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Our Review of Quick Extender Pro – High Rated Penis Stretcher/Extender

You want to add an inch or two to your length? Well, there are as many ways to increase the size of a penis, as there are reasons for it. Some of the most conventional methods include pills, herbs, supplements, manual labor, penis pumps, surgery, and in the end – penis extenders.

Some surgeons could help you achieve the desired result, would you really put your faithful companion through surgery, just to gain an inch or two? If your answer is “No,” penis extenders are the next best thing.

We introduce you to the Quick Extender Pro, one of the best penis extenders on the market. Apart from its fantastic features, which we’ll describe in this article, the Quick Extender Pro has an army of satisfied users, attesting to its effectiveness. But before you find out why, let’s get to know penis extenders.

What are penis extenders?

Penis extenders are external devices that provide mechanical traction to stretch the size of your penis in its flaccid state, making it longer. They’re also used for medical purposes, as there’s tentative evidence of their use in treating Peyronie’s disease.

Most penis extenders are of similar shape. They have a plastic ring base that sits at the base of the penis, and a plastic ring that sits at the glans. A traction device, or devices, run along the sides of the penis, and as their name implies – provide traction.

The traction devices usually consist of adjustable springs that pull the shaft of the penis, thus stretching it to become longer. It’s a nonsurgical method of penis enlargement, which pulls at the glans of the penis, for prolonged periods.

Though mostly used for treating Peyronie’s disease, scientific evidence confirms that some elongation of the penis does occur due to prolonged traction. Now, penis extenders have been with us for some time, as the first patented penis lengthening device came out in 1996.

Simulation of a penis being stretchedSince then, penis extenders had very little need to evolve, and other than becoming comfortable, they haven’t changed much. The basic principle remains the same – achieve more length by applying traction. Still, there are so many penis stretchers currently available at the market, and they all seem to do the same thing.

So, what’s the difference between them? Are they all equally effective? Continue reading through our article, as we present you with one of the best and most effective penis stretchers on the market – the Quick Extender Pro.

What is the Quick Extender Pro?

Quick Extender Pro is a penis enlargement device that first appeared in 2004, and quickly became popular due to its high-quality design and effectiveness. It was made of body-friendly plastic, with steel traction devices, and a revolutionary second ring.

Most penis extenders at that time featured a plastic ring that would sit at the glans of the penis. Due to their stiffness, these plastic rings were slightly uncomfortable. But Quick Extender ships out with a silicone strap that was used to strap the penis at the glans, providing a better and more comfortable fit.

Quick Extender Pro - Product imageSince then, the device underwent some slight changes, and the first Deluxe Edition was launched in 2007. It featured better, and lighter materials, making Quick Extender even more comfortable, and effective.

Today, the manufacturer features its second-generation of Quick Extender Pro, with significant improvements. The weight of the product is significantly decreased, as the manufacturer decided to replace the steel traction devices, with the ones made of aluminum.

This weight reduction contributes to a comfortable fit and allows the users to wear the Extender for more extended periods, thus increasing its effectiveness.

Also, the use of medical-grade materials provides better and more intense traction and higher strength and overall durability of the product. Some of the most significant changes are improved device ergonomics and the application of a secondary glans ring.

That’s right; the Quick Extender Pro now has two body-friendly silicone rings that sit at the glans of your penis. This Dual Strap System is what makes Quick Extender Pro comfortable and wearable for a longer time.

But it all comes down to results, whether they’re medical treatment or recreational length gain. What makes Quick Extender Pro so wearable is the comfort it provides. Thanks to the improved ergonomics we mentioned above, the QEP will conform to your penis like a glove.

How does Quick Extender Pros work?

Quick Extender Pro causes traction to stretch the penis further out, causing you to gain length. By securing the device to your penis, and adjusting the length of the rods on the side, you adjust the amount of force. That way, the device stretches your penis, causing microscopic tears in the tissue of the penis.

By causing these microscopic tears, the device triggers the body’s natural reaction to rebuild the damaged tissue. This process forces the cells in your penile tissue to multiply and replace the damaged ones. However, your body also creates an additional number of cells to minimize any future damage caused by the same exertion of force.

Thanks to this beautiful biomechanism, your body will create more cells in your penis tissue then it previously had, and consequently make it bigger. The principle is the same as with muscle growth – you apply tension and destroy tissue, and the body adapts and repairs the damage.

Be gentle: it’s your first time

You might be impatient to give the little general his promotion, and a “higher” rank, but we would encourage you to be careful during your first-time use. The penis is a sensitive body part and, though highly comfortable and wearable, inadequate handling Quick Extender Pro can cause damage to your tissue.

But, if you adhere to the instruction provided by the manufacturer, your little general will quickly rise through the ranks, safe and unharmed. The provided instructions are pretty straightforward, but to be safe, we’ll run through them in our article.

To start, the Quick Extender Pro will require some assembly whit it leaves the discreet box it came in. The device comes partially assembled, which means you’ll have to attach the silicone straps to the device. For additional comfort, the manufacturer added softer, air-filled comfort pads that wrap around the silicone straps.

What's in the boxOnce assembled, the QEP is ready to be used, but not abused. Insert your flaccid penis through the hole in the base, and place it through the rings on the top part of the device. Slightly tighten the silicone rings, as described in the instruction provided with the product.

We advise you to experiment and practice to find out just how firmly you should tighten the silicone straps. Leaving them under-tightened will cause your penis to slip out of the device, where over-tightening may constrict the flow of blood.

After you attached the QEP to your penis, it’s time to adjust traction. The Quick Extender Pro stands out among other extenders because it’s capable of providing up to 4000g of pressure. That sort of pressure might be overwhelming to beginners and may cause severe damage to your tissue.

We strongly encourage you to take things slow, and increase traction and wear time gradually, as time progresses. By progressively increasing traction and wear time, you’re avoiding potential injury caused by inadequate use. Please adhere to the instructions provided with the product, and consult with someone with previous experience in penis extenders.

The Pros and Cons:

The Quick Extender Pro is fantastic due to so many reasons. It comes in four different versions you can choose from: the Value Edition, Deluxe Standard, Deluxe Limited, and Curvature Correction and Peyronie’s Edition.

Though Value Edition features the most affordable price, Deluxe Standard is the bestselling edition, as it features a perfect blend of price and accessories. Deluxe Limited features additional DVDs and a three-month supply of their penis enlargement herbal supplements.

Also, the device provides up to fantastic 4000g of force, for more impressive length gains. Include the revolutionary anti-slippage silicone rings and a travel bag in the mix, and you get one of the best penis extenders on the market.

However, the QEP isn’t without its downsides. Though highly comfortable, and lightweight, it’s slightly larger than other competitive models. It makes it difficult to wear in public unless you’re comfortable with loose clothing.

Another issue might be traction. Having 4000g of traction is fantastic, but not for everybody. It might be too overwhelming for beginners, and if you’re not careful, it may lead to severe injury.

But the price is quite reasonable for a top-shelf product like Quick Extender Pro. With its over-the-top design and features, and a reasonable price, the Quick Extender Pro is a great value product you can “largely” benefit from. Pun fully intended.


The Quick Extender Pro is among top-quality penis extenders on the market, thanks to its comfort and effectiveness. If you’re looking to add an inch or two over the next couple of months, we advise you to use the Quick Extender Pro. It’s the best possible way to increase the standing of your upstanding gentleman companion non-surgically.

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