gel or some Shea margarine cream.


This is more typical than you might suspect. I’ve had it once, and this is additionally a lifetime of shaving for me. I had an extremely mellow instance of it; treat it with some anti-toxin cream. The severe cases I’ve found out about you’ll need to manage some medical procedure and some treatment.

Knocks and Rashes

Those bumps are likewise usual. I like to douse my affected body parts in some warm water. At that point, I apply the cream on whatever area of my body is dry. Use an ordinary unscented moisturizer; otherwise, the fragrance can aggravate it significantly.

Since some of the time, the producers like to add liquor or different synthetic concoctions to expand the fragrance. Those kinds of things cause more bother to you.


It’s not hard to figure out how to shave your pubic area, and the undertaking is generally simple once you get used to it. Use the products highlighted in this article namely: Stophair Hair Growth Inhibitor, Konjac Sponge, Gigi Lotion on Amazon, CREMO Cooling Shave Cream, Home Wax Kits and Hair Remover Cream. Follow the rules in this article, and after about a half of a month, you’ll get it right without having to speculate.

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