Lovense Max 2 male ejaculator toy review

The Lovense Max 2 Male Ejaculator Toy Review for 2022

Max 2, the robocop among male masturbatory toys, is a high-tech, smart sex toy made by Lovense. It’s an upgraded version of Lovense Max, offering refined and improved functions, and slight design improvements.

When compared to its predecessor, the new and improved Max 2 offers a bigger orifice, better vibrations, 360° contractions, and better battery life. If you’re unfamiliar with how the toy works, don’t worry, we’ll cover all the functions, including the wireless ones.

But before we dive into all the functions Max 2 has to offer, let’s discuss the packaging and the design of this incredible sex toy.

Handsome and naughty

As of this writing, Max 2 is only available for purchase at the manufacturer’s web site. Luckily for all the busy hands around the world, Lovense ships its products worldwide.

Once ordered, your toy will arrive in a discreet package of considerable size since the toy itself is quite hefty. Opening this neat and straightforward packaging reveals Max 2, a magnetic USB charger, a short setup guide, and a user manual.

We strongly believe that Lovense should have included a small pack of free lube, considering that they sell their proprietary lubricant. Sort of a free sample you would get with the Max 2 as the best possible lube to use with the toy.

Still, the toy looks great, with a sleek and shiny case made of ABS plastic, much like its predecessor. But unlike Max, that featured a smooth case, Max 2 is much easier to hold thanks to the ridges in the case.

optional Vagina SleeveThe toy comes with an included sleeve with a neutral orifice, which is excellent for those who are not enthusiastic about vaginas. If you are a vagina enthusiast, you can purchase a pink sleeve with a vaginal orifice, if you wish. However, the pussy sleeve is sold separately.

Both the neutral and vaginal orifice are made from TPE materials, which provide a natural, skin-like feel to the toy. They’re soft and squishy, with a range of bumps and nodes on the inside to better massage your penis.

On the backside of Max 2, you’ll find several air vents, a magnetic charger port, and a quick-release button. The air vent with the slider controls the suction by controlling how much air enters the Max 2. The other air vent, covered by a rubber cap, is the air pump vent that has to be open during use and closed during cleaning.

If, by any chance, suction becomes uncomfortable, you can use the quick-release button. It will immediately pressurize the toy, filling it with air, and thus releasing your meat joystick. On the side of this handsome toy’s body, you’ll find two buttons, one for controlling vibrations, and the other for controlling suction.

Pretty, but also functional

Max 2 isn’t just a cool looking sex toy, as it’s loaded with excellent, orgasmic features. It offers several vibration patterns and contraction settings, providing you with 21 possible combinations for your enjoyment and satisfaction.

There are three vibration speeds, which include Low, Medium and High, coupled with Pulse, Wave, Fireworks, and Earthquake vibration patterns. They’re strong enough to penetrate the sleeve’s texture, allowing them to be pleasantly felt throughout the entire sleeve.

Controling the toy with your phoneBeside vibrations, Max 2 simulates vaginal contractions, by expanding and contracting the inner lining. It does so by utilizing a small air pump, which creates suction. There are three levels of contractions, and each time you cycle through them, the grip on your penis becomes tighter and tighter. If the suction becomes too intense, the quick-release button will instantly pressurize the toy, and release you from its grip.

But the features that make this smart toy smart are its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. Connecting Max 2 with your phone provides you with more extensive control of vibrations and contractions. Connecting it to the Wi-Fi is where this toy really shines, as you can sync it with other Lovense products.

First-time use

Before you empty the batteries on Max 2 in an orgasmic manner, make sure that the toy is fully charged. This rule especially applies if you just took it out of the box.

Charging Max 2 is quite easy, just connect it to the magnetic charger. You don’t have to worry about positioning the charger correctly, like with the previous Max. Max 2 has a charger port that features a cable ridge, instructing you subtly on how to place the magnetic charger correctly.

The USB magnetic charger can be plugged in any USB port or USB/AC power adapter to start charging. A solid red light indicates charging, and it should take the toy approximately two hours to fully charge. The charging is complete once the red light turns off, and you shouldn’t use the device while charging.

Once the toy is charged, make sure that the sleeve is positioned correctly against the vibrating mechanism. The second step is to make sure that the air pump vent is opened and your good to go. But don’t forget the lube.

Since the sleeve is made out of TPE materials, it’s best to pair it with water-based lubricants. Oil or silicone-based lubes will most likely decrease the life-span of the sleeve, with a pretty high chance of ruining it completely.

You may notice during the first time use that the entrance is tight, and the sleeve quite loose. The tight entrance is designed to maintain suction; however, depending on the size of the upstanding gentleman, some might find it too tight.

The tightness of the sleeve, or rather the lack thereof, is was purposefully made to control the tightness and contractions better. So, you might notice that the sleeve isn’t tight enough at first. But if you cycle through contraction settings several times, by pressing the button, the tightness increases with every passing cycle.

Adjustable air ventIt’s possible to increase the tightness up to the point where the toy pushes out your penis during the contraction. Some users found this feature quite useful, as it allows you to use Max 2 without using your hands. Thanks to the right combination of tightness, contractions, and vibrations, you may achieve orgasm without having to move Max 2 yourself.

Suction is somewhat of an underwhelming feature of Max 2. A slider air vent controls the suction and depending on its position, Max 2 either provides suction or not. With the vent open, the toy provided almost no suction, but with it closed, it will make it difficult to thrust or pull out.

But don’t let that discourage you, using Max 2 is astonishingly pleasurable. The contractions and vibrations work together in beautiful harmony, providing you with otherworldly sensations and pleasure that culminate with a toe-curling orgasm.

So, despite poor suction control, we’re more than pleased with the functions and sensations Max 2 has to offer. However, that’s not where the good stuff ends…

Lovense Remote App

Apart from the suction, every other function can be controlled through a Lovense Remote App. The app provides additional fun-packed features to the toy.

Depending on your device, you can download the Lovense Remote app from Google Play or Apple App Store. Install the app, set up a Bluetooth connection, and you’re good to go.

The app allows you to create your own vibration and contraction patterns, upload them for other people to enjoy, or download someone else’s patterns. You can even create an entire playlist of patterns to enjoy.

Lovense Remote App has another fantastic feature that allows you to connect and sync with other Max/Max 2 or Lovense Nora toys. For example, syncing Max 2 and Nora (a vibrator) enables heterosexual couples to have virtual sex on long-distance. This is further complemented with a built-in video chat functions, so you can enjoy adding visual stimulation to the list.

Cleaning and maintenance

The sleeve can be removed from the case for easier cleaning. Just rinse it with warm water, while paying particular attention to the internal texture, as bodily fluids tend to cling onto a few spots. However, the sleeve is open-ended, so there’s a good chance that your orgasm reached the bottom of the case.

Rinsing out the case is also quite straightforward, just rinse it with warm water. Please pay special attention to the air vents, as they must be closed when cleaning the Max 2. After rinsing, leave the toy and the sleeve to air dry for 24 hours. After the toy is dried, powder the sleeve and insert it back into the case.

Maintaining the battery is simple, don’t let Max 2 be without power juice for too long, and recharge the battery at least once every six months.


In cum-clusion, Max 2 is an example of how an automatic male masturbator should look and function. It’s excellent for solo play, but also in pair, as it can be paired and synced with other Lovense toys.

Though a little noisy and large, with an overpowered suction, Lovense Max 2 is still a tremendous male masturbator toy. We strongly recommend it, as it provides powerful orgasms that will make you cum like a fountain.

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