Review of the Sizegenetics Penis Extender

Sizegenetics Penis Extender Buyers Guide 2022

While many devices claim to be effective in enlarging your manhood, you don’t want to take chances with them. Your dick is too essential to play trial-and-error using uncertain processes. This review gives you a comprehensive insight into this penis extender and ends by exploring whether the device is worth your time and money.

What Exactly is Sizegenetics Penis Extender?

Sizegenetics boasts of being a top-selling penis enlarger that enjoys the backing and approval of male sexual health experts and myriads of satisfied customers. This product has another feather to its cap – it is an FDA -approved Class 1 Medical Device. What might even entice you more is that it comes with an excellent money-back guarantee when you buy this device.

The device claims to be the best in its class as a male enhancement product on the market. What’s more, it promises to increase the length of your penis permanently and give your sex life the boost you so much desire.

What Is SizeGenetics Used For?

You might think the answer to this question is obvious to enlarge your penis anyway. While you are right, that is just part of the purpose of this fantastic device. SizeGenetics does more than only improve the physical attributes of your penis. This penis extender has both a psychological and a social sense.

When you get your dildo to your dreams’ size and dimensions, you get some much-needed psychological satisfaction and become more confident when approaching bedroom matters. On the same breadth, the device boosts your confidence and makes you more daring and willing to engage in penis-related fun with your partner.

In short, SizeGenetics gives you a bigger and better dick, a healthier sex life, and a happier, more fulfilling social life.

With such compelling promises and claims, it’s only natural to want to know how this gadget works. Let’s highlight that in the next section.

How Does the Device Work?

You don’t have to worry that this device will put an uncomfortable strain on your manhood. Put SizeGenetics stretches your dildo over time gradually and in a controlled way.  This way, it improves the size of your penis both when erect and when unexcited.

You can think of this device as a small gym for your penis. Just like in your regular workouts where hitting the weights exerts your muscles, which causes tiny tears and ruptures in your muscles, which then heal as the muscles increase in size and strength.

That’s basically how this tiny gym for your penis works.

You won’t be wrong to see this extender as a useful workout tool for your dildo. When using it, the gadget gently stretches your penis resulting in microscopic tissue raptures, leading to bigger and much stronger tissues during the natural restoration process. With this process, your penis starts showing the desired outcomes by getting bigger and stronger with time.

We’ve seen how this penis workout tool works, now let’s see how to assemble it.

How to Assemble Sizegenetics

This device is available in three different packages, namely, the Basic Device, Advanced Comfort, and the ultimate system. Each of these kits comes with its unique setup up of parts. Never mind that these parts might look scary at first when you see Velcro straps, tension springs, protection pads, and more meant to work on your penis, you’ll be excused for getting apprehensive – I was when I first saw these apparatuses.

Here’s a summary of what’s included in the two most preferred SizeGenetics kits:

In the SizeGenetics Value Edition, you find:

  • 1 x SizeGenetics Type 1 Medical Device
  • 2 x Elongation bars 1in/2.5cm
  • 2 x Elongation bars 2in/5cm
  • A full, no quibble, 1-year warranty
  • 1 x Product case
  • 1 x Dual function front piece
  • 1 x Comfort strap
  • 1 x Protection pad
  • 1 SizeGenetics quick start guide
  • A ‘money-back’ confidence guarantee

In the SizeGenetics Ultimate System, you find:

  • 1 x SizeGenetics Type 1 Medical Device
  • 2 x Elongation bars 1in/2.5cm
  • 4 x Elongation bars 2in/5cm
  • 2 x Elongation bars 0.5in/1.25cm
  • 1 x A full, no quibble, 1-year warranty
  • 1 x Luxury leather case
  • 1 x Travel case
  • 1 x No-slip Protech
  • 1 x 3M advanced comfort plaster
  • 1 x Dual function front piece
  • 1 x Silicone tube
  • 1 x Comfort strap
  • 1 x Protection pad
  • 1 x Set of keys
  • 1 x Accellerate Cream Moisturizer
  • 1 x Accellerate Traction Talcum Powder
  • 1 x SizeGenetics quick start guide

However, irrespective of the package you choose, the procedure of assembling this extender is pretty much the same.

Despite the long list of inclusions, assembling this device is a walk in the park. You’ll like about it because the parts lock into place easily, plus the manufacturer includes an instructional video on their official website. In case you encounter any difficulties assembling your dildo’s gym, you can always refer to this video for a simple three-step process to having the thing ready for action.

How Do You Use SizeGenetics and Maximize Benefits

It’s advisable to wear this device when your penis is flaccid. This is because it’s a small gadget and is usually hardly noticeable when you wear it under loose clothing. This device slowly stretches your manhood when in use.

The following step-by-step guide illustrates how to use SizeGenetics

  • Dry your manhood until it’s in a semi-erect state.
  • Insert your dildo through the extender’s base ring and use the plastic ring to fasten the gadget securely to the base of your penis and, in the same way, attach the flexible silicon ring at the head of your penis.
  • Gently strap the tension or traction level. You can do this by adjusting two parallel bars along the entire length of your shaft. Turning the knobs towards your dick increases the tension that the device applies to your member.

Remember, the gadget has to be attached at the end of your shaft. You can then adjust the brace to stretch out or pull the rod by applying a little pressure.

Ideally, wear this device aimed downwards under loose shorts or pants.

Duration of Wearing and Traction Settings

Two considerations will determine how successful you are with this device. You have to wear it for the right duration and on the correct traction.

If you are using this device for the first time, the following breakdown serves to guide how much time and traction you should wear the Size Genetics in a day.

  • Week One- Use the extender for up to 2 to 3 hours every day at 600g to 900g traction level.
  • Week Two- Increase the amount of time to 4 hours everyday but using the same traction level as week one,
  • Week Three – Use the gadget for up to 4 or 5 hours per day but increase the traction setting slightly but not beyond 900g.
  • Week Four – Increase the amount of time to 5 to 6 hours daily but don’t alter the traction settings.
  • Week Five – Increase the time of use to a maximum of 7 hours daily but still at the same traction level.
  • Week Six – Use the extender for a maximum of8 hours every day on still the same traction setting
  • Week Seven – From this time onwards, you are free to adjust the traction level to 1,200 as recommended and wear the extender for a maximum of 12 hours every day.

But note, the manufacturer discourages the use of this penis extender for more than 2 hours non-stop. Breaks are encouraged for healthy blood flow and the best possible outcomes.

For How Long Should You Use this Device for Best Results?

While the manufacturer does not give any definite time frame, they provide the SizeGenetics with a 270-day satisfaction guarantee, presumes that is roughly the length of time you should expect to see your desired results.

People have different physiological traits; hence how long the device yields results will differ from person to person. Thus, no rule of thumb says you ought to expect a specified magnitude of change within a certain period. What matters is you do your bit of working out your member as recommended and wait as you see the results gradually showing up.

The device’s clinical trials have shown it’s possible to achieve noticeable results after six months IF the device is used as recommended.

What About Your Comfort When Wearing SizeGenetics?

Your penis is a sensitive organ, and, in any case, you might have to wear the device even when working or running your daily errands. In whatever circumstances, you want something that is comfortable and does not interfere with your daily activities.

While it’s obvious you’ll always feel the device’s presence under your pants, you can still have a comfortable experience when wearing this extender. The device’s 16-Way Comfort Tech System allows you to adjust the extender in more ways than any other available male enhancement device on the market.

The manufacturer also provides some extras such as the TractionPLUS Powder, Revita Cream moisturizer, and more for an even more comfortable experience.

The extender features other components to enhance comfort and pain-free experience. Some of these components include:

  • Non-Slip Protech Matt Slip
  • Silicon Noose
  • Silicon Comfort Strap
  • Fabric Covered Latex Head Grip
  • Foam Rubber Protection Pad.

All these components provide you the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of settings until you get the right configuration for your comfort. You don’t have to fumble around with the components to figure out how they work. The manufacturer includes this in the video tutorial mentioned earlier that you’ll find on their official website.

Should You Sleep Wearing SizeGenetics?

While it’s technically possible to sleep wearing this device, it’s not recommended. For one, it might get uncomfortable to turn and toss in bed with this gadget on. Even worse, since you’ll be unconscious while sleeping, you might sleep in some positions that will occasion harm to your manhood.

Most importantly, the manufacturer recommends you should not wear the device for more than two hours. Of course, your sleep usually goes far beyond these recommended amounts of time for wearing this device. If you doze wearing the extender for more than two hours, you’ll do your shaft a great disservice as you inhibit blood flow for longer than recommended.

So, the best thing to do if you feel like dozing and you have this thing on, remove it; tomorrow will be another day.

SizeGenetics Pros

This workout tool for your penis has several compelling benefits. Consider these:

Manufactured by a reputable company

When buying any product, the first thing to consider is who makes the product. The manufacturer of this penis extender is not a newcomer in this field. The company has been in operation for about two decades now. This, in itself, is a strong indicator that the company’s products adhere to high-quality standards.

FDA- Approved

Nothing can be better than knowing that the relevant bodies approve of the product you are using. The SizeGenetics Penis Extender prides itself on being an FDA-approved Class 1 Medical Device. This is no mean achievement, and it gives you confidence about the functionality and quality of the product.

On the same note, this is a device that enjoys the backing of thousands of satisfied customers and male sexual health experts.

Excellent quality

This extender features a well-throughout design. Looking at the materials, you’ll quickly realize the manufacturer uses only high-grade materials to construct this product.


This extender is durable, thanks to the high-quality materials used in its construction and the craftsmanship used to make the deice. The manufacturer guarantees many years of continuous use of this device, which in itself is a mark of the level of confidence the maker has in their product. In case it’s not robust enough, you are free to ask for a full refund of your money.

Adequate traction

The extender’s design works decently to provide the right amount of traction needed to yield optimum results. If the traction is too much, it can lead to health risks such as injuries and soreness; if it’s too little, it can not deliver the desired results. Remember, this penis extender has several traction levels that you’ll have to adjust as you proceed until you get the desired results.


As noted earlier, the design features of SizeGenetics, plus the various components included in the package, make this a top penis extender as far as providing comfortable use is concerned.

With this device, your shaft and balls remain safe and most comfortable. Of course, you might experience some discomfort the first few days, but it’s because you are getting used to a new addition to your dick – nothing to do with pain.

Penile Curvature Treatment

This device is an excellent tool for correcting penile curvature irrespective of the reasons behind the curvy penis. Using this extender as recommended has the potential to restore your penis to a straight shape.

Maximum gains

You can safely and naturally achieve a 3’’ gain in length and girth by the time you get to the 280g tension level.

Better erection quality

This device improves the size of your penis and the quality of your erections and ejaculations. What’s even better, this tool can help treat erectile dysfunction, thus boosting your self-esteem and your sex life quality.

Boosts your confidence

If you’ve been having a problem with the size of your shaft and feeling shy in the shared restrooms or the presence of your partner, this penis extender will finally boost your confidence. It leaves you with a penis you won’t shy from, whether in the restroom or your private escapades with your partner.

It’s an affordable alternative

If you’ve been thinking about surgery as a way of solving your midget penis problems, you’ll find this device to be a much cheaper alternative for you. Surgery is expensive and might leave scars on your manhood.

Offers Privacy

No one needs to know you are doing something to your penis. If you go the surgery way, the surgeon and other paramedics will know about it, as will your partner. In the latter case, you’ll have to abstain from your much-cherished secret pleasures with your partner, at least until you’ve fully recovered.

Another thing you’ll most likely love about this product is the discreet online ordering and shipping worldwide. No one near you will know what you are doing – it’s all a secret you can keep to yourself.

The SizeGentetics Penis extender solves the privacy problem by ensuring you are the only one who knows what’s going on down there.

Full Money-Back Guarantee

When you purchase this product, you are not taking a gamble with your money. If the thing doesn’t work within the time frame given by the manufacturer or you find it ineffective, send it back, and you get back all your money – no questions asked.

Don’t forget; this product comes with a useful transportation and storage case.

SizeGetics Cons

As you prepare to use this penis extender, there are a few downsides that you should consider so that you have an easier time in your home treatment program.

Initial discomfort

Wearing the device might be a bit uncomfortable in the first one or two weeks. This is because you’ll be getting used to having an extra item under your pants.

Cold metal bars

It’s usually warm under your pants, and your shaft is used to those warm temperatures. The cold metal bars of this extender will mess the party, albeit briefly, for your dick. Of course, in a matter of minutes, the metal bars absorb heat from your body, and the cold sensation is gone.

Requires many hours of use

At some point, you’ll have to use this device for as many as 8 to 12 hours per day. To some guys, this might be asking too much. But if you have to achieve the results you want, you have to brace yourself for that reality when the time finally comes.

Expensive compared to similar devices

When compared to other devices that claim to deliver similar penis-enhancement results, SizeGenetics is pricier. However, given the device’s performance plus the views of male sexual experts, it would be easy to accept that quality comes at an additional cost.

SizeGenetics Results

While, as observed earlier, there are no strict timelines for the results to show up, personal evidence and testimonials from satisfied customers prove this penis extender works; it delivers what it promises. But you have to use it as recommended by the manufacturer if you want to get the results as soon as possible.

Suppose you are wondering whether this contraption has any side effects. In that case, we can confidently say there is worth mentioning – at least not any, we know of or read from customer views, reviews, and testimonials.

Does SizeGenetics Work – Our Verdict

In a nutshell, this device can deliver the results it promises by working marvelously on your dick. Yes, the rate and magnitude of outcome vary from one person to the next, but the fact, going by experience and customer testimonials, is this little device works.

If your primary worry is your dwarf shaft size or you want to enrich your sex life, you can trust this extender to give your penis and sex life a boost.

While the actual results will vary on a case by case basis, clinical studies indicate the possibility of achieving an average of between 8% to 10% penis length in about six months of non-stop use of this device.

But it’s not just about the penis length; this device also works on the girth of your penis. You can expect anything between an 8% to 30% boost on the perimeter or width of your phallus.

The extender’s ability to correct your penis’ curvature – in case it’s curved – is another crucial result area that you can benefit from when you use this device. You can count on the brand’s SizeGenetics and Peyronie’s Edition for everything needed for significant curvature correction.

Is SizeGenetics Worth Using?

If you want a tested and proven penis enlarger that will not only elongate your shaft but also increase its girth, correct its curvature, give you firmer erections. At the same time, help you treat erectile dysfunction; the SizeGenetics is a worthy companion to have.

Where to Buy SizeGenetics

Although the SizeGenetics is available from a long list of retailers, we recommend you buy it straight from the manufacturer’s official website. There are several compelling reasons for doing so. For instance, you get the best possible deal from the manufacturer, including the lowest price and genuine money-back guarantee. Plus, you are sure you won’t get a counterfeit or damaged product.

Final Thoughts

Say goodbye for good to tiny or not so large a penis and welcome to a more satisfying sex life full of strong erections, powerful ejaculations minus the curvature. SizeGenetics Penis Expander makes your dildo dream life a possibility.

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