10 Types of Sex You Must Try

10 Types of Sex You Must Try At Least Once in your Life

Bored with your sex life? Do you believe that you can do a lot more to spice up your bedroom affairs? If so, then you couldn’t be at a better place. It goes without saying that sex makes a huge part of our adult lives, especially for couples who tend to get bored easily as a result of following the same sexual routines.

In this read, we will share tips on how to revamp your sex life and get that much-desired full body orgasm whenever you get intimate with your partner.

Below are 10 types of sex you should try at least once.

Role-Play Sex

Muscular guy in a Santa costumeEveryone has fantasies, and just because you are in a serious relationship doesn’t mean that you should give up on your fantasies. It is not unusual to have sexual fantasies about other men or women. It might be your well-built mailman, a superhero like Batman or even Santa; one thing is for sure, you shouldn’t dismiss your fantasies.

Get your partner to role play as your superhero or janitor-basically to play the role of whoever or whatever turns you on. Such kinds of sex not only give you the most intense orgasms but they also strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

Sex in a Public Location

Locked Airplane bathroomThis type of sex is usually ideal for couples whose sex life is going down the drain. Having sex in a public location can reignite and spark up your sex life with relative ease. Here’s the best part, you don’t have to portray exhibitionist tendencies to enjoy public sex. It could be in an abandoned, well-spaced parking lot, or even sitting at the cinema’s last row.

Public sex is all about getting freaky with your loved one. You can even get cozy on a flight or on a bus trip to the country side. The spontaneity and randomness of the situation will get your partner horny and willing to indulge in sexual activities in no time. Plus, public sex sort of helps you reignite your lost spark and tighten your couple bond since you risked getting in trouble together and actually got away with it!

Sex in an Expensive, High-End Location

Luxury bedroom in hotelLuxury bedroom in hotelHave you ever noticed that a change in scenery can get your partner in the mood like crazy? How about you try booking a high-end hotel, even if for a single night? By doing so, your partner will enjoy the treat, and will surely want to reward you with some mind blowing sex.

You don’t have to have enough savings to afford a trip to Bora Bora or the Maldives, all it takes is a single night at one of the flashiest hotels in your neighborhood or town. The change of scenery will get your partner excited and ready for some breathtaking sexual adventures.

Bathroom Sex

Romantic bathroom with vine and candlesOn most occasions, we tend to undermine the importance of our bathrooms to our sex lives. The bathroom can help spice up your sex life and get your partner to crave for your body like the good old days. Who said that sex should only be enjoyed on the couch or your King size bed? This is why you should take advantage of your bathroom counter to place your loved one and get cozy with her.

Bathroom mirrors can also add to the overall pleasure as you get to see your partner responding to your moans and sensual touches. If you have a large sized bathroom or a bath tub, you can even add candles and a bunch of red roses from the floor all the way to the bath. Allow your partner to have his or her way with you while inside the tab as you enjoy some steamy love making.

Sex on the Beach

Woman drinking wine on a beachThere is always something about beaches and voyeur sex that turns everyone on. You don’t have to be a fully-pledged exhibitionist to enjoy some good old sex on the beach.

But, in case you want to enjoy intercourse with your loved one while out on the beach, we recommend having sex when it’s a bit less crowded (if you are the reserved type). You can even have sex on a hotel balcony that is directly facing the beach or on the lounge chairs when everybody else is asleep.

Getting intimate with your partner on the beach with the ocean and wet sands as your backdrop will almost certainly strengthen your relationship and re-ignite the lost spark in your sex life.

Forbidden Sex

dominatrix gearWho said that you must observe a script when it comes to getting cozy with your loved one? If you want to enjoy orgasmic sex with your partner, then maybe you should try out forbidden sex. Forbidden sex is a general term used to describe unconventional sex.

The man doesn’t have to be in control all the time. You can take charge as the lady and inform your hubby that you’re the boss for the night and you won’t take any kind of ‘no’ for an answer. Indulge in dominatrix, slave sex, or any other kind of sex that you know is not ordinary enough to bore you and your partner to death, after all, we all live once, don’t we?

Sex in a Popular/ Famous Location

Couple in grand canyonSometimes, all we need is a change of environment to have the most memorable sex. But, in this case, we are talking about sex in or around famous locations. It might be a well-known structure like the Eiffel Tower or an outdoor, scenic location like the Grand Canyon or around the banks of a popular lake in your state.

Whatever the location you choose, having sex with your loved one in a well-known location will send shivers down your spine and have you feeling like you are part of history.

Loud Sex

Loud sexUnfortunately, most men think that being loud during sex is a feminine and highly atrocious act that points out to weakness. In fact, such mindsets could not be any further from the truth. Being loud during sex helps build and sustain a connection with your loved one. It is an indirect way of telling him or her that they are on the right track.

There’s nothing that turns your partner on more than hearing you moan as a result of what he or she is doing. So, instead of holding your lungs, ensure that you are loud enough to an extent that your neighbors come knocking! (Not literally)

Of course, we recommend trying out loud sex when enjoying a decent time out of town or at the hotel as this will make you comfortable enough to let go and let loose.

Do not shy from telling your partner what you love. If it is that extra-hard spank or a finger up your behind; be free to let it all out, after all, it will help you become closer with your loved one.

Lazy Sex

A couple under the coversOn some occasions, all we need is a whole lot of cuddling in bed, especially on those cold frosty mornings. Instead of getting up and doing so much foreplay activity, start kissing your partner until he or she wakes up to the sound of your passionate pecks.

Don’t stress your partner into participating in too much physical activity. Just grab the duvet and cover yourselves as you enjoy cuddling under the warmth of your kisses and touches. Within no time, you will be humping each other and moaning in ecstasy as a result of the passionate sex that resulted from the warm cuddles.

 Makeup Sex

Makeup sexEver been in a situation where you are mad at your spouse but still so horny that you want to forgive him just to have sex with him? Well, you don’t have to forgive him- but- having sex with him is a pretty good idea. Make up sex, according to relationship experts, is one of the best ways to keep a relationship healthy despite the many challenges that might arise. Your partner needs to know that, despite the conflict, you still belong to them and vice versa.

Due to this, it is important to leave enough room for some passionate, steamy make up sex when you and your lover are not on the best terms. On most occasions, you will realize that the anger faded out after the steamy, high-octane love making session.

Our Take

Have you tried any of the above types of sex? Not yet? Then what are you waiting for. While most couples claim that relationships tend to get boring after the honeymoon period, you don’t have to wait until yours loses its steam. Try out one or even a bunch of the above-suggested types of sex, and you will almost instantly begin noticing changes in your sex life.

Once you stop treating sex as a chore and start treating it like a hobby, you know, that enjoyable experience that you get to share exclusively with your loved one; you will realize just how important it can be to fixing your marital problems.

Try changing locations or having sex in a popular location to feel like part of history. Such tiny changes in your sex life can make a whole lot of difference and strengthen your relationship with your partner.

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